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Trump Vows No Second Shutdown as Lib Governors Break All the Rules

admin May 22, 2020 News Comments Off on Trump Vows No Second Shutdown as Lib Governors Break All the Rules

The medical experts who have been wrong about basically everything for the past three months are now telling us that we could be hit by a “second wave” this fall. President Trump has announced some good news, however. There will not be a second shut-down – at least not from him.

He says the federal focus will be on “putting out fires” if needed, but we won’t be going through the same level of pain and insanity again on his watch. Liberal governors, on the other hand, are having way too much fun to not lock their states down again.

In fact, if you live in a blue state, a second lockdown may not be needed later this year… because you will still be living under the current lockdown.

Some states with Democrat governors still don’t have a target date for when they will reopen. That’s okay with the Democrat governors. These lockdowns haven’t inconvenienced them in any way, shape or form. They’re still collecting paychecks and they get to make up rules off the tops of their heads with no input from pesky voters.

And as far as these governors following their own rules? Ha!

Rules are for all of the little peons who must obey the Democrats.

We’ve already told you about New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio’s hypocrisy. After shutting down the Big Apple, De Blasio has been caught going to a gym that he allowed to stay open – just for him to get some exercise. De Blasio has also been caught going for walks in the park with his wife in a neighborhood that he does not live in.

And then there was CNN anchor Fredo Cuomo – the brother of New York’s governor – who was caught violating quarantine while he was infected with the Chinese virus.


Those are mildly hypocritical violations compared to some of the new incidents we’ve learned about.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker – a man who looks, sounds and acts like a 19th century robber baron – really wants the little people to eat cake if they’re hungry right now. Pritzker has declared that business owners will be thrown in prison for one year if they’re caught reopening before he says they can. He’s threatening to force Illinois peons to wear masks out in public… forever.

Pritzker is a billionaire and he owns his own private plane, which turned out to be very handy in May. While Pritzker was threatening to jail Illinoisans who venture outside their own homes, he put his wife and children on the plane so they could fly to Florida to stay in one of his mansions.

When the Pritzker family was caught doing this and a reporter asked the governor about it, he declared that his monstrous political enemies should stop attacking his family. How dare they!

Oh, but Pritzker wasn’t done. He also has a mansion in Indiana. That house needed some renovations done on it, so Pritzker fired up the jet again! He flew a team of contractors from Chicago to his Indiana mansion so they could get the work done. But all of you little people in Illinois had better not step out of line when it comes to Pritzker’s stay-at-home orders.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has also been caught violating her own orders. Thanks to the many draconian executive orders that she’s imposed on her state, you cannot buy paint, carpet or furniture at stores that are open. You can’t go fishing. You can go on a lake in a rowboat, but not a motorboat. You also can’t buy plants at a garden center or nursery in Michigan right now. (Can’t have people growing their own food during a government-induced emergency!)

In other words, Gretchen Whitmer is a stark raving mad lunatic who gets an erotic thrill from her newfound powers to boss all the little people around. Plus, she’s not about to follow her own rules.

One of the many, many rules that Whitmer made up out of thin air was that Michigan residents are no longer allowed to travel to a second home or vacation home if they own one. Too dangerous. And guess whose cars were photographed in the driveway at Gretchen Whitmer’s vacation cottage this week?

Yep. Whitmer and her husband drove north for a getaway at their second home. Must have been a nice trip. They pretty much had the lake all to themselves, thanks to Whitmer’s stay-at-home orders.

The photographer who snapped the photo of the two Whitmer SUVs had better pray that his identity remains secret. Gretchen is not happy that she has been caught.

And tuck this thought away in the back of your mind for later: This little getaway of Whitmer’s could be a sign that Joe Biden’s VP running mate has been selected.

From top to bottom, this is how the Democrat Party views the rest of us. Rules are meant to keep us in line, while they get to boss us around and do whatever they feel is convenient or beneficial to them. “Shutdowns for thee, but not for me.”

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