Monday, July 6, 2020
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April 1 is About to be a Day of Reckoning – Be Ready

There are a lot of really good things happening in America right now in response to the Chinese coronavirus crisis. We could highlight a laundry list of altruistic and kind acts that our fellow Americans are undertaking to help us [...]

March 27, 2020 News

It’s Better to Preserve Wealth than Show It

I live in a modest, one story ranch house that is about 2200 square feet. I’ve got a small front yard and my six year old Pontiac decorates in the driveway.  My backyard is a decent size and is surrounded [...]

November 21, 2012 Easy Street

Wallet or Waistline?

Survey Reveals Most Popular Trainer in 2011: Finances over Fitness Health and Wealth. Those are the two most popular New Year’s resolutions. In a survey by Allianz Life Insurance Company respondents were asked which 2011 resolution they are most likely [...]

December 29, 2010 Easy Street

Succumbing to Hype, Lies and Circus Acts

Foreclosure Heaven! How to Make Money in This Market Without Succumbing to Hype, Lies and Circus Acts 6:21 AM Dear Entrepreneur: The news media is all doom and gloom about the current real estate market and the economy in general. [...]

November 26, 2010 Weekend Business Blueprint