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The Left Loves Stupid Conspiracy Theories

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Jeffrey EpsteinSince Jeffrey Epstein’s mur-suicide, the country has been awash with conspiracy theories. Everyone has their own idea of what happened, and every new bit of information only makes the official story harder to believe.

This isn’t a moon landing or Roswell conspiracy theory. Something fishy is afoot, and we have a right to want the truth. It seems like powerful people are on the verge of getting away with even more crimes, and no one is standing for it.

Still, we’ll have to wait before any real conclusions can be drawn. In the meantime, this talk of conspiracy theories makes us think of all the times the left has grilled the right for believing stupid things.

When Alex Jones goes off on Sandy Hook actors, they vilify him (and rightly so). The thing is, the left is prone to a bunch of their own conspiracy theories, and they aren’t any more reasonable. Let’s flip the script and point out how silly the left can be.

Russia Gate

Let’s jump right into one of the biggest and dumbest conspiracy theories still supported by the left. The idea of Russia Gate is that President Trump is literally a Russian asset and works for Vladimir Putin.

This isn’t a fringe conspiracy supported by a handful of loonies on the left. MSNBC still pushes this idea on their most popular segments.

The left completely ignores the body of evidence. They don’t care that the entire investigation was really just political espionage. They plug their ears when anyone tries to explain that Mueller found absolutely no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

In fact, he didn’t even find hard evidence that the Russian government was behind the election meddling. A U.S. court recently ruled that the Russian companies who bought ad space were working on their own.

In short, this is a stupid conspiracy theory, but nobody talks about it that way. Instead, mainstream media props up the nonsense because they don’t have any real criticism to throw at our President.


Here’s another crazy conspiracy theory that runs rampant on the left. They believe that pharmaceutical companies are all working together to steal our money. That part feels true when you have to fill a prescription, but the crazy part is that they think that vaccines are a myth.

Somehow the end of smallpox and polio around the world are just a coincidence?

Whatever the case, you find that outbreaks of measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases tend to frequent far-left communities. This surprises no one except leftists.

Stacey Abrams

This is an extremely weak conspiracy theory, but it runs rampant in progressive circles. They don’t suggest that the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race needs to be recounted. They don’t claim it’s contested. They say that Abrams outright won and any evidence to the contrary is part of an elaborate conspiracy. Seriously, this is a thing.

Let’s review the facts. Abrams lost the election by roughly 50,000 votes. For a statewide election, that’s pretty close, but it’s not close enough to trigger automatic recounts. It’s a clear victory, and Abrams’ inability to admit as much is pure immaturity.

The one thing the conspiracy theorists claim is evidence for their case is that voter rolls were purged before the election. The thing is, voter rolls are frequently purged before elections in most states. It’s intended to prevent voter fraud, and it only impacts people who haven’t voted in roughly a decade and refused to update their contact info. It certainly didn’t swing 50,000 votes.

The best part of this particular theory is that everyone supporting it will criticize President Trump when he made an off-hand remark that he might not easily accept election results if he lost. There’s a phrase about a kettle and a pot that might apply here.

Michael Brown

Let’s get into the more destructive conspiracy theories on the left. They believe that Ferguson, Mississippi teenager Michael Brown was murdered by a white cop. In fact, this was parroted by mainstream media quite recently. Before we go on, we have to make a distinction. Murder is a word with a clear meaning, and it never applies to justifiable homicide.

Michael Brown’s case was reviewed by three separate, independent investigative teams. His body received two independent autopsies. They all came to the same conclusion. Michael Brown tried to kill a cop and was shot in the process. The end.

The real truth is that the entire Black Lives Matter movement is founded on a lie. If 99 percent of police officers never fire their weapons in the line of duty — in their entire career — how can we have a system of police who shoot unarmed black men in the name of racism? It’s simply not true.

Systemic Racism

This brings us to the final conspiracy theory. Leftists look at data that shows disparity exists between races in the United States. No one denies this disparity. But, without evidence, the left says that the only possible cause of this disparity is deliberate, malicious, institutionalized racism. Nothing else could explain any disparity.

You’re not an idiot, so you already know better. The simple truth is that there are no laws or governmental practices that discriminate against racial minorities in this country. There are plenty of programs that do the opposite, so you could argue that systemic racism is aimed against whites in America, but the basic conspiracy theory is completely bunk.

People of all races are capable of failing without systemic oppression being the cause. That’s just an excuse, and it stands in the way of self-improvement.

If we really dig deep into the idea of systemic racism, we do find one case where a minority is systematically oppressed. That minority is Asian-Americans, and it manifests in higher education. Asian Americans have been shown to be massive recipients of race-based discrimination in college acceptance and financial aid (white Americans receive similar racism but they don’t constitute a minority).

Basically, the only two racial groups that actually are the victims of institutionalized racism are doing just fine. Stop making excuses, leftists.

With so many stupid conspiracy theories, it’s hard to be surprised when leftists call for socialism and expect it to work. They’re used to denying reality. The next time they try to ridicule you for any of your beliefs, test to see if they subscribe to any of these theories. At the very least, it should be entertaining to see them justify their insanity.

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