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This is Going to be the Greatest Impeachment Ever… Hyuuuge!

admin December 13, 2019 News Comments Off on This is Going to be the Greatest Impeachment Ever… Hyuuuge!

I like to picture President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) sitting around eating cheeseburgers together and laughing their rear-ends off about this impeachment hoopla. I’ve had my differences with McConnell over the years, like most people on the right have, but you’ve got to admit that the Murder Turtle has been an epic boss when it comes to helping Trump remake the federal court system.

25 percent of the entire federal judiciary has now been appointed by President Trump and approved by the Senate under McConnell’s leadership. The same week that a handful of Democrats from California and New York (and from no other states) announced Articles of Impeachment against President Trump, the infamous Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals received two new appointees.

For the first time in a generation, the most liberal federal court in the land is now at a 50-50 split between constitutional originalists and liberal doofuses who aren’t sure which bathroom to use. By the end of Trump’s first term, the Ninth Circuit will be a majority conservative institution.

Do you suppose Mitch McConnell is thinking, “Nope, this is too much fun? I’d like to go back to the SMALLER office in the Senate and put Chuck Schumer in charge, so I’ll go ahead and impeach Trump!”

Not in a gajillion years. McConnell knows that if Trump goes down, the GOP majority in the Senate goes with him – perhaps never to return.

After three years of insisting that Donald Trump has to be impeached immediately to save our democracy, Democrats were only able to come up with two Articles of Impeachment, based on the flimsiest of premises: Obstruction of Congress and abuse of power.

Here’s how bogus the obstruction charge is: Trump refused to turn over certain documents and refused to allow certain witnesses to testify in Adam Schiff’s secret basement torture room. Impeach!

Seems like the House missed a few steps in between the first thing and the impeachment. There are plenty of historical examples of how that should have worked.

For example, Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder refused to turn over Fast and Furious documents to the House Oversight Committee. You know, the documents about the program where he sold guns to a Mexican drug cartel in hopes that those weapons would be used to kill Americans and thus undermine the Second Amendment? (Nothing impeachable to see there!)

Congress sued Obama and Holder. A court ruled that they had to turn over the documents. Obama then exerted Executive Privilege over the documents at the eleventh hour. And thus, the circle of life continued. Fast and Furious culminated in Eric Holder being held in contempt of Congress for refusing a court order to turn the docs over.

In another example, President Nixon refused to turn the Watergate tapes over to Congress. The House sued the administration, and that one went all the way to the Supreme Court. The court ruled that Nixon had to turn the tapes over, and so he resigned, knowing that the tapes would lead to his impeachment.

The entire point is that the third branch of government – the courts – acted as referees between Congress and the Executive branch. Impeachment is such an extreme act that it’s supposed to be way down the road somewhere, after it’s been adjudicated by the courts and actual crimes have been revealed. But not with Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) running the show!

The article on “abuse of power” is so absurd on its face that it can only do harm to future administrations of both parties. If a president cannot negotiate and wheel-and-deal with foreign leaders on phone calls that are supposed to be private, what is the point of even having a chief executive?

It’s not as if Trump asked the Ukraine president to carry out an illegal act in exchange for foreign aid. He asked the Ukraine president to investigate the corrupt Ukrainian election meddling in 2016 (Ukrainians fed Christopher Steele all of the information in the Russian potty dossier) and to investigate corruption by prominent US figures in Ukraine.

This request was clearly not connected to the foreign aid, as proven by the call transcript, President Zelensky’s own admission, and the testimony of multiple witnesses. Disagreeing with the president on foreign policy does not mean that he is “abusing his power.”

The great thing about the impeachment farce is that it’s driving even more voters to support President Trump, especially the suburban female voters who were on the fence about him for 2020. Nobody likes a bully and it is part of our nature as Americans to root for the underdog. We’ve been that way for centuries, ever since we were the underdog backwater colonists who whipped the British Empire despite many of our soldiers not even having shoes.

House Democrats have succeeded in making a powerful and successful president look like a bullied underdog. Keep it up, Nadler! You’re doin’ great, kid!

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