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The Man on the Moon

Kevin Raymond February 6, 2012 Freedom by Friday 4 Comments on The Man on the Moon

Newt Gingrich soared in the polls after South Carolina, heading into the Florida Primaries. Arguably, Florida is the most important of the early states since it represents a better cross section of the country’s diverse electorate. But, predictably, Newt began to lose steam the minute he set foot on the sandy soil of the Sunshine State.


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Was it the barrage of negative advertisements run by Romney and the Super PAC associated with his campaign? A full 92% of the advertisements run prior to the voting day were considered negative ads. I’m sure it had an effect. But, it was NOT the reason that Newt failed.

Newt failed because he is the master of hare brained ideas, none more so than the one he proposed on Florida’s Space Coast as he pandered to voters in the economically devastated area. The Space Coast is in trouble. Since the announcement of the suspension of the Space Shuttle program, thousands of jobs have been lost and many businesses have shut down or moved. It’s the result of poor planning on the part of NASA and the increased attention being paid to Space by other countries and the private sector.

Newt pronounced that by the end of his second term, he would like to see work towards a manned colony on the moon. This comes after ideas like mirrors in Space to light up the Earth, and Lasers to defeat the bad guys in North Korea etc.. Newt is full of ideas, you have to give him that. But, his ideas tend to border on the wacky side of town. Even if they were plausible, they’re not feasible. And, that is the problem with Newt and also with Romney. While Romney comes across as more stable and even keeled, he is still a spender, just like Newt. Both are proposing huge spending measures and not huge deficit cutting measures. It’s just that Romney isn’t accompanied by his own personal circus that is bound and determined to bring him down at critical junctures in the race.

The answer of course is to send Newt to the moon and elect Ron Paul. But, that’s not going to happen either. I’ve exhausted the reasons why Ron Paul will not be the nominee in previous issues. And, while I know that’s an unpopular position amongst this readership, it’s reality. He is dead last in delegate counts and his decision to avoid Florida entirely does not make him a political standout for November. Now, if we could morph Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and add a dose of crazy man together, we might have something going. It’s only Dr. Paul who would actually have the guts to tackle our bigger issues and truly cut spending. The problem is that he needs to have an anti-Paul working with him.

The Republican Nominee needs 1144 delegates to win nomination. Right now, Romney has 71. It’s very, very early. It’s clear that the Republican establishment is behind Mitt, but it’s far from clear that the voters look at him as their choice and not just their only option in November. After the Florida election a poll was cast and the results showed that almost 40% of voters polled wished there was another candidate running…one yet to be named. In a game of confidence, it’s the one thing that is severely lacking in the Republican Party today.


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  1. edwin lewis February 6, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    why in the world is Mike Pence from indiana not being considered????After i read his speech he gave at hillsdale college on sept 20 2010 there is no-one even close to his character,integrity and vision for the U S A!!!!

  2. Sicily February 7, 2012 at 2:59 am

    I am ecstatic with this article. The author steps in and strikes gold! This government is always trying to make everything a race issue and that is just to sidetrack everyone. That way by the time they realize the issues at hand, it is too late;the snow job is done! President Obama did not make this mess, yet he is blamed for it. President Bush Sr., started this mess and his son completed it as a personal vendetta. President Obama is the first president in the history of presidents of this so called great country, who has been scrutinized, attacked, ostracized and even humiliated by being asked for his birth certificate! If the republicans could just get past his nationality, then they might just be able to come together and fix the sixteen years of chaos they forced upon this country…Newt Gingrich is exactly what his named states; a newt….Mitt Romney is more concerned with keeping the lining of his and others like him lined and Paul will most likely die mid term, once the pressure and stress of running this country and bullying other countries sets in….

  3. Kenneth Sapp February 7, 2012 at 4:55 am

    I believe Newt fails because he is a liar, and he continues to use negative messages. His name-calling is tiresome, loathsome, and extremely unwanted.

    Besides, he cheated on his first wife, then he cheated on the wife he cheated with. So, the natural question will be, “How long before you cheat on America?”

    As for Ron Paul, anyone who believes in tearing down the government for money’s sake is unfit to be president of a country of 300+ million. While there is no doubt the government is huge, the growth came about because of problems encountered in each state. (Where do you think the states get their additional funding, for fire, police, and medical emergency services?)

    Do you realize that if the federal government did not intercede in many of the problems faced in each state, there would be total chaos in the monetary sectors, housing sectors, food distribution sectors, military, fuel, environmental areas, travel, manufacturing, employment, public safety, and any other sector you can bring up? You want clean water? Without the gov’t. you would be drinking mud. You like to eat food without getting sick? You like the fact you can go out at night without being faced down by some gunslinger looking to make a name for himself? Have you ever wondered why the cartel in Mexico is so strong? Look at the lack of government. Ever wonder why they are not taking over your town? The federal government provides resources. Don’t want the feds around? Then pay your state government MORE money! Or your city/town. Freedom ain’t free.

    Ron Paul has some good ideas, but dismantling the government is NOT one of them.

  4. Jean-Paul Dorst February 8, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    I want to leave a brief comment as a Canadian citizen in regards to one particular aspect, namely environmental protection. I hope that whoever will be the next president of the USA, whether a democrat or a republican, will turn down the option to get more oil pumped into the USA from the Canadian Alberta tar sands and will opt instead for the much safer option of enhanced green energy.

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