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There’s no denying the power of social media. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have tremendous reach when it comes to connecting with customers. And more and more companies are realizing that they cannot afford to ignore these great marketing tools.

If you’re a member of any of these social media sites, you’ve no doubt encountered some “sponsored” Facebook ads, company Facebook Fan Pages, or tweets from big corporations like Coca-Cola or Sony. They offer a quick blast of info about a new product, a contest, promotion or some other online marketing effort. They’re engaging their customers in the place they hang out most these days.

This sort of advertising has become so involved that keeping up with the latest trends in social media has now become a full-time job. Yes, there are whole jobs dedicated to social media. If you’re the type of person who’s “addicted” to Facebook or tweets constantly throughout the day… there’s opportunity for you here.

Think about it. What would your first impression be of a new company you’ve never heard of using an obsolete social media strategy? You’d probably write them off without a second thought. That’s why more and more companies are outsourcing their social media presence to experts.

That’s where you come in.

What Makes a Social Media Expert?

If you have a personal Facebook page and update your status on a fairly regular basis… and/or you have your own Twitter account and know the difference between replying to a Tweet and just re-tweeting … consider yourself proficient enough in social media to take the next step and start getting paid for your social media efforts.

But don’t worry if you’re not there yet. Social media sites are successful because they are so easy to use.

Spend some time watching those videos and studying the social media sites themselves. There are dozens of unwritten codes of conduct for these sites that can only be learned from first-hand experience, so I suggest creating your own free personal accounts if you haven’t already and getting started today!  You can also follow League of Power on Twitter.

The next step is to marry this social media knowledge with the desires of your clients. And that means marketing and customer engagement. Here are a few ways to make sure you’re targeting the right customers:

– Be sure to post news regularly, preferably daily; you’ll be sure to stand out when you send out daily Twitter and Facebook updates

– Stay on message; if you send out too many superfluous messages, you’ll dilute your brand and your customers will eventually lose interest

– Setup links from your company website to your Twitter and Facebook pages, and vice-versa

– Get more followers on Twitter by searching for questions you can answer and by following others; this will drive more folks to your site, thereby converting them into customers

The most important aspect of using social media to market a brand is to have a marketing strategy in place before you send out your first tweet.

First, do some research. If there are already Facebook pages dedicated to the same market you’ll be entering, start posting your messages there with links to your web site. Are you going to branch out and include videos? Most social media sites support direct-embedding of video files, so customers don’t even have to leave your Twitter or Facebook page to view these marketing videos.

And once you start landing clients be sure to integrate your efforts with their overall marketing strategy. A cohesive message is very important.

If you begin with a solid strategy that includes knowledge of your industry, strong relationships, and keen awareness of what’s working and what isn’t, you’re sure to see positive results from your social media efforts.

You’ll help define a company’s brand, boost revenue, and increase their public profile. And they’ll love your for it.

Daily Duties of a Social Media Expert

To get a good idea of what is expected of a social media expert, I strongly recommend finding a local business in your town and checking out their social media presence. This could be anything from a sports team to a stand-up comedian to your favorite lunchtime food truck.

In my hometown, for example, there’s a minor-league hockey team who I follow on Twitter. Their messages fall into two categories: one, announcements of when tickets for upcoming games are going on sale; and two, “re-tweets” of messages other folks have already sent out. I would guess their social media expert spends less than one hour a day working. Not a bad job, right?

Once you get an idea of what’s needed, you could try offering your social media services to similar local businesses. It’s great practice – and you can make money at the same time.

So how do you find jobs outside your local area? Freelancing websites are a great resource. Check out or for ads looking for tech-savvy social media experts. You can also contact companies directly if you notice they don’t have a big social media presence. Outline the positives of showing the benefits of social media – increased revenue, consumer awareness, and constant contact – and offer your services.

With a little persistence, you could soon be making a steady income by posting to Facebook, Twitter, and more. I wish you the best of luck!

John Hollister

P.S. I’ve just given you the quick guide on how to become a social media expert and get paid for something you probably already do. But here are a few more resources to help you succeed.


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