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Trump-Hating Judge Napolitano Should Go Back Where His People Came From

admin August 2, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Trump-Hating Judge Napolitano Should Go Back Where His People Came From

Judge Andrew NapolitanoHere’s a hilarious development in the universal fake outrage that resulted from President Trump telling Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to go back to her corrupt home nation. It hasn’t received any media attention in the US, but Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has just renounced his US citizenship. This was supposed to be a middle finger to President Trump, but of course, it illustrates his point perfectly.

President Farmajo may have received his college degree in the US and obtained a piece of paper that declares him to be an “American,” but he is not and never will be a true American, regardless of how anyone feels about him.

President Farmajo is no more an American than any other foreigner or child of a foreigner who feel more loyalty and allegiance to their home countries than they do to the US. America is overflowing with so many of these ingrates that we’re even electing them to Congress, as if they are actual Americans. They’re not.

And no one has been more vocal about rushing in and white knighting for Ilhan Omar against President Trump than Fox News “legal expert,” Judge Andrew Napolitano. Get a load of the butt-hurt that squeaked out of Napolitano this time:

“‘Go back’ is a rejection of the nation as a melting pot; a condemnation of one of America’s founding values – E Pluribus Unum (Out of many, one). It implicates a racial or nativist superiority: We were here before you; this is our land, not yours; get out. Nativist hatred is an implication of moral or even legal superiority that has no constitutional justification in American government.”

To paraphrase Hamlet, Methinks Lady Napolitano doth protest too much.

Napolitano’s law school should contact him and take his diploma back when he’s offering “legal expertise” like that. There’s no constitutional justification for the American government to prioritize the rights of American citizens over foreigners? We should disband the Marine Corps immediately when you carry those legal smarts to their logical conclusion. There are also no national borders and there’s no such thing as an actual “American” under Napolitano’s thesis.

Nor is there a “melting pot” as a part of any US law on the books. That’s a fairy tale. The melting pot was propaganda from immigrant intellectuals in the early 1900s who were lonely because they didn’t feel like America had allowed enough of their cousins to move here. How were they supposed to find a wife under those conditions?!

Whenever a TV talking head is as sensitive about immigration issues as Judge Napolitano, there’s always a smoking gun. So, I did a minimal amount of digging into the Trump-hating Andrew Napolitano’s background. Wikipedia, of course, does an admirable job of covering up Napolitano’s foreign background: He was born… and then he went to law school. That’s weird! Usually there’s a story about a public figure’s parents on their Wikipedia bio page.

I found the smoking gun in a piece that Napolitano wrote a few years ago, after his father passed away. Sure enough, Napolitano’s grandparents were Italian immigrants, right around the time the US government was deporting ungrateful Italian communists, anarchists and criminals for committing acts of terror on American soil.

Napolitano’s father, a second-generation Italian immigrant, enlisted in the Navy during World War II. Papa Napolitano was stationed on a destroyer escort in the Mediterranean. Here’s how Judge Napolitano proudly describes the moment when his “American” dad went on shore leave in their home country:

“One day, shortly after the liberation of Naples, the city of his father’s birth, he was on leave with his buddies and he saw an old man who resembled his grandfather sitting on a curb stone. The old man’s home had been destroyed by Allied bombing, and the old man himself was without shoes.

“[My father] resisted the collective wisdom of his buddies and took off his military-issued boots and gave them to the old man. He had his buddies sneak him back aboard ship before his superiors could see him in his stocking feet.”

What a heartwarming story, which proves my point perfectly! The liberation of Naples happened early in the Italian campaign. It took another 20 months of hard fighting against the Nazis and Italian collaborators before the war was ended. For all we know, Papa Napolitano may very well have given his service-issued boots to an enemy combatant who spent the next two years sniping American boys from behind a rock with comfy shoes on.

Papa Napolitano had no way of knowing – and he didn’t care. He saw someone who looked like his grandpa, and his oath of service to the United States went right out the window immediately. There’s a legal term for giving aid and comfort to an enemy combatant by giving them the shoes off your feet, by the way: Treason.

We see this happen time and time again. Anytime an immigrant, a child of immigrants or a grandchild of immigrants is given the choice between loyalty to America and loyalty to their own tribe, guess what happens?

We saw it a few months ago when an illegal alien from Mexico murdered a cop in California. Before the manhunt was over, the police had arrested half a dozen families of “American” Mexicans who had helped to hide a foreign cop-killer from justice. Their loyalty was not to America, our Constitution or the rule of law. Their loyalty was to a member of their own tribe. It’s no different than Papa Napolitano giving his boots to a potential enemy combatant in wartime and in violation of military rules.

Judge Napolitano’s grandparents came to America in the early 1900s. The US government deported hundreds of ungrateful Italian “Americans” in 1919, in an event known as the Palmer Raids. Some were communists. Some were anarchist bombers. Some were just ungrateful A-holes.

The point is that they were not loyal to the United States and they were acting to undermine our government and replace it with something else. No court has ever ruled that it was unconstitutional for the US government to deport those jerks, as Napolitano argues in full self-preservation mode. That’s why he is personally so defensive about Trump urging Ilhan Omar to “go back” to where she came from.

I’m sorry if it hurts your feelings personally, but our dirt in America is not magical. Setting foot here doesn’t make you an American. A piece of paper that says you are an American doesn’t make you an American. And the preamble to our Constitution spells this out clearly.

And as their lack of loyalty demonstrates time and time again, foreigners know in their hearts that they are not Americans, too.

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