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Supreme Court Overturns Biology; Sorry, Women & Girls – You Don’t Matter

admin June 16, 2020 News Comments Off on Supreme Court Overturns Biology; Sorry, Women & Girls – You Don’t Matter

In a 6-3 ruling, the US Supreme Court has asserted the right of transgender dudes to beat up little ladies in sporting events. That wily Thomas Jefferson hid this curious definition of biology right there in the pages of the Constitution. It was there the whole time but we all just missed it because we were too busy doing systemic racism to others.

On the one hand, this is terrible news for women and girls in America. On the other hand, we should probably extend our congratulations to the members of the United States Air Force who are no doubt celebrating this ruling (heh!).

Some people are already blaming President Trump for this insane Supreme Court ruling because Justice Neil Gorsuch – Trump’s first Supreme Court appointee – wrote the opinion and voted for it. But this is not a Trump failure. This is a failure of Conservatism, Inc.

I’ll try to explain this dumb ruling as simply as possible. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 deals with sex discrimination. It’s the rule that says you can’t fire someone or otherwise discriminate against them based on their sex. Congress was very specific when it used the term “sex.” The people who wrote Title VII meant the “biological male sex” and the “biological female sex.” There was no third or fourth or fifty-seventh option to be considered, because the science of biology agrees with God that there are only two sexes.

Title VII was written specifically to protect the female sex from discrimination. It was virtually unheard of for men to be fired for their sex. Therefore, the purpose of Title VII was to provide equal protection to women under the law that men already enjoyed.

Fast-forward to 2020 and the case of Bostock v. Clayton County. The Supreme Court in its ruling has completely redefined “sex” as intended in the Civil Rights Act to suddenly mean, “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.” This has all the hallmarks of your typical terrible Supreme Court decision: It ignores science, reality and the beliefs of an overwhelming majority of American voters; it legislates from the bench rather than simply interpreting the law; and the Air Force is cheering for it (heh!).

While Title VII deals specifically with workplace protections, the floodgates have now been thrown wide open by this ruling. If a transgender bully wants to beat up on all of the girls on the soccer field, no school will dare to defend the girls by opposing the bully’s fetish out of fear of the lawsuits. Business owners with public spaces will have to have a Men’s room, a Women’s room, and a third restroom with a picture of a clown on the door.

Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Brett Kavanaugh were the only three on the court who believe in the scientific definition of “sex.” Even if Neil Gorsuch had voted with them, the Supreme Court still would have rewritten the legal definition of biological sex in US law, because Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the liberals.


For those who are now quick to blame President Trump for the appointment of Gorsuch, don’t you dare! First of all, who could possibly have guessed that Gorsuch would rule this way on this issue? If you had been asked that question a week ago, would you have guessed that Gorsuch would betray America like this? Honestly?

Rulings like this are a result of the monumental, decades-long failures of Conservatism, Inc. Those people have been taking the “conserving” out of “conservatism” since 1989. They are an epic sack of failure that perpetually cowers under their desks and has never pushed back against the enemy in the culture wars. How is that working out today?

For years, Conservatism, Inc. has told us that we must never “stoop to the level” of an enemy that wants to destroy America and the Constitution. “Oh, dear me! We mustn’t resort to fisticuffs or bad words when a hairy grown man wants to use the little girls’ bathroom! That makes us just like the liberals!”

The modern Supreme Court often bases its rulings on public sentiment. There’s no escaping that. And Conservative, Inc. has been an abject failure at explaining the public’s revulsion on issues like this. They don’t fight. Instead, they try to destroy America at a much slower pace than Democrats. The Supreme Court issued this latest ruling this way because a bunch of them believe that public sentiment is on the side of transgender dudes beating up little girls on the sports field. When you don’t fight back, you will eventually watch the rule of law and sanity itself fly… up and away… into the wild, blue yonder! (heh!)

This insane ruling is not President Trump’s fault. President Trump is the only antidote to it. We need to give him a second term so that he can appoint a couple more Brett Kavanaughs to the court. And even though they probably won’t do it, tell your friends in the US Air Force to read this article and vote for Trump!

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