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The Left Is Trying to Hijack the Bible. Don’t Let Them.

admin June 13, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on The Left Is Trying to Hijack the Bible. Don’t Let Them.

Tweet on Jesus and Social JusticeNever forget that the Democrats are the party of compassion. They’ll be sure to remind you of that several times a day. After all, they preach absolute acceptance of all things — unless that thing is a differing ideology.

The left claims that their empathy is what makes them superior, and anyone who disagrees with them is irredeemably immoral. In order to really push this idea, they’ve taken to hijacking the Bible.

It’s ironic, considering that they frequently condemn Christianity and many scriptures, but they can’t see that. Instead, they do their best to take any words they can out of context and use the misinformation to try and suggest that they are doing God’s work. Let’s look at some of their worst lies and put them to the test.

Let’s start with the low-hanging fruit. From the announcement of his candidacy, Donald Trump has been accused of being un-Christian. The left loves to point out the things he has done wrong.

From there, they contend that any true Christian couldn’t possibly support President Trump because he has had extra-marital affairs and says mean things. A good Christian can’t possibly like, support or interact with a sinner, according to this idea. This is actually the core of their hypocrisy, but we’ll get into that more in a minute.

It’s easy to criticize a man for the things he has done wrong in his life. President Trump is no exception. He is not the second coming. He’s a man. He has sinned and done things wrong.

Despite that wrongdoing, he has acquitted himself as the most pro-Christian president in recent memory. He actively fights for religious freedom and protects Christianity from oppressive assaults from the left. Most importantly, he takes this fight to the world stage.

Thousands of Christians have escaped deadly oppression around the world because of this one man’s effort. It’s perfectly ok for any Christian to support this policy even if it comes from a man who is as much a sinner as the rest of us.

The progressives who feel bolder take their Biblical hijacking much further. There’s a strong sect of people on the left who are contending that Jesus was a socialist. They point out that he befriended a prostitute, spent time with gentiles and helping the poor and commanded people to give up their wealth. Obviously, he was a progressive socialist.

There are so many problems with this. First, anyone who believes in Jesus would try to describe how he is, rather than how he was. That’s a pretty important part of the Bible.

More importantly, Jesus commands compassion and charity. He never once leveled those commandments at the Roman government or the leaders of Jerusalem. It is for the followers to help the poor of their own charity.

This is actually a major point in theology. If Jesus commanded the government to seize money from the rich and give it to the poor, it would be a completely different message. The point is to be charitable. That’s something that can’t come from the demands of a government.

When a socialist government tries to give food to the hungry, they ultimately have to seize the money for that food at gunpoint. When an individual gives charitably, it can come from the goodness of their own heart. That’s the point.

Good-willed charity can offer things to people in need that can never be met by a government mandate. It is the very compassion at the center of the giving that helps people build relationships. That is how charity exceeds the simple act of filling a hungry belly.

Stepping away from deeper theology, we can summarize this by looking to Dan Crenshaw. To paraphrase, he said that the difference between a Christian and a socialist is pretty simple. A Christian gives of their own free will. A socialist demands that others give in their stead.

The last way the progressives distort the teachings of the Bible is at complete odds with what they say about President Trump. According to the left, it is wrong to love a sinner. You can see this in their behavior. If anyone steps even a single toe out of line with the progressive ideology, they are instantly excommunicated. Any past wrongdoing is resurfaced and used to bludgeon the evildoer into submission. There is no forgiveness, and there is no compassion.

They project this onto Christians and conservatives. According to the left, you can’t love a homosexual if you believe that homosexuality is a sin. Even though they praise Jesus for spending time with a prostitute, they say that it is wrong for a Christian to support President Trump or believe that sexual sins exist.

It’s a convoluted mess, and the whole point is to obfuscate all truth and reality to the point that you get dizzy. They’re trying to seize a moral high ground with shifting ideologies and no consistency anywhere.

The truth is that Jesus exclusively loves sinners, because that’s what we all are. He absolutely teaches us to love each other despite our shortcomings. None of that, though, is an excuse to continue to do what is wrong. Jesus never suggested that prostitution is ok. Instead, he tells us to walk away from the sin and strive to follow his footsteps.

Of course we have to identify when we do something wrong. None of us should make an excuse for a president’s immoral behavior. At the same time, we can love each other and help each other to do better. This is real compassion, and it is the exact opposite of the biggest lie the left tells today.

Don’t let the left hijack the Bible. They’re lying in all of the ways that scripture predicted they would thousands of years ago. They tell you that compassion and tolerance are the same thing. They are not. Even though Jesus loves us through our sin, he still flipped tables and displayed wrath when it was appropriate. Ignore the hypocrites, and keep walking the path you know is right. The truth will win in the end.

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