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Total War in DC as Russian Collusion Tinfoil Hat Kooks Run Amok

Senator Richard BurrRichard Burr used to be the sales manager for a company that sells lawn mowers. It’s hard to imagine that he was any good at it, considering his total lack of people skills. He’s such an introverted loser that he once crawled out his office window at the US Senate with his dry cleaning, just so he could avoid talking to reporters who were waiting outside his door for a quote.

On the one hand, that’s a little bit funny. Who wants to talk to reporters these days, after all? But on the other hand, the people of North Carolina don’t want their senior Republican Senator, who is the chairman of the powerful Senate Intelligence Committee, to be such a coward and weirdo.

For all of his supposed aversion to talking to the media, Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) sure is doing them a lot of favors when it comes to the Russian collusion conspiracy theory hoax false flag fairy tale. Burr has positioned himself as the Republican version of Adam Schiff in the Senate. He has crowned himself as the Russian collusion king – and he has the tinfoil crown to prove his legitimacy to the throne.

Back when the Russian collusion hoax was getting started, Donald Trump Jr. made a deal with Richard Burr in good faith. Don Jr. agreed to testify about the 2016 election campaign in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The committee could ask him anything, and he agreed to answer every question in full until the committee ran out of questions. He’d stay as long as they needed him to.

In exchange for Don Jr.’s full cooperation with the committee, Senator Burr agreed that the committee would not call him back in for additional testimony, the only purpose of which would be to catch Don Jr. in a perjury trap. It was a “one and done” deal.

Don Jr. testified for nine hours straight in that appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee. He stayed and answered their questions until they literally ran out of questions. He provided every document that they asked for – thousands of pages in fact. In total, Don Jr. testified for about 25 hours between various congressional committees.

Sen. Richard Burr made a promise to Don Jr. that he would not call him back for additional testimony. And then Sen. Richard Burr broke his word. Sen. Richard Burr lied. He is a man without honor.

After the Mueller Dossier was fully and totally released – unredacted – to Congress, Burr has called Don Jr. to testify before the committee again. Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not charge Don Jr. with a crime related to Russia collusion or obstruction of justice. That’s final. Don Jr. is presumed innocent under the law, and the Mueller Dossier found nothing to damage or tarnish that presumption. Case closed.

But not for collusion king Richard Burr! Don Jr. noted that this was not the agreement he had made with the committee. Thank you very much, but no, since Richard Burr promised Don Jr. that he would not have to testify again, Don Jr. declined the request. So, conspiracy nut Richard Burr has now subpoenaed Don Jr. to come testify. This is total war.

Richard Burr’s current term as a United States Senator doesn’t end until 2022. Sadly, Burr will not be running for reelection, so the voters of North Carolina will never have the pleasure of replacing him with a real conservative or, for that matter, with a bowl of cherries (it couldn’t do a worse job). Americans will never be able to punish collusion king Richard Burr at the ballot box.

But we can still punish him! Here’s how.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gave a big speech on the Senate floor the other day. McConnell stated emphatically that as far as the Russian collusion hoax is concerned, it is, “Case closed.” Sen. Richard Burr is openly defying Majority Leader McConnell by keeping the collusion hoax alive and he is simultaneously making the Senate Intelligence Committee even more of a joke.

We can’t kick Richard Burr out of the Senate, but we can annoy Mitch McConnell until he kicks Richard Burr out of the Senate Intelligence Committee chairmanship.

Here’s Mitch McConnell’s office phone number: (202) 224-2541

When you call his office, tell his staff that you would like to leave a message for Senator McConnell in his capacity as Majority Leader. That way they can’t just hang up on you if you’re not one of his Kentucky constituents.

Tell McConnell’s staffers that it is shameful that Senator Burr lied to Donald Trump Jr. and that he has openly defied Senator McConnell’s leadership, by issuing a subpoena to Don Jr. Tell them that you hope that Senator McConnell will not allow his leadership to be challenged in such a fashion, and that you expect McConnell to remove Senator Burr from the Intelligence Committee.

Tell them that out-of-state donors are watching Senator McConnell’s actions very closely on this matter, because out-of-state donors know that Senator McConnell is up for reelection in 2020. Then thank them for relaying your message and hang up.

Melt McConnell’s phone line, America! Go to it!

Meanwhile, Congressman Fat Jerry Nadler (D-NY) had the House Judiciary Committee vote along party lines to hold Attorney General William Barr in “Contempt of Congress.” Barr’s crime? Literally following the rule of law.

Nadler claims that Barr will not release the unredacted Mueller Dossier to Members of Congress. Meanwhile, Barr has set up an unredacted copy of the Mueller Dossier in a secure building across the street, where Members of Congress can go and read it. The only catch is that it’s in a secure building, so that the Department of Justice will be able to easily identify anyone who leaks the classified portions of it to the media. The document is there, and Fat Jerry can go read it for himself. It’s literally about a hundred yards away from his office door.

Instead, Fat Jerry voted to hold the Attorney General in contempt for “withholding” the document from him. The Russian collusion hoax should be over by now. But it’s not. The collusion kooks are starting to escalate it. Get ready for total war.

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