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The DNC Itself is Broke

admin June 21, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on The DNC Itself is Broke

Biden campaign trailThe race is officially on. Since President Trump has formally kicked off his re-election campaign last week, we’re looking at the 2020 race. The game might be early, but it is afoot.

It’s going to be fascinating to watch over the next 18 months. Every day, the Republicans seem more united under President Trump’s leadership, and each day, the Democrats seem more divided. The internal squabbling is going to set many terrible records for the left, and before we’re done, we’ll see a lot of prominent Democrats completely collapse.

The earliest indicator that things are bad on the left is the state of the DNC. They’re still struggling with trust issues after trying to rig primaries in 2016. If that wasn’t enough, donations are in decline even while operation costs are skyrocketing.

The truth is that the DNC is in major financial trouble. It’s bad enough that the party itself might not survive the next election cycle. If that seems surprising, keep reading. We’ll go over all of the data sheets to show just how serious this is.

By the Books

Let’s dive straight into the numbers. So far in 2019, the DNC has increased its debt by $6.2 million. Most of that came from spending $4 million more than they collected in the first 4 months of the year (although the trend seems to be holding steady).

While the debt increased, the DNC also declined their total cash assets by $1 million. That means that they aren’t doing a debt now, pay it later kind of plan. They’re just sinking further in the whole.

Let’s put this in perspective. For the 2018 election cycle, the DNC worked hard. Overall, they raised $955 million and spent $953 million. That’s a net gain, even if it’s nowhere near enough to pay their standing debt.

At the end of the cycle, they had a debt of $48 million and $37 million in cash. Clearly, that’s not enough to pay the total debt, but since then, they’ve actually gone farther in the red.

Compare that to the RNC over the same election cycle. They raised $994 million (if this is the first time you’re hearing that Republicans outraised Democrats in 2018, thank the mainstream media for keeping that fact hidden) and spent $881 million. Those are good numbers.

Overall, they also accrued a debt of $29 million with $59 million in cash. That’s enough money to pay their debts, and that’s exactly what happened. As of the time of this writing, the RNC has no outstanding debts and $35 million in cash. That’s the right way to manage money.

When you consider that Obama doubled the national debt in his eight years, this kind of reckless spending isn’t surprising. When you realize that Obama is now a moderate by DNC standards, it’s a miracle the DNC hasn’t had all of their assets seized.

The simple truth is that the Democrats are behaving consistently when it comes to money. They spend what they don’t have and never, at any point, give any regard to the consequences of their actions. When they have the power, they run the country just as poorly as they do their own committee.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the Democrats’ ability to write loans for themselves into law, they would have gone insolvent a long time ago. As it is, it’s surprising that any lender would be willing to risk money by putting it in their hands.

Too Many Candidates

Here’s where things get dicey. As bad as the DNC has been, it’s about to get a whole lot worse. The 2020 election cycle began extremely early for the Democrats. Additionally, they’re fielding too many candidates, and they can’t actually force anyone out of the race until primaries start next year. This is splitting donations badly. Significant chunks of money that might normally go to the DNC are being donated to candidates who will ultimately lose, and that money is being spent at a record pace.

What’s worse is that the DNC has to spread their existing funds very thin just to keep up with the huge field of candidates. For all that we could bluster and overstate their problems, the Democrats are genuinely looking at going insolvent before the elections conclude in 2020. If they push this debt too far, too fast, we might actually see their financial collapse.

On the Plus Side

Meanwhile, the Republicans have never looked better. The core block of never-Trumpers has largely dissolved. While there are still a few holdouts, prominent Republican donors are looking a lot more favorably at President Trump than they did a few years ago. He already set first-day donation records, and because the Party isn’t really split on the presidency, he stands to gain a lot more funding for this election than he did the last one. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Donald Trump might have double the campaign funding he had in 2016. Regardless of where the final tallies end, most analysts are expecting record contribution levels for the Republicans in 2020. The red pill wave is here, and it’s going to be exciting to see what happens.

All of this sits at the heart of Republicans vs Democrats. Republican ideology and policy is rooted in merciless fact. If you spend more than you have, you go into debt. Eventually, people stop falling for your tricks, and the debt cycle collapses. This is just how math works. If the Democrats can’t fix their enormous money problems, they simply won’t have the means to continue funding campaigns. This is a major reason why the House Democrats are pushing so far to make federal elections federally funded. They know they’re on borrowed time.

To win, Republicans need to do very little. We have to continue sticking to facts and honesty, and we have to resist every single Democratic power grab. That second feat is far more trying and exhausting, but it’s the key to securing our nation’s future. As long as we prevent a Democratic dictatorship, their own stupidity will be their undoing.

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