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Unexpected Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Credit

We all want good credit scores. It makes us feel good about ourselves and helps us get the financing we need. Scores in the 700’s make us puff out our chests and feel proud. We believe that people with good [...]

July 30, 2014 Easy Street

The Biggest Screw up You Can Make

Yesterday, I found out that I screwed up big time.  I have been working on a new report for a client that is helping him to launch a new business. Turns out that during our last meeting I had accidentally [...]

April 16, 2014 Easy Street

5 Things You Should Do Right Now If You Want to Retire Early

I know you’ve thought about it…the idea of retiring early is certainly palatable. It’s not so much about reaching a certain age, but about getting to a point where you know you can support yourself from here on out. To [...]

March 12, 2014 Easy Street, Freedom by Friday

How the Rich Get Richer

The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. The top one percent of Americans saw their income increase by a staggering 275 percent between 1979 and 2007, while the bottom 20 percent saw their incomes grow only [...]

February 22, 2012 Easy Street

Do This Before Saturday

The end of the year is a fun time; it’s also an expensive time. The day before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year and airplane tickets are not cheap. Mr. Patterson and I paid just over $500 [...]

December 28, 2011 Easy Street

Will This Really Save You Money?

My kitchen counter is littered with unsolicited mail from banks and lenders. All of them offering me deals to refinance my home mortgage. If you’re a homeowner I’m sure you’re getting the same kind of offers. Lenders across the country [...]

December 14, 2011 Easy Street

Save Money By Losing It All

The Power of Financial Freedom Bad things happen…sometimes to good people. But it’s how you look at these events that can make or break you. I’m not talking about putting on rose colored glasses and plastering a fake smile across [...]

September 28, 2011 Easy Street

Should You Pay This?

Do Not Pay Off Your Mortgage Early You heard right. This money and savings expert is arguing AGAINST paying down what is typically a family’s largest debt. I know this may not be what you expected to hear from a [...]

August 24, 2011 Easy Street

First Class Flight For Free

The subject line of this news piece isn’t hype. It’s real and real easy to do. Let me show you what I found out within just a few minutes of research. First found out about this money saving advice from [...]

May 4, 2011 Easy Street

Reader Issues Resolved

So one of the most common issues readers email me about is credit cards. I lovingly refer to credit cards as “frenemies.” They disguise themselves as friendly faces with their cash back, rewards points, airlines miles and low interest rates. [...]

February 16, 2011 Easy Street