“In Retirement, Will You Take

Your Grandkids to McDonald’sTM or Will

You be the One Serving

Them the Burgers?” 


Here’s why you’ve been lied to, by whom and

the 5 Secrets that make the difference between

luxury living and eternal servitude...

Friday, 6:18 p.m.


Dear Friend,


Your timing is excellent. The League of Power hasn’t opened its doors for years; we’ve only just blown the dust off our register. But even now, our doors are only quickly cracked open for a few at a time and this initial selection stage does not guarantee passage over the velvet rope.


This moment you stand in front of a gateway to a world jealousy guarded by the super-rich. Five ‘secrets’ are the combination to the lock...


    The good news is you’re ready for some dark but incredibly empowering truths. You’ve passed our initial screening.


I guess you could say you’ve been noticed by our scouts. So please, find a comfortable and private spot, pour yourself something and let me explain exactly what this is all about so you (and I) can decide if you’re right for The League of Power.


We need to talk...


You’re deliberately denied accurate information. So how are you supposed to make good decisions? Don’t blame yourself...the game is rigged...


... You just need to know how it’s rigged and why!


You’ve been trying to complete a puzzle with 5 pieces missing. BIG pieces!


I call the missing pieces ‘The Five Secrets’. I call them secrets because they are deliberately kept from the public at large. Are you skeptical at this moment? If so, this could be a problem; we need people with open minds and ready for change.


Have you ever met a wealthy skeptic?!


You see, ‘The Man’ wants you to be skeptical!


Think about it. If you believe in his illusion that you can’t be like him, you stay working for him. Remember, we can’t have everyone in luxury retirement or the system wouldn’t work.


Your life is irreplaceable. Do you really want to spend the largest part of it making someone else’s life better?!


People drift on, living from month to month, looking forward to the distant day when their mortgage is paid off and they can (hopefully!) collect a measly pension. People make themselves feel better temporarily by changing jobs, moving or even buying a new sofa, but they are only treading water. Yet they still have the illusion of progress.


Money is nothing on its own. Freedom is what money brings which in turn brings happiness. You’ll be surprised to learn you don’t need anywhere near a million dollars to be free!


Imagine. You wake up every day knowing everything is on your terms. No bosses or bankers telling you what to do, no restrictions on what you buy.


Freedom is the true reason we want wealth.


Let’s get angry about this...you were born a free person! Who are employers, or anyone else for that matter, to tell you what to do?!


Would you rather complain about working or to take steps to ensure you never have to work again? Do you have the guts to ask "why" to ‘the system,’ or are you happy being a worker drone, taken advantage of your whole life?


I’m talking about the big picture here. All the money-making schemes in the world aren’t worth zip unless you understand the truth about what’s going on.


     You’ll just keep chasing your tail!


     So what is The League of Power exactly?


Let me first say what The League of Power ISN’T: This is not some whacky cult and it’s not a religion. We’re perfectly legal and above board. It’s not an MLM/network marketing scheme or any sort of business opportunity.


So what is it?


An Internet secret society with a single mission: to liberate its members from slavery to ‘The Man’ through the FREE distribution of hard core information and mutually empowering introductions. Freedom by Friday is one such example.


In short, we give the gift of wealth, power and freedom.


Fortunes are made by an introduction, a phone call, a nod from an insider, trade-marking a few words or an idea or the registration of a website name. That’s what we’re about- that’s what I do on a regular basis, as do many of my brothers and sisters in The League of Power.


There was a time when this would have been a crazy dream, but in the information age, it’s reality...


You’re about to smash the illusion that you have to work hard to become wealthy.


We aim to empower our members to make more on a single handshake than a year working for ‘the Man’! And this is a reality for those who utilize what we teach them.


Perhaps you’re thinking you have to have a degree or be ultra-smart to gain acceptance? Wrong...!


By day, our members could be filing clerks, mechanics, waitresses, sales people or whatever. But secretly, they are League of Power. They are part of a powerful family (one of our members is even an English lord). And with their family behind them, they’re gunning down the inside track to a life of wealth, power and freedom.


This family doesn’t hold you back and it looks after its own.


Members may recognize each other if ever their paths cross- not from a secret handshake but by a knowing nod and the air of power that surrounds them. Power from knowledge.


But more about that later. Let’s talk more about YOU and if your face will fit. As you may be starting to see, one way our members may grow rich is by other, more established members giving them a ‘free-ride’ so to speak, so we must ensure you think the same way we do; it’s a community of like-minded people.


Here’s the first and foremost consideration:


You have to be comfortable with making money and keeping it.


Listen, you have to be ‘okay’ about acquiring wealth. Many people aren’t- at least unconsciously anyway. Much like human beings, money is automatically attracted to those who respect it, understand it and care about it.


I speak from experience when I tell you this phenomenon is very real. Money just seems to be attracted to you when you have this power. You become a money-magnet! But only if you’re ready to embrace money- if not, you’ll just find wealth ‘mysteriously’ eludes you... and we will respectfully decline your application.


Okay, here’s something else I need to check with you:


If you DON’T want to break free of ‘the system’, expose the ‘big lie’ and join the wealthy few, please do NOT read further.


If you’re accepted into our circle, the first thing we do is train you by means of unbelievably powerful and somewhat controversial material. I’ll tell you now, you won’t have seen anything like this stuff- it’s like being told all your life never to go into a locked room and suddenly being given the key.


It can be a little disconcerting to be exposed to such power all at once, which is why we train you in stages. Suddenly, everything will fall into to place as you discover the ‘big lie’.


Be warned: some people have been known to become angry and upset at what initial training reveals.


Whether you’re an employee, self-employed or even on a fixed-income, you struggle through each week hand-to-mouth while the few live a life of abundant luxury. Our screening process ensures you’ve started to question why this should be instead of just accepting it.


‘The Man’ always wins. Always. That’s the way the system is designed; the masses MUST keep their noses to the grind for ‘The Man’ to become and stay wealthy. By the same token, the ‘big lie’ must be maintained.


Next question:


Do you feel uncomfortable being one of the masses?


You see, the sort of people we’re looking for aren’t happy to accept things the way they are. They’re ready to cut the chains. To fight back! And to do that, they must be open to an entirely new way of thinking.


Make your choice: Be like everybody else and live like they do, or enter the elite circle.


This path may alienate you from friends and family and once you go down this little-trodden path, you’ll find it hard to turn back.


If the thought of being different to everybody else scares you even a little, please stop reading now.


It’s okay. The League of Power isn’t for everyone.


I take it to have come this far though, you’ve said, “I’m in!”

So if this is for you, let’s talk more about what training and membership entails...


Members of The League Of Power often exclaim it’s like a veil being lifted from their eyes. They instantly feel stronger and possess a new-found confidence…


Were you aware an informed minority is completely unaffected by a property or stock market crash even when fully invested in these areas?!


    This is one of many closely guarded secrets I’ll be revealing to you as a member of The League Of Power.


These are the facts:


You’ll never become wealthy by working for someone else. Plus you leave yourself vulnerable to downsizing!


You’ll never become very wealthy by running your own business, either. And then, only with few exceptions.

Five Secrets have been deliberately kept from you by those who have a great deal to gain by keeping you in the dark. HARSH TRUTH!


So how do you join?


Your application goes in stages. If you’re approved for membership you pay a nominal monthly ‘pledge’ of just $27 to cover training materials and administration.


The League of Power is a genuine secret society and has all the usual protocols.


As a member, you will be known as ‘Brother’ or ‘Sister’ and be expected to exercise confidentiality.


Remember, you are only reading this because you were selected from a special pool and you may NOT refer any friends until you get that clearance from us. As you progress through the wealth grades, you may move on to the Inner Circle and perhaps even become a Grand Master when you will be entitled to award membership at your discretion.


  Materials are issued periodically to you. Here’s what you’ll receive for your initial training package:

The League of Power induction course. You will receive one lesson a month for ten months. This course discloses ‘The 5 Secrets’ and will totally blow you away. This material is the most sensitive of all.


Freedom Software. This powerful software serves up your personalized freedom plan in seconds and demonstrates how The League of Power makes your dream a reality.


‘The Midas Method’. You will instantly gain access to the FREE copy of the book which will change your life forever and prepare your mind for the hard-hitting material which follows in the course.


You will be given the passkey to the highest-level study materials at the members website www.LeagueofPower.com. These materials are constantly being updated and added to so this benefit is ongoing.


10% discount on all products approved by The Escape Committee (this alone is worth the measly ‘pledge’ of $27 a month).


Now, you may think this is a no-brainer, but as I’ve mentioned, despite our best attempts to screen applicants, some people are scared off by the first lesson, so here’s your guarantee in case you’re one of those recruits that slips through the net:


Get-Out Clause Guarantee:

In your first lesson, I will disclose ‘The 5 Secrets’. Upon receiving your package, you have 28 days to review the 1st lesson to decide if you wish to continue with the course. If you decide not to continue, simply call or email us to receive a full, no-hassle refund of your money with my compliments. YOU MAY STILL KEEP THE LESSON and all accompanying FREE gifts. After that, you may cancel your membership ‘pledge’ at any time in which we will not collect any future membership fees from you. All membership fees paid after the 28 days are non-refundable.


     Make a positive step towards financial freedom right now by becoming a member of The League Of Power! I look forward to greeting you.


Simply click here to begin the application.




               Brother Cristo


P.S. You always had a sneaking suspicion the game was rigged and this is confirmation of that fact. Once you accept this reality and plan accordingly, the battle is half-won! You’ve been conditioned to believe working every day and living week-to-week is normal. I’m here to break your conditioning.

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