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The Stark Differences in Right and Left Protests Tell It All

admin September 26, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on The Stark Differences in Right and Left Protests Tell It All

ProtestorThe latest Trump impeachment saga has eclipsed all other news. The Democrats and their cohorts in the media have practically stopped reporting on all other news stories to focus their efforts on getting Trump out of the White House

Here’s what you missed learning about from the media this week…

While the left was going crazy about a simple phone call, a pair of activist efforts happened around the country. There was a left-wing climate protest in D.C. and a right-wing homeless protest in L.A.

When you compare the two events side-by-side, it reveals a serious truth about the current state of the nation. Let’s explore this truth together.

D.C. Climate Protests

Over the previous weekend, there was a vigorous climate protest in the nation’s capital. Hundreds of protestors gathered together to convince us all to finally “do something.” As always, the something we’re supposed to do is embrace socialism and not make any meaningful technological changes or actually reduce carbon emissions.

This is a weird consistency among climate change activists. They seem to starkly avoid anything that would seriously reduce CO2 emissions around the globe. That’s probably because any such effort would have to start with communist China. Since this is really just a front for socialism, condemning the largest socialist regime in the country isn’t a good look.

More to the point, this protest was designed to be disruptive. The entire goal was to shut down major lanes of traffic. Somehow, forcing cars to idle on the road is a great way to combat CO2 emissions. Idiots.

This was all about angering people for a sense of self-gratification, not an attempt to make the world a better place. More importantly, it devolved exactly the way you expect any far-left protest to go. Violence was inevitable, and 26 protestors had to be arrested.

That’s all to say nothing of the rampant littering and fires they started (again releasing lots of CO2). It’s hard to say what is most disgraceful about these protests. Probably, it’s that they have become typical. This is what happens every time the left gathers — destruction and violence.

The L.A. Cleanup

On the opposite end of the country, a group of Trump supporters gathered in their own protest. Fed up with homelessness and trash on the streets, the activists gathered to force L.A. to change. How did they do it? Well, it wasn’t by blocking traffic, waving signs and setting things on fire.

They forced L.A. to change by rolling up their sleeves and removing 50 tons of waste from a prominent homeless camp. Over 200 volunteers were part of the effort, and they were combatting waste conditions so dangerous that they had to wear hazmat suits. The risk of deadly flesh-eating bacteria has already proven itself when a previous volunteer lost a leg.

These Trump supporters weren’t deterred. The entire effort was worked and paid by volunteers. The city of Los Angeles contributed nothing. By the end of a single day of “protesting,” the area was transformed. The homeless were grateful. The risk of disease was dramatically reduced. No arrests were made. L.A. was made a better place by the self-sufficiency and advocacy of MAGA hat wearing volunteers.

There is a bigger story lying within this one. The L.A. cleanup was led by Scott Presler. This might not be the first time you’ve heard his name. The media reported on a similar effort he led in West Baltimore. That cleanup cleared more than a dozen tons of trash, and the media berated Presler for being insensitive to the plight of the residents. Somehow, it was racist to pick up garbage.

Undeterred, Presler has since organized cleanups in Newark, Virginia Beach, and now Los Angeles. Future projects are scheduled for a number of other cities. Presler is leading an activist movement, and it couldn’t be more directly opposed to the rioting of the left.

Contrasting Activism

These two stories really tell it all. On one side, you have destruction, violence and mayhem. On the other, you have community service. The ones protesting climate change are actively contributing to it. The ones who aren’t concerned with climate change are taking actions that happen to reduce emissions anyway.

These two groups also get contrasting media coverage. Mainstream media swoon over the destruction and violence of the left-wing protests. They’re proud of the tantrum-throwing, innocent harming process. Meanwhile, any mention of Presler’s efforts is condemnation. Because he sometimes wears a MAGA hat, all of the good he’s doing is really veiled evil. It’s racist to clean up trash. He’s also doing it with an underhanded motive. He just wants to make Trump supporters look good.

Let’s not kid ourselves. The truth comes from the people impacted by the activism. The left-wing protests cause active harm. The neighborhoods cleaned by Presler’s activities are safer when he leaves. There is no comparison.

All of this highlights the fundamental difference between the right and the left. The left has a lot to complain about. But, since they don’t believe in self-sufficiency — nothing can be done without government intervention after all — they have no recourse but to bully everyone into voting for their politicians. On the right, personal responsibility and self-sufficiency reign supreme. There’s no need to involve the government. If you don’t like the situation in L.A., go outside and improve it yourself.

Which of these two philosophies do you think has a bright future?

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