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The Unbearable Awfulness of Never-Trump Neo-Fox News

admin November 12, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on The Unbearable Awfulness of Never-Trump Neo-Fox News

Jesse WattersDo you ever feel like you’re Charlie Brown and Fox News is Lucy holding the football for you? Happens to me all the time. “Surely, she’ll let me kick the football THIS time!”

Every time I get my hopes up that Fox News will begin to be a friend to American patriots and give fair coverage of the Trump administration’s non-stop winning, I end up flat on my back. Lucy yanked the football away again.

I got my hopes up over the weekend when Watters’ World on Fox News, hosted by Jesse Watters, finally did a segment on the epic terribleness of the Drudge Report that we’ve all been noticing for months. This was a big moment, because no television news audience has yet been exposed to the fact that Matt Drudge sold out to Google.

It seems like kind of a big story that the largest online news aggregation website in the world, with more than a billion pageviews per year, has been coopted for political purposes by Google.

But then Lucy yanked the football away!

Watters said – and I don’t doubt this for a moment – that dozens of people have been asking him, “What’s up with Drudge?” Why has the Drudge Report been transformed from a reliable source for pro-Trump, pro-America news into a hysteria-prone cross between the New York Times and Slate?

The answer, for those who don’t know, is that Drudge sold out to a Google-owned subsidiary in one of the greatest coups of the 2020 election season. But that’s not the answer that Fox News delivered.

Watters asked Fox News Media Analyst Howard Kurtz to explain the remarkable shift of the Drudge Report. Kurtz informed Jesse Watters and his viewers that it was all in our heads. Kurtz insisted that Drudge hasn’t changed his methods of news aggregation at all. Instead, Donald Trump has become so awful that no news source in America has anything good to say about him or his losing administration, especially now that the totally credible and not-at-all partisan impeachment hearings are under way. The president has become such a loser that no news outlet anywhere is writing anything nice about him. It’s not Drudge’s fault – it’s Trump’s fault!


Google was never mentioned in the Drudge Report segment. For those who don’t know the backstory, Matt Drudge signed a deal with a Google-owned subsidiary earlier this year. The new advertising platform on Drudge requires that he not link to “alternative,” “controversial,” or openly “conservative” stories.

This is why I’m constantly joking that the Drudge Report is now the Official Campaign Blog of the Elizabeth Warren Campaign. Drudge sold out and his content is now controlled by Google.

If you think back to those leaked internal meetings that Google held after the 2016 election, you probably remember that Google’s senior management vowed to never allow a popular nationalist president to be elected – ever again – in America. When a corrupt, multi-billion-dollar tech monopoly makes a promise like that, we should probably take them seriously. Google’s senior management promised to work to ensure that Trump is a one-term president – and the co-option of the Drudge Report is just one facet of that.

Instead of delivering the truth about this to their viewers, however, Fox News told us that Trump would have more good links on the Drudge Report if he wasn’t such a terrible president.

As further proof that Drudge has sold out, the liberals on the Federal Communications Commission have suddenly stopped talking about regulating the Drudge Report.

Fox News got on its high horse recently to criticize other media outlets for covering up the revelations about serial predators. NBC News and MSNBC squashed the reporting on serial womanizer, accused rapist and Clinton donor Harvey Weinstein. ABC News covered for dead pedophile billionaire and Clinton donor Jeffrey Epstein (who did not kill himself). Gee, it’s really great that Fox News criticized and mocked the other news outlets for covering up major stories from their viewers.

In that same spirit, I double-dog dare Fox News to say the name of the CIA “whistleblower” on air.

Oh, right! Fox News can’t say “Eric Ciaramella” on-air, because Fox News management has taken the bizarre step of ordering every Fox News employee and contributor to never say that name. Tucker Carlson used to brag that Fox News management has never told him what he can or cannot say on-air. I guess he won’t be bragging about that anymore!

It’s not like Eric Ciaramella is running a pedophile ring for the rich and famous (as far as we know). But he’s definitely a Clinton supporter according to all of the sparse reporting that’s been done on him. Plus, Ciaramella is trying to undo the 2016 election – in hiding, from the shadows – so it seems like Fox News would want to report his name. Instead, it’s been total crickets.

There was a hilarious moment on Fox News over the weekend when the senior editor of The Federalist, Mollie Hemingway, actually did say “Eric Ciaramella” on air for the first time.

Hemingway noted that “Eric Ciaramella’s” name has been out there for two weeks now as the suspected whistleblower. “I feel a little bit confused about why we’re pretending it hasn’t already been out there,” she added. You go girl!

The other Fox News panelists were stunned into silence after Hemingway said THE NAME WHICH MUST NOT BE MENTIONED, prompting the show host (Howard Kurtz, again, on a different show), to blurt out, “Uh! Duh Duh Duh! I don’t know that that’s the name!!?”

How does a Fox News host not know that that is the alleged whistleblower’s name? Even House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff was dumb enough to leak the guy’s name. “Eric Ciaramella” appears in the transcript of Ambassador Bill Taylor’s testimony – unredacted – after Schiff publicly released it. Whoops.

We also know that Eric Ciaramella (pronounced CHAR-uh-mell-uh) is alleged to be the “Charlie” asset inside the White House that FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page texted about while they were running the Russian collusion hoax.

Fox News mocked ABC News for covering up the Jeffrey Epstein story, because one of the excuses was that ABC didn’t want to lose interview access to the Royal Family. Fox News is doing the exact same thing by not reporting the whistleblower’s name; they don’t want to lose access to a potential Democrat administration if the coup plotters succeed in removing Trump from office.

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