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Treasury Whistleblower: My Co-Workers Illegally Spied on Trump’s Family

admin May 19, 2020 News Comments Off on Treasury Whistleblower: My Co-Workers Illegally Spied on Trump’s Family

If you’ve been following our coverage of the Obama’s administration’s illegal spying operation – Obamagate – for a while, then you probably remember one of the biggest outstanding questions about this that I have.

If the spying on the Trump campaign began in December of 2015, then who else were they spying on?

Thinking about this logically, Team Obama had to be spying on all the GOP primary candidates in December of 2015 to give Hillary an edge. They didn’t magically pick Trump’s name out of a hat six months before he became the nominee. A Treasury Department whistleblower has now come forward and pretty much confirmed this theory. This story keeps getting crazier, so buckle up!

We don’t know the identity of the whistleblower yet, and maybe we never will. She was a longtime member of the intelligence community and was appointed to a senior position at the Treasury Department during the Obama administration. We do know that she filed an official whistleblower complaint about the illegal spying on and surveilling of the Trump 2016 campaign. She noticed something fishy was going on, starting in December of 2015, as it related to retired Gen. Mike Flynn.

A bunch of her colleagues were digging into all of Mike Flynn’s phone calls, emails and financial transactions. All of them – not just targeted items that law enforcement would be authorized to spy on if there was a warrant in place. They were looking at everything related to Flynn. When she took her suspicious findings to a colleague in the intelligence community and asked if this was what she thought it was, the friend’s response was, “Oh, sh%t!”

“It wasn’t just him [Gen. Flynn],” the whistleblower told the Ohio Star newspaper. “They were targeting other US citizens as well.”

The whistleblower’s official complaint lists two names of individuals who were being illegally spied upon by career bureaucrats at the US Department of Treasury: Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort, the one-time Trump campaign manager who is now serving a life sentence in prison for misfiling some paperwork.

The names of the other individuals who were being spied upon – illegally – are still sealed, but the whistleblower says those names include Members of Congress (I’ll bet I know which ones!), senior members of the 2016 Trump campaign and… members of Donald J. Trump’s family.


Back in December of 2015, there were no criminal allegations against any of these people. There were no national security accusations, no Russian collusion accusations – nothing. This was a political operation in its entirety. They were spying on the GOP presidential campaigns and on Donald Trump’s children, in order to try to dig up dirt that would benefit Hillary’s campaign.

It’s required under the law for the Department of Justice to sanction the surveillance of a US citizen. That’s why there’s a paper trail on James Comey’s illegal actions against President Trump and we will eventually be able to piece that operation together, thanks to the efforts of Rick Grenell.

But with the Department of Treasury, no such sanction exists. The whistleblower’s allegation is a bombshell because she is outlining a surveillance action against candidate and then President Donald Trump that was always off the books (until now).

The whistleblower first filed her complaint in August of 2016, but it was rejected because she supposedly didn’t meet all of the guidelines for an official whistleblower complaint. She gathered more evidence and then re-filed the complaint in March of 2017 – several months after Flynn had been set up and fired.

The acting Inspector General of the Treasury Department, a guy named Richard K. Delmar, sat on the complaint (he’s still on the job today). Frustrated, the whistleblower filed her complaint with the Office of Special Counsel in May of 2017. They’ve been sitting on the complaint all this time as well.

The whistleblower was so frustrated that she finally went to the Ohio Star newspaper last week. The Deep State doesn’t want to take action on her complaint against the Obama holdovers in the Treasury Department. After all, one of them is married to a Member of Congress who was on Pelosi’s impeachment squad. Yeah. It gets much, much worse.

The illegal use of taxpayer money, resources and federal employees to spy on the Trump family, multiple US Senators and Representatives, several other US citizens and members of the Trump campaign really was much bigger than any of us realized. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of Obamagate and there is much, much more to come. Stay tuned because next time I’ll run through exactly who Team Obama was spying on illegally. It’s a big list.

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