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Those Smelly PIIGS


They’re burning the midnight oil in Germany and France. The PIIGS are back at the trough again as Greece is back on the menu for default. Well, in truth, Greece has already defaulted on its debt a long time ago. But, for a technicality, Greece is bankrupt, as it should be. The technicality? Well, that’s […]

Coming to a Theater Near You

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When PIIGS Don’t Fly Last week the Euro lost about 4% of its value overnight. European markets took a dive and the US markets followed. Call it the “bad luck” of the Irish. If you haven’t been following the saga of the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) then it might be a good […]

Buy Wheelbarrows!

They would have you believe that everything is just peachy. This recovery is like all the others before it. Here are some recent quotes to ponder…beneath them are previous quotes from the same person. Then: “I believe that the general growth in large [financial] institutions have occurred in the context of an underlying structure of […]

Chickens and PIGS

Welcome back. Once again, you’ve entered that portal into another world. Sadly, the views you read here are considered ‘alternative’. Some would say abnormal. I’m proud to agree with them. ‘Normal’ isn’t just boring; in the investment world it’s suicide. So far, my 2010 prediction: Seems to be unfolding with alarming accuracy and I […]

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