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The President’s Disengagement from the Kurd/Syria/Turkey Mess is a GREAT Idea

admin October 17, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on The President’s Disengagement from the Kurd/Syria/Turkey Mess is a GREAT Idea

Protest of Endless War in Middle EastWhich Democrat candidate for President said, “I am a strong opponent of endless wars”?

Second question: Who contradicted that view with this criticism of President Trump’s troop pullout from Syria when he said, “You don’t turn your back on an ally that lost 11,000 troops fighting against terrorism through a tweet and a discussion with [Turkey].”

The answer would be the same person: Crazy Bernie Sanders.

Then there was the equally demented Maxine Waters whose take was this, “If the United States abandons the Kurds, these courageous allies will never trust us again.”

Wait, wut? Didn’t that airhead Maxine support Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq with this statement that went, in part, “As the war in Iraq draws to a close, it is my hope that this conflict will serve as a solemn reminder of the costs of war”? (Maxine went on to pontificate that we shouldn’t be using our military without engaging other nations.)

Then mealy-mouthed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi piped in. Leaving Syria could lead to a resurgence of ISIS.

Earth to Nancy: A resurgence would require those fanatics to come out of their holes and once again expose themselves to American firepower and laser-guided missiles with raining smart bombs. Their desert dust isn’t hard to spot.

So, now Democrats have become neo-warhawks deeply in love with Muslim mountain tribes’ people. The mainstream press, like the disreputable Greek chorus singalongs they have become, have piped in.

And they are following the same pattern as Hunter Biden.

It goes like this: In a masterstroke through President Trump’s own taunt, the press can’t report on the Ukrainian mess without mentioning the inferring the corruption of Joe Biden and family. So, the press reporting on Hunter’s sweet deal must always include the coda, “…though there never was any proven wrongdoing.” CNN’s Anderson Cooper showed his bias when he began his question to Joe Biden about his Ukraine scandal during the Democrat debates earlier this week with this exact quote. Who starts a question with “I know you did nothing wrong, but please explain to the viewers why its ok for your son to get rich using your position of power as VP?”

Now, mainstream Democrat lackeys have continued the pattern in their Syrian reporting. Every time the Kurds are mentioned, they add “…U.S. allies.” It’s the verbal equivalent of subliminal advertising designed to influence public opinion against President Trump, whom they hate more than they like fair and balanced reporting.

So, as the Democrats shed crocodile tears and the reporters wring their hands over letting the Kurds fight their own battles against Turkey (a NATO member), they are overlooking one important point: President Trump is fulfilling yet another election promise. That promise was to stop sending U.S. soldiers to fight where U.S. national interests are not at stake.

But pointy-headed foreign policy “experts” and armchair pundits have preached that disengaging from that mess couldn’t be done easily. President Obama tried and failed. It can’t be done.

Actually, considering the small number of troops involved—just 50!—it was more like a band aid. Their original mission was for being on station for one month, which morphed to a 10 year peace-keeping mission.

So, what President Trump did was prove them wrong by doing the equivalent of ripping a bandage off a hairy body part. The President was willing to weather the political firestorm. It was a small price to pay for saving U.S. lives and calling off an endless war.

President Trump’s stark and cogent tweet was right on point: “I am the only person who can fight for the safety of our troops & bring them home from the ridiculous & costly Endless Wars and be scorned. Democrats always liked that position, until I took it…”

Breaking news: Turkey has agreed to a ceasefire and will fight ISIS in partnership with the U.S.—who will not supply troops on the ground.

Game, set and match to the President of the United States.

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