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The Twitter Hack Was the Biggest Election Story of the Year

admin July 16, 2020 News Comments Off on The Twitter Hack Was the Biggest Election Story of the Year

The significance of this week’s Twitter hack is much greater than the Enemy of the People media are giving it. If enough people realize what just happened, intrepid firefighter journalists from CNN to the Washington Post may have to pivot and start claiming that RUSSIA hacked Twitter.

Don’t fall for the initial reports that this was a “Bitcoin heist.” The hacker achieved something a lot bigger than the equivalent of a digital liquor store holdup. They proved that Twitter has an active, human-based censorship program that is working against President Trump’s reelection.

The Twitter accounts of Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, failed presidential candidate and miniature person Mike Bloomberg, Elon Musk, presidential candidate (oh, wait, that was over quick) Kanye West, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and the corporate accounts of Apple and Uber were all hacked.

Independent journalists have confirmed that a hacker befriended a Twitter administrator (admin) on a video gaming service. The Twitter admin then sold his login to the hacker for a couple of thousand bucks. Why? Who knows? Stuff like this happens in the tech world all the time. But with that access to Twitter, the hacker then went into the Twitter accounts of all the elites listed above, turned off two-factor authentication on all the accounts, switched the email address from each of the elites’ to his own email address – and then went to town.


One of the things that the hacker has accomplished is that he has shown us that each one of the thousands of snowflake Twitter employees who has admin privileges – and there are literally thousands of them – has the power to shape world events. Any Twitter admin who has a bad day in snowflake land and who feels oppressed because Trump said something mean about immigrants has the power to do what the hacker did. Anyone with the basic knowledge to change their own account settings on Twitter could do what this hacker did. It wasn’t even a “hack,” technically, because the hacker had a Twitter admin employee’s password.

Imagine if some deranged, sexually confused and suicidal Twitter employee decides he, she or xer is going to tear the whole system down. They have the power to take control of any world leader’s Twitter account and start a war, crash the stock market, cause a bank run – the possibilities for mayhem are endless. Notice that the hacker didn’t seize control of any people in elected office. That deliberate absence was part of the message: The same thing could happen to Angela Merkel, President Trump, President Abe in Japan or any other world leader, and the results could be catastrophic.

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and hearing that President Trump’s Twitter feed had sent out a hundred messages overnight warning all of his MAGA supporters to pull all of their cash out of the bank immediately. That’s the power that thousands of SJWs at Twitter have.

The hacker also helpfully published screenshots of what the Twitter admin panel looks like, which is a public service for which we all owe that hacker a debt of gratitude. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has now been caught with his pants on fire.

Think back to Dorsey’s testimony before Congress in 2018, when he was grilled over whether Twitter was politically biased against Trump supporters. Dorsey feigned innocence, declaring that in every instance of a conservative Twitter user being shadow-banned or kicked off the platform, it was just an innocent mistake by “the algorithms.”

Speaking from a lot of personal experience with Members of Congress, they are some of the most technologically illiterate people on the planet. If you say “algorithms” to them, their eyes will glaze over. They nodded like dumb people and accepted Jack Dorsey’s explanation that math robots were accidentally banning people, so no political bias on the part of Twitter was possible.

But the screenshots of Twitter admin panels from the hacker reveal this to be a lie. Every Twitter employee with admin privileges has simple buttons on their admin panel to temporarily suspend, permanently suspend or blacklist individual Twitter users.

There are no algorithms.

All of the Twitter bans and suspensions against Trump supporters are accomplished by a human (sort of) Twitter employee clicking a button on their admin panel. The hacker has proven that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey may very well have perjured himself in front of Congress. Will the DOJ be raiding Dorsey’s mansion with machine guns and trying to put him in prison for NINE YEARS as they attempted to do to Roger Stone for “lying to Congress?”

Don’t bet on it. Because after this hack, we now know that Jack Dorsey is more powerful than any official in Washington, DC. That’s pretty terrifying to think about.

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