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Trump Nixes U.N.’s Islamic Refugee Resettlement Scheme with an Executive Order

admin October 31, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Trump Nixes U.N.’s Islamic Refugee Resettlement Scheme with an Executive Order

Trump Signs Executive OrderIf Senator Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act is the dirtiest trick that the Democrats ever pulled against America, then Kennedy’s 1980 Refugee Resettlement Act must be the second dirtiest. When Americans learn about how refugee resettlement in the US works, their reaction is usually a mixture of horror and outrage.

The Trump administration is working to shed sunlight on the secretive process, and to allow democracy to take place when it comes to refugee resettlement. That has the Washington Post terribly upset, because if you explain to people how the refugee scam actually functions, it could lead to “ugly debates.”

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was the chairman of the House Judiciary subcommittee that is supposed to oversee refugee resettlement, and even he was stunned when he learned how this program works. Gowdy was shocked when residents in his district complained that the Obama administration was dumping unknown numbers of fighting-aged adult men from Syria in their community. Gowdy questioned refugee resettlement employees from the UN.

Who notified the local communities that Syrian refugees were being brought to South Carolina? No one. What local mayors or city councils voted to authorize Syrian refugees being brought in? No one. Did the residents get to vote at some point in the past to bring in refugees from Syria – or from anywhere else? No, never.

The fact is that no American has ever voted in favor of allowing refugees into their local community. And because of the way that the Refugee Resettlement Act was structured, communities have never had the ability to prevent the United Nations from dumping hordes of illiterate, welfare-dependent refugees off for the local taxpayers to care for.

For example, no one in Minnesota ever voted to bring entire villages from Somalia into the state. The villagers, of course, brought their tribal warfare rivalries with them. Most of the gang violence that plagues the streets of Minneapolis today is actually tribal warfare that dates back decades or in some cases, centuries.

The Somali refugee population is so large in Minnesota that they were able to elect one of their own – Rep. Ilhan Omar – to Congress. And again – no one in Minnesota ever voted to allow a single Somali refugee to move into their state. It was decided for them by the UN, which the federal government has farmed refugee resettlement out to entirely.

The Trump administration has made some great strides in reducing the demographic destruction of America via refugees. During Barack Obama’s last year in office, his administration admitted somewhere around 180,000 refugees, mostly from the Middle East and more specifically from the Syrian battlefields. In 2019, the Trump administration has reduced that number to 30,000, with zero Syrian ISIS fighters.

And under a new Executive Order from the president, the number could be reduced to nearly zero refugees in 2020. Under President Trump’s order, state and local governments will finally – after 40 years – be able to veto refugee dumping. The UN Refugee Resettlement Agency and the fake “Christian” NGOs that enrich themselves on government refugee contracts must notify states and local communities beforehand if they plan to drop off a busload of new welfare cases.

Cities and states will also finally be able to block refugee resettlement if they choose to do so. Portland, Maine has practically been bankrupted due to the UN dropping off thousands of non-English-speaking and poorly educated African refugees. The citizens of Portland are infuriated by this process, because they are the ones left paying for the housing vouchers, food stamps and cash welfare assistance for these hordes to survive in America.

The argument from the open borders left about this issue is that Americans should shut up and accept every refugee that the UN dumps in their communities. If Americans can vote on whether they want to pay for refugees, that could lead to them excluding refugees, which we are assured is very, very bad.

Here’s how the Washington Post frames it: “Advocates fear ugly debates if politicians try to restrict who can move in?”

The Post may have to change its slogan from “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” to “Democracy Dies in Transparent and Open Public Debates.”

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