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Trump Really Needs to Start Turning Over More Rocks in Ukraine

admin February 7, 2020 News Comments Off on Trump Really Needs to Start Turning Over More Rocks in Ukraine

Now that President Trump has been fully and completely exonerated, acquitted and found innocent of any wrongdoing by the Senate (Sorry, Democrats, no take-backs!), it’s probably a good time to start kicking over every rock in Ukraine to find out just how dirty the Obama administration’s hands really were in that nation.

We know, for example, that most of the anti-Trump “evidence” in the Russian potty dossier was compiled based on drunken Ukrainians making stuff up in a bar. But the extent of crooked money laundering and enriching themselves in the Ukrainian trough by Obama flunkies appears to run much deeper than just Snorty Biden’s fake day job at Burisma.

The Obama administration wrecked the Ukrainian government and economy, in much the same way that they did in their other foreign policy success stories (see also Libya, Egypt, Syria, Nigeria, Sudan, Centrafique, Mali, etc.). Barack Obama, the State Department under John Kerry and the CIA under John Brennan fomented a violent coup in Ukraine in 2014.

The Ukrainian government in 2014 decided that it was kind of tired of being in a tug-of-war between NATO (which was pretty much just the Obama administration back then) and Russia. They decided to take a more neutral stance between those opposing forces. They didn’t want to tick off Russia by letting NATO load them up with weapons and then, ultimately, forcing Ukraine to join NATO.

Forcing tiny, inconsequential little eastern European nations to become NATO members (and thereby opposed to RUSSIA!) is one of the favorite pastimes of the Deep State. This allows all sorts of criminal elements like mobsters and US Senators to then swoop into the new NATO-member country and start raking in the big bucks.

My favorite all-time photograph of John McCain is the one taken on his 70th birthday (in 2006) in Montenegro. He’s wearing an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball cap as he steps on board the yacht of convicted mobster and money launderer Raffaello Follieri. Actress Anne Hathaway, who had been rented to Follieri for the week by her Hollywood pimps, is all smiles as she and mobster Follieri greet John McCain and never-Trumper Rick Davis (McCain’s 2008 campaign manager) on the private yacht.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, that photo tells you a lot about the Deep State and tiny eastern European nations.

Anyway, when Ukraine’s democratically elected government decided it wanted to remain neutral between NATO and Russia, the CIA killed a bunch of people to trigger a coup d’état. Wait, what?

Yep. During a civilian protest in Kiev in 2014, dozens of snipers positioned in buildings around the main square in the city shot and killed about 100 people. The shooters targeted both police who were doing crowd control, and civilian leaders with bullhorns who were yelling at the government among the protesters.

This triggered the coup that resulted in a new NATO-friendly government in Ukraine, which just so happened to be rotten to the core. Obama later admitted to CNN that his administration “had brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine,” but stopped short of admitting that the CIA’s top Ukrainian analyst, Eric Ciaramella, had been involved in any way in organizing the sniper teams in Kiev.

Ooops… uh… I don’t think I was supposed to type that guy’s name out.

In fact, I’m positive that I’m not supposed to ever type Eric Ciaramella’s name, because Eric Ciaramella is a super-secret CIA person.

When Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said Eric Ciaramella’s name on the Senate floor a few days ago – something about whistleblowing and Adam Schiff and Ukraine, I can’t remember the exact details – but just saying Eric Ciaramella’s name caused former CIA Director John Brennan to freak out.

Brennan took to Twitter to declare that Rand Paul is beneath contempt, that history would revile Rand Paul, and that Rand Paul “typifies the worst of Trump’s craven enablers.”

Wow! Former Obama administration officials get really jumpy whenever anyone says this Eric Ciaramella guy’s name. It’s almost like a guilty reaction, huh?

They also seem to be nervous that the Obama-appointed leader in Ukraine was voted out of power last year and replaced by a new anti-corruption reformer. Anyone who even asks a question about Ukraine these days is immediately vilified as a “Putin puppet,” because “Why are you asking about Ukraine anyway and SHUT UP you traitors!”

President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr really need to keep digging into this Ukraine situation. There’s a lot more to uncover there – and no amount of posturing from John Brennan is going to be able to smooth it over.

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