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Trump Must Smash the Deep State to Save Himself and America

admin September 5, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Trump Must Smash the Deep State to Save Himself and America

Greg Craig and ObamaYou really can’t downplay the disastrous consequences that are coming to America if Donald Trump loses his 2020 reelection bid. Is there any doubt that the Deep State would put the president and several of his children in federal prison if Pocahontas Warren or Homewrecker Harris ends up in the White House?

The American people elected Trump as our president because of a very specific wish list: A wall, immigration restrictions, repealing Obamacare, jump starting the economy, rebalance our trade deals and so forth.

But Trump is “all in” now. He’s past the point of no return and there is one additional thing that he must accomplish before 2024 if he hopes to survive. He needs to smash the Deep State.

The recent decision by the Department of Justice to not indict former FBI Director James Comey gives us a peek at the extreme power and arrogance of the Deep State.

“We wouldn’t want to appear petty by indicting Comey.” *Sniff*

But an even more egregious example of the two-sets-of-rules that the Deep State wants us to live under has happened since then. You may remember that the Very Special Fake Witch Hunt hosted by Robert Mueller indicted a single Democrat over the course of his two-year-long “investigation.” That Democrat was Greg Craig.

Mr. Craig was Barack Obama’s White House Counsel, and he also served as Bill Clinton’s chief counsel during his impeachment trial. He’s been a powerhouse lawyer for shady Democrats for decades.

Mueller’s team indicted Craig on two counts: Making a false Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) filing related to some lobbying that Craig did for Ukraine from 2010 through 2012, and a second technical charge of using a “trick, scheme or device” to conceal facts from the government.

The Foreign Agents Registration Act is probably familiar to many readers of this site by now. If you do any type of lobbying for a foreign government or entity, you’re supposed to fill out some paperwork and submit it to the Attorney General’s office.

No one even knows how many paid lobbyists there are in Washington, DC who collect paychecks from foreign governments like this. About 1,700 people have submitted FARA paperwork. But everyone agrees that true the number is likely in the tens of thousands.

Since the FARA law was amended in 1966, only seven people have ever been charged with a federal crime for making this paperwork SNAFU. As far as “crimes” go, it’s not taken seriously by the federal government, otherwise a whole lot of people – including sitting Members of Congress – would have been fined or jailed for it by now.

But barring a pardon from President Trump, his former campaign manager Paul Manafort will probably die in prison for not filling out his FARA paperwork. Obama’s lawyer Greg Craig worked with Manafort on lobbying for Ukraine and was charged with a similar crime. But the outcomes for Manafort and Craig couldn’t be different.

The exact same Judge Amy Berman Jackson – an Obama appointee – sat over the trials of both Manafort and Craig. She threw the book at Paul Manafort for failing to register as a foreign agent. But in Greg Craig’s trial, she dismissed the FARA charge.

Jackson ruled that Craig could not be tried for making a false statement on his FARA paperwork – because Craig had never registered as a foreign agent in the first place!

Paul Manafort will likely die of old age before his prison sentence is up. But Obama’s lawyer was not charged with a related FARA crime because he committed the same “crime” as Manafort.

And then the prosecution botched something on the statute of limitation dates on the second charge that Greg Craig was facing, so the jury acquitted him on that charge.

There’s one set of rules for people who run afoul of the Deep State, and a second set of rules for everyone else. Guess which set of rules applies to you if you pay your taxes, work hard, own an AR-15 (or two or seven AR-15s), know who Jesus is, believe China shouldn’t get a better trade deal than Americans, think that abortion in the fourth trimester is murder, don’t want to pay the medical bills of illegal aliens and are not particularly worried about what the weather will be like in the year 2257?

The Deep State is furious that all of us little people stated with our vote in 2016 that, “We’d very much prefer to govern ourselves, thank you very much.” They were so enraged at our little act of self-determination (electing Trump) threw them out of power that they hatched the Russian collusion hoax to try to un-do the election. Just listen to how these loons sputter on TV to this day.

Do you think they’ll stop being violently crazed, and everything will return to normal in 2021 if Trump loses? Not a chance! Donald Trump, along with Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka, Jared Kushner and First Lady Melania will be jailed by the Deep State just to spite us. These people have even publicly fantasized about putting young Barron Trump “in a cage.”

And the Deep State won’t stop there. The Green New Deal, banning and confiscating firearms from patriots in red states, catastrophic tax rates, strangling regulatory codes – those are all on the table. Any Democrat among the crop currently running will have the USA back in the Transpacific Partnership trade nightmare to kill a bunch of American jobs, and they’ll argue that we deserve to lose our jobs because the economy was growing “too fast” under Trump. Not to mention we’ll all have to learn to speak Spanish.

Trump must win this fight against the Deep State, and not just for himself, but for all of us. Is Attorney General Bill Barr the guy to help America clean up the swamp? I’ve gotta say, after the decision to not indict James Comey for lying to the FBI, I’m not exactly feeling a big groundswell of confidence.

Maybe Barr will indict Comey and the rest of the Russian colluders after the next Inspector General report comes out. But wasn’t the story all along that he was going to indict Comey after this most recent report?

The Obama holdovers in the Justice Department are trying to run out the clock once again, as they did with the 2018 midterms (Mueller didn’t issue his final report until after the elections, despite knowing well ahead of time that there was no collusion.)

That’s why we need to give Trump a second term. He won’t get the swamp drained before the end of 2020. But I like his chances and America’s chances a lot better if he has until 2024.

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