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So Much Winning: Trump First US President to Set Foot in North Korea

admin July 1, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on So Much Winning: Trump First US President to Set Foot in North Korea

Trump and Kim Jong UnA hundred years from now, when America is dotted with statues of Donald Trump and boulevards bearing his name, historians will look back and wonder whether there was lead poisoning in the water at newspaper offices. President Trump has once again made history – and all the American press can do about it is whine.

On his way to the boring and pointless G-20 summit in Japan, Trump sent a tweet to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un: “Meet me at the DMZ.” Kim jumped. Less than 24 hours later, the two leaders met at the Demilitarized Zone and Trump became the first American president to ever set foot on North Korean soil.

There’s a fascinating subtext to all of this which relates to two other people: Fox News personality Tucker Carlson and National Security Advisor John Bolton. Indulge me for a moment, because this will seem like I’m wandering off topic a bit, but I’ll bring it all together. This is an important moment in history, and these moments often have a hilarious backstory.

And full disclosure, I’m a huge fan of the idea of getting North Korea to give up the nukes that Bill Clinton gave them, peace on the Korean Peninsula, Korean families being reunited 70 years after a civil war split their country apart, the prosperity that will finally come to North Korean citizens after reunification, and China no longer having an annoying stepchild to boss around. I fail to see a downside.

Anyway, National Security Advisor John Bolton derailed the US-North Korea talks last year with his usual charming personality, after President Trump had worked so hard to create the talks in the first place. Bolton, for those who don’t remember, is a George W. Bush neoconservative warmonger who lied us into a war with Iraq.

He’s a bloodthirsty policy wonk who would like to solve every problem in the world by sending your sons and daughters off to the meatgrinder, while he sits around in the safety and security of his DC-area mansion and gives speeches for $50,000 a pop at think tanks and conventions.

Tucker Carlson and John Bolton loathe each other. If you haven’t seen the epic interview that Carlson conducted with John Bolton a year ago, it’s well worth watching. Carlson respectfully told Bolton that he thought he was wrong about the “need” for more US troops on the ground in Syria.

Bolton sneered, “Well, it must be all that foreign policy experience you have!”

Carlson’s immediate response was, “I have a better track record than you.”

Beautiful. Carlson directly attacked John Bolton again last month, labeling him a “bureaucratic tapeworm.” That might be my favorite insult ever toward a permanent Deep State bureaucrat.

Another fun story: Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump famously did not get along very well years ago. When Carlson was at CNN and Trump was just a noisy real estate broker from New York, they had an epic feud over something. Tucker sent Trump a snotty email, making fun of the mogul’s hair. Keep in mind that this was well before Trump married the lovely First Lady Melania. Trump fired back an email to Carlson, telling him, “You may have great hair, but I get more p**sy than you!”

Here we are years later, and Carlson and Trump have a renewed respect for each other. When Trump refused to launch a war with Iran over a “broken robot,” as Carlson put it, the permanent war party in Washington blamed Carlson. How dare Tucker Carlson remind the president of his central campaign promise to not waste trillions of dollars on more pointless foreign wars!

 Which brings us back to Trump’s historic meeting with Kim Jong Un. The North Korean leader was jubilant as he strode across the DMZ to shake the American president’s hand. “Good to see you again,” said Kim. “I would never have expected to meet you in this place!”

Trump’s negotiating prowess is on full display here. North Korea, thanks to the sins of Kim Jong Un’s commie father and grandfather, is currently excluded from global confabs like the G-20. Trump hates these events, because he’d rather deal with individuals one-on-one. But he’s pushing the hard sell on Kim Jong Un by envisioning economic prosperity for North Korea.

He went out of his way to meet Kim since he was in the neighborhood, sending the psychological message to Kim, “Hey, you’re important too, little buddy. You want to come to these meetings and eat the fancy shrimp with the rest of us? Gotta denuclearize!”

The condemnation of Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un was near-universal in Washington. Every Democrat, snob and policy wonk informed us that American presidents *sniff* simply do not do things like that. How dare he hold an impromptu meeting and talk face-to-face with a dictator?

But if Trump doesn’t talk to Kim Jong Un, what alternative is there to getting North Korea to denuclearize? Here is the entirety of permanent Washington’s ideas when it comes to resolving the problems with a nuclear North Korea:

Idea 1: Do nothing and continue the status quo.

Idea 2: Bomb North Korea, kill the relatives of the South Koreans who are our strongest allies in Southeast Asia, and run the risk of North Korea setting off a nuke.

President Trump sees a third way and, sorry dorks, it involves talking to Kim Jong Un. The American people are watching a president of substance as he shakes up the world stage with his very stable genius mind, while his 2020 opponents are claiming that they want to provide taxpayer-funded abortions to transgender dudes who cannot get pregnant. Who’s the serious adult in the room?

Speaking of adults in the room, guess who was in the room at the DMZ with President Trump?

Tucker Carlson.

Guess where warmonger John Bolton and his creepy mustache were at the time?


Trump took the A-team with him to North Korea and sent the JV squad off to do the equivalent of some diplomatic ditch digging. It’s like the end of the movie when the hero wins the trophy and the bad guy falls in a pile of manure. And Trump orchestrated the whole thing.

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