Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Schiff Finds More Russian Collusion, Plans to Try for Impeachment 2.0

It’s great that we can finally put the whole Russian collusion hoax behind us and move on. The Democrats would never be foolish enough to try that stunt again. Oh, wait! Here comes Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) and he’s found [...]

September 11, 2020 News

LegoGate Explodes: Media Hounds Hot on the Trail of Trump’s Toddler Grandson

Welcome to LegoGate, the latest scandal that will surely be the undoing of Literally Hitler this time, according to the media. It’s curtain’s for Trump! The beginning of the end! The walls are closing in! Two scoops of ice cream! [...]

August 28, 2020 News

The Democrats Are Not a Party That Looks Intent on Winning

There’s a freight train of excitement barreling down on America right now – and its conductor’s name is Joe Biden! Well… maybe it’s not that exciting. There seems to be an enthusiasm gap that the Democrats are suffering from this [...]

August 25, 2020 News

What Swing Voters Are Saying About Trump and Joe Biden

Election watchers always pay attention to swing voters in years like this, because they can make a difference in the outcome in November. It’s hard to predict how these indecisive people who don’t pay that much attention to politics are [...]

August 20, 2020 News

What Trump’s Payroll Tax Cut Means for You and America

President Donald John Trump’s uninterrupted winning streak continues at full speed. Every lemon that is thrown at the man is turned into a sparkling glass of ice-cold lemonade, which can be sold for a profit on a hot summer day [...]

August 11, 2020 News

President Trump Just Took a Blowtorch to Big Pharma & Obamacare

Congress, Big Pharma, the FDA and lazy past presidents have put Americans with health problems through the wringer. Everyone knows it. Everyone complains about it. President Trump signed four executive orders last week that will be a massive benefit to [...]

July 28, 2020 News

The 2020 Election Really Does Matter This Time

It’s been said about many past elections that “This is the most important, consequential election of all time oh my gosh!” It got to the point where many of us would yawn when we heard that. Choosing between John McCain [...]

July 17, 2020 News

Really, Democrats? Stormy Daniels Is Your October Surprise?

The US Supreme Court has decided it wants Americans to yawn, shrug and say, “I don’t care” once again. The court made two separate rulings on Thursday. In one ruling the court denied Adam Schiff and Jerald Nadler access to [...]

July 9, 2020 News

Fake News Media Wonders Why Trump Won’t Just Resign Already

Here’s some obvious professional advice that you probably don’t need: If a highly placed “confidential source” burns you 700 times by feeding you false information, and you repeatedly embarrass yourself professionally by acting on that false information over and over [...]

June 30, 2020 News

Media: Trump-Supporting Los Angeles KKK Emboldened by String of Lynchings

Have you heard the news? White nationalists are so emboldened by President Trump’s hateful rhetoric that the KKK is planning a rally in Los Angeles County. Because there are just so many KKK members in the blue state of California. [...]

June 26, 2020 News