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Smooth Move: All of Trump’s Enemies Line up on the Side of Chaos & Anarchy

admin June 4, 2020 News Comments Off on Smooth Move: All of Trump’s Enemies Line up on the Side of Chaos & Anarchy

After four years of this nonsense, you might be wondering if President Trump’s enemies have been holding their A-team in reserve all this time. One of these days, they’re going to unleash a really sophisticated attack against Donald Trump that will be super-effective, and he’ll have to resign in shame, right?

That’s not going to happen. There is no A-team. Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler and Black Lives Matter are the best that Trump’s enemies have to offer.

No member of the Democrat leadership in DC has spoken out against the riots and terrorism. Many of them have spoken favorably of the terrorists. Republican congressman Will Hurd from Texas went to a BLM march this week, to virtue signal his solidarity with the brick throwers and looters.

Speaking of Black Lives Matter… boy, did you guys step in it!

When the brutal video of the Minneapolis cops kneeling on George Floyd emerged, you had something like 95% of the American population on your side. Virtually every person who watched that video thought that the cops were abusive jerks who had committed murder. This was your big opportunity, BLM! You keep telling us that you want to have a conversation about police brutality, and 95% of us were right there with you this time. This was your big moment.

Almost All of America: “Yes, let’s have a conversation about police brutality. That video was just too much. We’re willing to listen to your grievances and have that conversation finally.”

Black Lives Matter: “Here’s our brick!”

Almost All of America: “You brought a brick? Okay, guess we’re doing something else besides a conversation.”

After more than a week of chaos and terror filling up our television screens, a majority of Americans are now in favor of the police using force in order to shut down the violent protests, looting and vandalizing of our cities. One poll shows 58% of Americans are ready for Trump to send active duty military – not the National Guard, but active duty military – into cities to quell the riots.


Despite everything that the lying dumpster-fire-filled-with-hot-garbage Enemy of the People fake news media is telling us, most normal people look at this warzone footage on TV and think, “There’s no way I could protect my family if a horde of those savages came through my front door right now. I just don’t have that much ammo.”

They don’t care about police brutality all of a sudden, because they’re scared by the actions of BLM, Antifa and the other terrorists using the protests for cover. They want the nightly terror to end.

Guess who all of those normal, everyday people are voting for in November, BLM? It’s not going to be the candidate who lined up on your side. Joe Biden issued a statement of solidarity with the looting terrorists from his basement headquarters this past week. That went really awesome, by the way.

Biden recommended that when an “unarmed black guy with a knife” charges at a police officer… um… “an unarmed black guy with a knife”… “unarmed”… “knife”… um… Joe?

Anyway, Creepy Basement Joe the hair-sniffer declared that when an unarmed black guy with a knife charges at a police officer, the cops should be trained for those moments to “shoot him in the leg.” Because it’s racist to shoot a black person somewhere besides the leg when they charge at you with a knife. While unarmed.

Two former presidents who presumably still have some of their faculties intact (unlike Biden) have also lined up on the side of terrorism and chaos because they hate Trump. Barack Obama issued one of his dumb boilerplate teleprompter statements about systemic racism. I don’t even have a quote from him to share with you, because I find him too insufferable to listen to.

And then George W. Bush lined up to attack Trump.

“It is time for America to examine our tragic failures,” began one of America’s tragic failures. “It is a strength when protesters, protected by responsible law enforcement, march for a better future.”

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the Bush administration and the Obama-Biden administration have a combined 16 years in power in which to correct America’s “tragic failures?” Guess they were too busy doing something different, like selling out American workers to China and working out sweet deals in Ukraine for noted natural gas expert Hunter Biden.

Both the Republican establishment, represented by George W. Bush, and the Democrat establishment, represented by Obama-Biden, failed to condemn the violence happening in the streets of American cities right now. They’re siding with the terrorists against you and against law and order, because that’s how much they hate Donald Trump.

It was Bush who once said that you are either with the terrorists or you are with us (America). Maybe Trump should use that line against his incompetent enemies the next time he gives a speech.

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