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Gold and the Dollar…Strange Bedfellows

There’s little argument that gold has outperformed every asset class in the past five years, maybe even the past ten. It is the currency of choice during times of chaos. But…so is the US Dollar. Yes, as much as we [...]

November 29, 2010 Freedom by Friday


The devaluing US dollar means little to those who don’t plan on ever setting foot outside the US. With cheap labor still plentiful, prices for consumer goods will also remain reasonable. To the average American consumer, not much will look [...]

October 4, 2010 Freedom by Friday
Bear Market Ahead? Not so Fast.

Bear Market Ahead? Not so Fast.

True Religion The markets are about to find religion again. That’s not news to you. I’ve been warning as recently as last week that we are headed lower, maybe much lower. The economic situation in the US is one that [...]

July 5, 2010 Freedom by Friday