Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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The 2020 Election Really Does Matter This Time

It’s been said about many past elections that “This is the most important, consequential election of all time oh my gosh!” It got to the point where many of us would yawn when we heard that. Choosing between John McCain and Barack Obama is consequential? Really? Their policies were identical!

The 2020 presidential contest does feel different, though. The gap between the two candidates’ vision for America has never been wider. Here are the reasons why Trump-supporting patriots really need to step up to the plate this year.

First, one of the political parties does not have a candidate.

If Democrats steal the November election, who will be running the country next January? Sure, there’s a physical body with a “Joe Biden” nametag attached to it that will be present in the White House. But “Joe Biden” couldn’t run an ant farm these days. Between 25 and 50% of Democrat voters are admit to pollsters that “Joe Biden” no longer has a functioning brain and is incapable of participating in a debate with Donald Trump.

Just this week, “Joe Biden” was doing a live, televised interview when it started to go off the rails. Biden was doing a Skype interview from his secret basement headquarters, which is the only way he talks to people these days. But the moment that things started to go south, one of his staffers literally ripped the power cord out of Biden’s computer to shut the interview down, before “Joe Biden” could embarrass himself any further.

Have you ever seen anything as cynical or sinister as this? They don’t have a candidate. They have some shadowy committee operating from behind the curtain that will be running the country if “Joe Biden” steals the election. A “Biden presidency” would be a departure from normalcy like we’ve never seen before.


Second, there will not be a peaceful transition of power if Trump loses.

I’m not saying Trump will “stage a coup and try to stay in power” if he loses, which is a concern of the hags on The View every weekday morning. I’m saying they plan to arrest Trump at the White House if he loses. The media will provide cover for this by making up a story that Trump tried to stage a coup. Why wouldn’t they? They make up stories out of thin air every single day, so this will be just another lie about Trump.

Blabbermouth Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) has pretty much admitted that they plan to arrest Trump immediately if he loses. She bragged the other day that they plan to “get him” even if he loses. The establishment in Washington doesn’t just want to be back in power after the 2020 election. They want revenge. They want to punish Donald Trump, his family and his supporters, so that the American people will never step out of line and misbehave again like we did in 2016.

Third, no matter who wins – half the country won’t accept the results.

I’ve written about this in the past. I simply don’t see any path to the White House for any Democrat, including a facsimile of a candidate like “Joe Biden.” Trump is winning in every demographic of voter and he should pick up between three and seven additional states this year, compared to 2016. If Trump somehow “loses,” I won’t be able to accept the results as legitimate. Not after the Russian collusion hoax, not after the impeachment, not after the four years of daily lies from the lying media. And we already know that no one on the left will accept the results of a Trump victory as legitimate.

And finally, the Democrats no longer have a recognizable platform.

The platform of the puppeteers operating the “Joe Biden” mannequin is to turn America into a different country. There will be no Constitution if they win, because our Constitution was “written by slaveholders” and is therefore illegitimate. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the Second Amendment, your ability to pursue life, liberty and happiness, and equality under the law… all those things go away if “Joe Biden” wins in November.

It’s time to start taking the 2020 election seriously, if you’re not there already. You can’t just duck your head any longer and hope that they never come for your family if Trump loses. We have to make the 2020 Trumpslide a reality, folks. Donate your time and money to the Trump campaign. Volunteer. Knock on doors. Make calls. Every single one of us can do something. Let’s kick this thing into high gear and show the forces of evil that Americans are not going to go out without a fight.

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