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The Booming Economy the Mainstream Media is Ignoring

admin July 11, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on The Booming Economy the Mainstream Media is Ignoring

Trump Jobs Come BackThis should put a smile on your face. We have a border wall. It doesn’t hold the form we might have predicted, but it’s there. It’s working. Border crossings are once again in decline, and Mexico is paying for every single dime of it. President Trump’s pressure on Mexico finally forced their hand, and the Mexican National Guard is successfully stemming the tide.

They’re hitting the problem on both of Mexico’s borders, and if President Trump can get them to hold, our immigration crisis will finally be over. We’ll still have an immigration problem, but we can downgrade from the word ‘crisis.’

That’s the last of President Trump’s major promises. He did it all in under three years. ISIS is effectively defeated. Sure, we have to make sure they don’t establish a new foothold, but they’re back down to JV status.

America’s standing in foreign politics is back where it should be. We’ve left all of the bad deals: Paris, Iran, TPP and NAFTA. And, President Trump is finally fixing our foreign trade policy all around.

Perhaps most importantly, the economy is doing exactly what we all hoped. If nothing else, Donald Trump was elected to fix the economy, and he has succeeded. You won’t hear about it on left-wing media, but the truth is available. In every way, we are winning on the economy.


It’s incredibly frustrating that every conversation about jobs has to include a debunking of left-wing talking points. Every time there’s an off month where jobs numbers are below expectations, the left pounces with their claims that the economy is finally dying and we need to get rid of President Trump. The three times that has happened under President Trump, the following month blew expectations out of the water.

That happened again with May and June. May was a bad month, but June slaughtered expectations and created 224,000 new jobs. Here’s why that number is truly impressive. Obama’s last two years saw a consistent downward trend in jobs creation. Now, unemployment also went down, so that’s actually pretty normal.

In President Trump’s time, that trend line reversed. 2018 saw substantially more jobs created than 2017 or 2016, and that was with record low unemployment the entire time.

On top of that, the quality of job creation has improved vastly. Obama never saw wage growth breach three percent. In fact, his failure in this regard is why most people will tell you that wages have been flat for too long.

What they miss is that President Trump fixed this problem too. Since September of last year, every month has had greater than three-percent wage growth. More, good jobs is the new normal under President Trump.

Now, it’s time for the obligatory reminder. Obama was the one who told us economic stagnation was the new normal and that manufacturing jobs weren’t coming back.


Speaking of a new normal, Obama promised us that we wouldn’t get GDP growth back above three percent. The nation missed that mark by the smallest margin possible in 2018, and so far, 2019 is tracking much better. The first quarter of 2019 beat the previous year by almost a full percentage point.

We’ll see where the 2nd quarter finishes, but even if it doesn’t break records, it doesn’t have to do much to continue to carry 2019 past that three-percent benchmark.

Now for the bigger picture. All of this is happening with a trade war with China. Had President Trump been less aggressive with China, our GDP would have been even higher last year, and it would be higher so far this year.

The point is that the President recognized that the economy was strong enough to endure this contest, and the long-term payout will ensure the potential for three-percent growth (and higher) long after President Trump’s tenure ends.

In two different metrics, President Trump’s economy should be handicapped. Instead, it’s outperforming Obama steadily.


The last big sign of a strong economy is the market indices. Obama received a bottomed-out economy. It should have been child’s play to see nothing but new records for his entire time in office. Instead, half of his closing-day records came after Mr. Trump was elected. Simple optimism born of Trump replacing Obama was enough to swing markets higher and faster than anything Obama tried, including multiple multi-trillion-dollar stimulus packages and bailouts.

Now, we’ve seen some volatility under President Trump. That’s inevitable. But, the standing trend has been new record after new record. In fact, most market volatility the last two years has been because investors are afraid the economy is burning too brightly. They’re so used to the stagnation of an Obama economy that they forgot how to ride a real boom.

No News Is Good News

It’s an old saying, but with left-wing media trying to dictate the conversation, anything they aren’t discussing is probably going very well. It’s why they ignore the economy as much as possible.

Sure, you have a few genuinely insane minds out there suggesting that the economy is terrible and that unemployment is only low because everyone has two jobs. Ultimately, everybody is aware that their own financial situation and prospects have improved under President Trump.

The best thing for the left to do now is pretend that economics don’t exist. Any mention of the economy is bad for them because they have been so thoroughly proven wrong on every front that it’s almost not fun anymore. Almost.

It’s pretty simple. The more the left nitpicks President Trump, the more you can trust that they really don’t have any legitimate complaints. As our President predicted, the people are tired of winning. The left was tired of it before he even took office. The rest of us will enjoy the ride as long as it can last.

And, whenever you get the chance, force the Democrats to face the reality of the economy. Everyone in every corner of America is better off because of President Trump. It’s a tough pill for them to swallow, but it’s an undeniable truth.

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