Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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Joe Biden Threatens War with Allied Nations Over Global Warming

Most of us were so taken aback by Joe Biden’s Green New Deal flip-flopping in the debate that we totally missed him attacking America’s allies over global warming. But our allies caught it – and now they’re mad. Brazil’s MAGA [...]

October 15, 2020 News

Why Doesn’t Trump Denounce Unicorns & Bigfoot While He’s at It?

Silly me! I actually thought we’d get through a presidential election this year without the media running through its ritualistic efforts to force the Republican nominee to “denounce white supremacy.” That was really wishful thinking on my part, wasn’t it? [...]

October 1, 2020 News

Can We All Just Get Along

Apparently not. I was reminded of the infamous words uttered by Rodney King after his beating by LA Police caused massive riots in the city. (Rodney, by the way was arrested again on July 13th for suspicion of DUI. ) [...]

August 1, 2011 Freedom by Friday