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7 Tips for When You Own the IRS More Money than You Can Afford

Two weeks ago Mr. Patterson and I sent off our tax documents to our accountant. Now we are playing the waiting game. We’re waiting to hear back on if we owe money to Uncle Sam or if he owes us [...]

March 6, 2013 Easy Street

6 Purchases you should ALWAYS Charge

I write a lot about the dangers of credit cards. I have called them “frenemies” and “necessary evils” in the past. I dislike credit cards because a lot of people can’t handle them. They buy, buy, buy and then don’t [...]

August 29, 2012 Easy Street

How to Get it Taken Off Your Bill

When and How to Fight Hidden Fees Last week I visited the lovely community of Farmington, Connecticut. It was picturesque; beautiful landscape, charming downtown area, great summer weather and adorable “cape” homes. Unfortunately I was only there for one night. [...]

July 20, 2011 Easy Street

Teach Your Way to a Fortune

Dear Entrepreneur: You can make money a ton of money with online education. I recently taught a course online and received $150 for three hours of work. Actually, there was a bit more than three hours involved because of the [...]

May 28, 2010 Weekend Business Blueprint