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Trump’s Vengeance Pardons Cannot Come Soon Enough

admin February 13, 2020 News Comments Off on Trump’s Vengeance Pardons Cannot Come Soon Enough

Thanks to mass immigration, we will probably never have another experience like the reelections of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Nixon’s second electoral college victory was 520 to 17 in 1972, and Reagan’s was 525 to 13 in 1984. This is impossible today, because California, New York and Illinois are all but lost due to foreigners being allowed to unlawfully vote in those states’ elections.

We don’t know yet how large Donald Trump’s electoral college victory will be in November, but we do know one thing. If he still hasn’t done so by then, his first act should be to start issuing presidential vengeance pardons to his allies.

Gen. Mike Flynn, Roger Stone and George Papadopoulos were hounded by the Deep State for the crime of being on Donald Trump’s team in 2016. Roger Stone is still being hounded by them. And now we are suddenly being told that Trump is “interfering” in Roger Stone’s sentencing.

When Mueller’s team of prosecutors made their sentencing recommendation to the partisan judge in the case, they recommended throwing the book at Stone. They said he deserved nine years in prison for the very serious crime of “lying” to the FBI. Nine years. Illegal alien child molesters don’t even get sentences that tough for their crimes.

Trump tweeted his disgust with that sentencing recommendation. Then Attorney General Bill Barr, acting on direct orders from Trump’s tweet, bulled his way into the courtroom and began firing the hard-working, patriotic prosecutors – you know, exactly like Hitler! At least, that’s the narrative that the Enemy of the People media would like you to believe. But like everything else the fake news media says these days, it’s a total lie.

In high-profile cases like Roger Stone’s, the prosecutors always check in with their bosses at the DOJ to let them know things like how the case is going, and when it’s wrapping up, what they’re going to say in terms of a sentencing recommendation. Mueller’s team of Clinton fanboys had that meeting with Bill Barr’s team – but the part the media is leaving out is that they lied to their boss’s face. Barr hasn’t said what the recommendation was yet, but he did say that it was way less than then 7-9 years recommendation.

In all likelihood it was probably pretty mild – maybe even time served for having an FBI SWAT team shove machine guns in Stone’s face in the dead of night for CNN’s cameras.

It should have been a mild sentence, especially since Mueller’s team all got their butts kicked by reality. The Russian collusion stage play that was choreographed and paid for by Team Hillary turned out to be a complete and total hoax.


Roger Stone was jailed and put on trial for misremembering details from an email chain about a conversation he had had two years earlier. (This is what the crime of “lying to the FBI” usually involves – getting a tiny detail on something that happened years earlier.) The judge even slapped a gag order on Roger Stone, preventing him from telling his side of the story publically.

Again, none of this would have happened to Roger Stone if the phony Russian collusion “probe” hadn’t been concocted by the Deep State in the first place. Stone is an elderly man whose family has now been financially ruined, and to top it off, the Mueller prosecutors wanted to put him in prison pretty much for the rest of his life.

What a bunch of lying, dog-faced pony soldiers! (Or is it pony-faced dog soldiers?)

After lying to Bill Barr about what they were going to recommend and then pulling a switcheroo in the courtroom, Barr then stepped in and put a halt to the proceedings. He announced that the prosecutors had lied to him and that the DOJ was going to be revising the guidelines.

Then in perfect synchronicity – almost as if it had been planned ahead of time with the media and the rest of the Democrat Party – four of Mueller’s prosecutors resigned. They knew that the media optics would be that Trump and Barr had bullied their way into the case.

Well, I guess it’s the biggest crisis ever in the history of big crises, so we’d better impeach Trump again! These people are sick and pathetic and childishly transparent. Don’t be fooled for a moment.

They flat-out lied to Bill Barr and then by “quitting,” they simply abandoned that case and went back to their six-figure taxpayer-funded salaries in various US Attorney offices that Mueller dragged them out of for the Roger Stone charade.

Trump may not pardon Stone, General Flynn or Papadopoulos until after the election because of the optics. But he can’t pardon them a moment too soon and frankly, if he did it today, none of us would care and we would still have his back in November.

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