Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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If You Don’t “Get” Trump’s Daytona Triumph, You Never Will

Air Force One buzzed the Daytona 500 crowd from just 800 feet above the ground over the weekend. President Trump took a lap around the track in the presidential limo, “The Beast.” The people loved it, delivering thunderous applause to [...]

February 18, 2020 News

Breaking: Roger Stone Juror Outed as Democrat Party Operative

Independent journalist and filmmaker Mike Cernovich has done it again: The jury foreman in the Roger Stone case has been identified not only as a Democrat Party operative, but a former Democrat candidate for the US House of Representatives. This [...]

February 14, 2020 News

Trump’s Vengeance Pardons Cannot Come Soon Enough

Thanks to mass immigration, we will probably never have another experience like the reelections of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Nixon’s second electoral college victory was 520 to 17 in 1972, and Reagan’s was 525 to 13 in 1984. This [...]

February 13, 2020 News

Trump Really Needs to Start Turning Over More Rocks in Ukraine

Now that President Trump has been fully and completely exonerated, acquitted and found innocent of any wrongdoing by the Senate (Sorry, Democrats, no take-backs!), it’s probably a good time to start kicking over every rock in Ukraine to find out [...]

February 7, 2020 News

1.2 Million Anchor Babies Later, Trump Springs into Action!

One of the many exciting campaign promises that Donald Trump ran on in 2016 was that he was finally going to end the anchor baby scam. A mistake that I made in 2016 was that I actually believed Donald Trump, [...]

January 21, 2020 News

States React to the U.N.’s Refugee Resettlement Plan for America

The mainstream media wants us all to remain focused on the most important country in the world (suddenly), which as everyone with a television knows today is Iran. As usual, President Donald J. Trump isn’t falling for that. His laser-like [...]

January 14, 2020 News

Greatest President Ever Is About to Fix Your Toilet

At this point in time, President Donald J. Trump could put his feet up and call it a day if he wanted to – and he would still go down in history as one of the greatest presidents in American [...]

January 3, 2020 News

Eerie Deep State Similarities Between Watergate & Russiagate

I’ve been saying since the earliest days of the Obama “presidency” that history books are going to owe Richard Nixon a big apology. When you go back and read the Articles of Impeachment against Nixon, which were drafted but never [...]

January 2, 2020 News

Meanwhile, Obamacare Just Got Shivved in the Laundry Room

There’s nothing interesting going on in the news these days anyway, so let’s talk about Obamacare! (I checked to see if there was anything newsworthy on. Couldn’t find anything but a dumb House of Representatives channel talking about something to [...]

December 19, 2019 News

This is Going to be the Greatest Impeachment Ever… Hyuuuge!

I like to picture President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) sitting around eating cheeseburgers together and laughing their rear-ends off about this impeachment hoopla. I’ve had my differences with McConnell over the years, like most people [...]

December 13, 2019 News