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The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Throughout history there have been numerous tales of fierce warriors and epic battles. One such story is about the Greek warriors. Their fierceness and prowess was legendary, not because of their training or weapons, but because of their resolve. Legend has it that when the ancient Greeks went to war the first thing their commanders would command them to do when they reached enemies coastline was to burn their boats.

They effectively stranded themselves to strengthen their resolve to win the battle. The message was clear there was no such thing as surrender or retreat. The choice was to win or die. With no other option than victory, the Greeks put everything they had into their battles. When failure is not an option, you have no choice but to succeed.

I burned my boats when I decided to get rich. I quit my cushy corporate job where I was guaranteed a paycheck every other week. I gave up the safety and security my job provided me in order to strengthen my resolve to succeed. I wanted there to be no other option than victory.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the path I chose to get rich to everyone. There is merit to starting on the path to riches in a more conservative manner. But for me I was afraid I would never stop making excuses if I didn’t throw myself into the task.

For years I had been saying, “I want to get rich but…I don’t have the money…I don’t have enough time to do it…I’m getting married next year…I’m too old…I am afraid of failure. Basically I made up anything and everything to stop myself from moving forward on the path to true wealth.

Have you ever done that too? Make excuses as for why you don’t make more money? That you are stopping yourself from becoming the man you’ve always wanted to be?

Believe me I’ve heard every excuse you can think of; most likely I’ve even said them myself.  Have you ever said…

I want to make more money but I don’t have enough in savings. Well that doesn’t make sense to me because each Friday I send you a letter detailing a new way to make money online that usually costs less than $100 to get started ( I also send this information to you free of charge).

I want to make more money but I don’t have enough time in my schedule to run a business. That can’t be it either because internet based businesses’ require very little time to run. They pretty much run their selves after the initial set-up. I work just a few hours a week on each of the web based businesses I am involved with. It’s not even necessary to work during the day or Monday through Friday. You can work in the evenings or for a few hours on the weekends.

I want to get rich but I’m afraid I won’t be successful and make any money in this business. That’s ludicrous. The margins in internet based business are the highest I’ve seen in any business. Without any training or specialized degrees my business made a million dollars a year within four years of starting up.

I want to make more money but I’m too old to change careers. I’ve missed my window of opportunity. That’s silly; Julia Child didn’t attend culinary school until she was 36 years old and didn’t become known for her fabulous French cuisine until she was 51. Colonel Sanders opened his first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant at the ripe, old age of 65.

In fact AARP reports that nearly 25 percent of all businesses in America in recent years were founded by entrepreneurs between the ages of 55 and 64. I consider older entrepreneurs to have advantages that younger ones don’t. Usually older entrepreneurs have more experience, patience, problem-solving abilities, better negotiating skills and a larger rolodex of business contacts. The odds of success are in your favor!

The excuse or reason behind not having taken that first step to becoming financially free and independently wealthy is no more than an avoidance tactic, plain and simple.  It’s a way to explain away our limitations. Instead of doing something we blame the outside world. If only the economy wasn’t so bad I could start working on my dream business. If only I didn’t have to work so many hours I could do it. If only I got that raise at work I could afford to start my own business.

Sure external circumstances might have put you behind the eight ball a bit. But you have the choice of whether you allow those limitations to hold you back or to rise above them.

The first step to overcoming these excuses and getting rich is to admit you are making excuses. Becoming aware that there are only a few real limitations can put things into perspective. To be successful you’ve got to realize that making excuses will not move you forward on the path to becoming wealthy. The only difference between successful entrepreneurs and failed entrepreneurs is that successful people don’t take no for an answer.

You too can burn the boats by doing something that will force yourself into action. Sign up for a seminar. Register a URL. Put together a business plan. Sign up for a coaching program. Open up a business account at your bank. Invest in a business building product like this one. Don’t let your fear hold you back any longer, jump in to get started.

Good luck!


Mark Patricks

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