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States React to the U.N.’s Refugee Resettlement Plan for America

admin January 14, 2020 News Comments Off on States React to the U.N.’s Refugee Resettlement Plan for America

The mainstream media wants us all to remain focused on the most important country in the world (suddenly), which as everyone with a television knows today is Iran. As usual, President Donald J. Trump isn’t falling for that. His laser-like focus remains on a country that should be slightly more important to Americans than Iran, which is America.

And contrary to what some naysayers on the right are, um… naysaying, Trump is doing to a spectacular job in terms of bringing peace and prosperity to Americans and making our lives better. No area of Trump administration policy highlights this better than his reforms to the refugee resettlement system.

First, Trump has signed an executive order that allows localities (cities or towns), counties or states to have veto power over the United Nations. Instead of the old system, where the UN was allowed to dump entire Islamic Somali villages in Christian heartland cities, those cities, counties or states can now say, “Nope!”

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott is the first patriot champion to take the Trump administration up on this offer. Starting in 2020, the entire State of Texas will take ZERO refugees from the UN’s resettlement plan.

None at all. Zero, zip, nada. This is incredibly smart and good for the people of Texas, which I’ll explain in a moment.

Unlike many of the Republican governors in the US, Gregg Abbott seems to actually care more about his own constituents than he does about the backwater foreigners who want to move to America to collect welfare checks.

If you don’t believe me, here are the states with REPUBLICAN governors that are now begging the Trump administration to please send them more refugees:

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Ohio, Oklahoma, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont and West Virginia.

If you live in one of those states, your Republican governor hates you, hates your family, and hates your children and grandchildren. Those governors have fallen for the globalist rhetoric that the economy will be improved if you just take in as many illiterate Third World goat herders as possible.

But is this true?

Not according to the European countries and cities that have taken in boatloads of illiterate Third World goat herders. In fact, it appears that mass numbers of unemployable, belligerent “refugees” are a net drain on local and national economies.

After it sent out the latest round of welfare checks to the horde of refugees that it took in last year, the city of Bengtsfors, Sweden is now broke. The city can no longer provide basic city services, like filling in potholes. The town council is pleading with the Swedish national government, because it’s taken in too many “new Swedes” as they cutely phrased it. The poor taxpaying saps in Bengtsfors are not enjoying a better economy, despite having so much diversity among its “new Swedes.”

The boring “old Swedes” – you know, the actual Swedes who lived there first – have an unemployment rate of just 3.6%. But the exciting “new Swedes” have an unemployment rate of 20%. The 80% of “new Swedes” who have jobs are taking such low-wage jobs that they need welfare to survive in Bengtsfors, so the “old Swedes” are forced to supplement their incomes.

The national government has responded to Bengtsfors by saying that they don’t have any spare change in the couch due to so many “new Swedes” that are being cared for across the country. It’s also really expensive to run the first-of-its-kind-in-the-Western-hemisphere-thanks-to-refugees rape clinic for men and boys. So, perhaps Bengtsfors can raise its taxes even more? The “old Swedes” will love that!

There’s nothing like impoverishing a previously fairly well-off people to prove that diversity improves your economy! Plus, the ungrateful Swedish men and boys can take advantage of the free services at that new rape clinic which is just for them.

Bengtsfors is now going through what Portland, Maine already went through last year, due to mass immigration. When a bunch of African “refugees” showed up in San Antonio and asked Portland to take them, Portland said there was simply no way. Too many refugees already. So sorry.

There are a lot of poor people in the world and that’s too bad. The solution is more Trumpian capitalism, not taking the poor into our own neighborhoods and impoverishing our own families.

The Trump administration has also lowered the annual refugee cap to 18,000 for the next fiscal year. That’s down from 250,000 per year during Obama’s last two years in office.

Here’s hoping he gets the number down to zero in his next term in office. We’ve already taken in more refugees than any other country, ever. Trump understands that we need a pause and reset before continuing this insanity. So does Governor Gregg Abbott, who is starting to look more and more attractive for 2024 (as long as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t run).

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