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Turbo-Charge Your Dream

Mark Patricks May 14, 2018 Freedom by Friday Comments Off on Turbo-Charge Your Dream

Seeing Your Goals Through

A new you starts with a dream…

Let me tell you up front that if you do not have a dream, you will not become a millionaire other than by winning a game of chance. It’s just too hard.

To make this kind of money you need to be laser-beam focused, and you can’t be that if you only have a half-hearted interest in what you are doing. You know this is true.

How? Just look at some famous multimillionaires who still keep working ten or twelve hours a day, even though they don’t need the money.

Why do they do this? Because they have a passion for what they do. They would probably do it without payment!

Dreaming is a type of visualisation. It is visualisation plus passion. These are the things that you really want to be, to have or to do. If you do not achieve these things over (say) the next ten years, you are going to be seriously disillusioned and upset.

You should be able to write a list of six such things. If you cannot think of a single one then you are most unlikely ever to live a life of power and passion. Also, your chances of making big money are vanishingly small. If you’re like, this is your first reality check.

Can you think of a few things about which you are passionate? One or two things which you care deeply about? Just one would be a start.

Don’t beat yourself up if you cannot immediately think of something. It is hard to dream up a better life for yourself due to the decades of negative conditioning you have allowed yourself to accept. How often did your teachers, parents and friends encourage you to dream and ask you to share your vision with them? Approximately never? I thought so! How often did someone shoot your fledgling dreams down in flames or pour scorn upon them? Small wonder that your dreams are not on public display.

Here is a little exercise that might help.

Imagine walking into a room and meeting the ‘you’ of ten years from now. What will you be wearing? Where will you be living? What will your lifestyle be like? What car will you be driving? Will you be running a business? If so, how successful will you be? What will your net worth be?

You really only have three choices here about how the ‘you of the future’ will look, and this is where the power of this exercise lies:

1. Somewhere in between how you are now, and a depressed, broke and scruffy vagrant.
2. An exact clone of how you are now – absolutely nothing has changed in a decade.
3. A happier, wealthier, healthier version of the ‘you of today.’

Only a suicidal depressive would visualize number one. Number two is effectively saying that nothing will change; you will not grow over the next ten years, you will not get richer, happier, wiser, healthier – anything. The ‘you of tomorrow’ will be indistinguishable from the ‘you of today.’

So that just leaves number three, and if you selected this it remains for you to back this glittering vision of the ‘future you’ with all the force of your imagination.

Having imagined how you will be in the next ten years, here is a really neat to trick to help you achieve it.

Ask yourself the following questions:

“What do I need to achieve in the next 12 months in order to make my future dream a reality?”
“What do I need to do in the next month to start myself on this journey?”
“What can I do by next week to prepare myself for the journey?”
“What can I do right now, today, in order to start this process off?”

Do you see how this works?

You need to dream, but this is not enough. Dreams come a size too large so that you can grow into them and this means that dreams are too large to realize all at once.

Our minds are finite, and so all large projects must be broken down into bite-sized chunks otherwise we become discouraged by the scale of the endeavor. This is one of the secret keys of successful people. They are undaunted by large projects, because they use the trick of breaking them down into simple steps. Each step is easily manageable, and can be completed in anything from a few hours to a few weeks.

In contrast, it is useful to analyze the situation of people who are stuck, both monetarily and in spirit, if only to allow you to avoid these errors. This is based on my experience of decades of dealing with both winners and temporary losers in the game of life.

1. They are frightened. Their lives are dominated by fear. They see the world as a scary, threatening place and crave security, dullness, mediocrity. They long for every day to be the same as the last and become scared and upset if even a small change breaks the monotony of their days.
2. They completely lack visualization ability. If asked to visualize their future self, they would stare at you blankly. They are not pretending. They do not even understand what you mean by this exercise. If you force them to try, they’ll come back with nothing more than a shrug.
3. Assuming that you could drag some sort of dream out of them (for example wanting to be worth a million dollars some day) then they would be wholly incapable of working backwards from that point to the present, and suggesting actions they might have to take in order to make this come about. Again, they are not faking. There is now; there is the future; and in between, a yawning, fathomless chasm – a blank.
4. Even if you were to write the steps out, 1-100, with a check box next to each one, they absolutely lack the discipline even to start on the task, let alone complete the steps. At the first slight downfall, or negative comment from a friend, they will give up. In any situation that requires a choice between working for a better future, and instant gratification now, they will unfailingly choose instant gratification.

But this is not you, hopefully. If you recognize yourself here, then don’t worry because it is possible to change and get out of this ‘stuck’ pattern you are in.

You need to develop the habits of a winner. You want to enjoy today, but have an even better tomorrow waiting for you. To do this you must model yourself on winners – people who have achieved great things in their lives. I am talking here about ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ but I do not mean the term ‘loser’ in the usual derogatory sense. By a ‘loser’ I mean someone who, by their own definition of winning and losing, is falling well short of where they want to be. By a ‘winner’ I mean someone who, by their own definition of winning and losing, is pulling ahead of the game and achieving that which they set out to achieve.

This is how a winner operates:

1. They are brave. Like all human beings they feel fear, but have mastered it and are able to rise above it. While they acknowledge that there are frightening people and places in the world, in general they view the world as a benevolent place, full of great opportunities and wonderful people. This is a vital principle. Winners view the world as mainly benevolent with some bad bits. Losers see the world as mainly malevolent with some good bits.
2. They are good visualizers. They have the ability to imagine the future, often in glorious Technicolor detail. They have high self-esteem, and know that they are worth more than they have at present. Life to them is an exciting adventure to be lived to the fullest. In contrast, losers view life as a terrible chore to be somehow ‘got through’ with as little pain as possible.
3. They are intelligent and logical. If they have a dream of the future, they know the secret technique for making this happen. Today’s dreams are tomorrow’s realities. They know that large projects cannot be tackled by finite human minds unless they are broken down into manageable, bite-sized pieces. They are able to work backwards from a future dream to the present day, and to list the logical steps required to make that dream come true.
4. Having written down the steps required to achieve their goals, they know what is required next. Action. Up until this point, all of their plans amount to little more than ethereal hot air. It is action which grounds the circuit and allows the current to flow. They know that the journey will be long and hard. Any worthwhile dream will involve hard work, concentrated effort and some suffering to attain. They need one more quality. Discipline. This keeps them going during setbacks, when the list seems too long, and when others heap mirth and derision upon their efforts.

Five Tips to Turbo-Charge Your Dream
Dream of a brighter tomorrow. Your yearning power is more important than your earning power.
2. Be rational. Mysticism is your mortal enemy. There are obvious, logical steps between here and your dreams. Write them down in bite-sized chunks and follow them like a route map.
3. Act. All is dust without action. Action is the key.
4. Be disciplined. Life is tough. Fight. Others want you to fail. Ignore them. The world is against you – go your own way. People will spout nonsense – ignore it.
5. Start today. Procrastination is the thief of time. Winners start right now. Losers chatter to themselves that they will start ‘one day real soon.’ It never happens.


Mark Patricks

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