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Self-Destruct Mode

Kevin Raymond October 24, 2011 Freedom by Friday 5 Comments on Self-Destruct Mode

It’s getting ugly out there. The Republican debates are shedding more light on the negatives that each candidate brings to the table than the positives. The fact that none of the candidates can produce more than a 27% tally from the party’s constituency does not bode well. Even worse is the punditry is looking for new candidates on a daily basis. This plays well into Obama’s re-election hopes.


An Unusual Finding

A few months ago, a colleague of mine took on a rather unusual project…

He wanted to find a home business that can be started and run for zero costs… without having to work too hard or have any special skill.

Most of the stuff he tried was pure junk.  While some of the ones that did work took way too much time.

Then he finally stumbled upon this. Click here to read on.

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It’s early still, I know. But, do you get that feeling that the Republican Party is in total disarray? Cain, the surprising frontrunner is running on a platform of tax reform…but the platform he introduced makes little sense when you consider that the party’s inner conscience, Grover Norquist, has panned his proposal as a tax increase and is urging his sheep not to endorse it. Romney is flip flopping daily from a hard line against the protests on the streets (protests against people like himself who make up that 1%) to endorsing the same people who are seeking his demise. And, Perry – well, he’s self-destructing. His wife, Anita spoke the other day about how Perry is being attacked by the left and the right and also the religious right. That seems quite baffling since Perry is the choice of the religious right. There are no other viable options, except for Ron Paul…but we’ve been there with the reasons why Dr Paul will not be the nominee.

What’s really strange is the chorus of silence from those who would positively walk away with the candidacy if they chose to throw their hats in the rings. At the top of that list is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. If he entered the race today, he would knock them all out…but, alas there is that problem of his last name. Nothing quite like a “Bush” to light a fire under the democrat base. Chris Christie, another Republican hopeful continues to make it clear that he will not run. This is also baffling and likely points to a candidate who is not ready for prime time scrutiny. Think of it – Christie could be the first President with his own weight loss reality show – the ratings would be off the chart!

The message being sent forth by the Republicans is that they are not confident that they can unseat a seemingly unpopular President, during a recession and during a period of high unemployment. The wonders never cease.

Every election seems like a game changer at the time. This one is no different in that aspect. An Obama win would be an endorsement of the anti-capitalist (not communist or socialist) policies that call for more government interference. While a Republican win would look to loosen regulations and push tax reform into the foreground. Neither party, however, has an answer to what ails this country. Nothing that the Republicans are proposing will jump-start this economy. Despite what the sound bytes are saying, the honest truth is that this economy is bogged down as a result of natural economic cycles and this one has not run its course yet. If it were as easy as throwing money at the situation or tax relief (both of which have been tried) we would be growing at 4% today instead of flat lining.

If Wall Street is any guide, they are betting on “four more years” as well. Despite the anti business rhetoric that sometimes emanates from Pennsylvania Avenue, the street is more comfortable with Obama than any of the candidate put forth by the Republicans to date. And, it seems that the Obama administration is beginning to cave into the business lobby. A few weeks ago they pulled back on environmental regulations and this past week, they dropped a provision in the Health Care Bill that would require long-term care insurance. Looks like it’s in Obama’s interest to focus on the short-term these days and kick the can down the road on the long-term issues.


The Real Secret to Success

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  1. Antoinette L. Knowles October 24, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    If the Republicans don’t get it together, they will lose all. Try to inform them that the Airline Tax was allowed to cease because the House was so busy stopping the government over the debt ceiling that they gave the airlines a bonus. The tax is still collected for the airlines to add to their profit.

    They might, just a little, give a though to China’s imports which is at 2.5% while are exports to China pay a 25% traffic.

  2. ohcapt October 24, 2011 at 5:11 pm


  3. Allistair October 24, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    Dear LOP,

    I hope everyone is in the best of health and strength today.

    You surely have it exactly right when you said – “… the honest truth is that this economy is bogged down as a result of natural economic cycles…”

    However, what was not said (and what you may or may not be aware of) is that this is the FIRST time in the history of this economic system (as led by the USA), you hear of a “recovery” with rising unemployment and with housing remaining in a bad state (even getting worse).

    In keeping with our desire to remain cautiously optimistic at LOP, I will not say what I believe this NEW economic situation means for the future. However, unlike previous “cycles” of “recession”/”recovery”, a permanent/workable/sustainable solution would definitely require a fundamental change to the economic system. A solution in which, truly “Free Enterprise” and social responsibility are in harmony.

    I wish it was simply that the cycle has to “run its course” (like previous cycles), but this current cycle is new and different, such that the system is, so far, not finding a solution from within itself to restart the economy.

    Thank you for reading.

  4. Garrett October 24, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    The answer is really Ron Paul…

    If you love the country/support the Constitution, then it’s the ONLY choice.

    Otherwise you want America to be something other than ‘American’..

    Doubt me? Read Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Anti/Federalist Papers…..

  5. League of Power October 25, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    Thanks for all the comments. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.

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