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What Happens if Creepy Old Joe Kicks the Bucket Tomorrow?

It seemed like the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell this summer was the final nail in the coffin of Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions. For those that don’t know Maxwell is cooperating with authorities and she has had A LOT to say about Hillary’s hubby Bill.

Still it’s probably still not safe to count her out completely until about mid-October. No person in American public life has ever held such a shameless lust for power as Hillary Clinton. She wants to rule over you and your family. She wants to crush you under her socialist bootheels for humiliating her in 2016. She wants to throw President Donald Trump and his entire family in a gulag. And let’s face it: Creepy Old Joe the Kid Sniffer is so old and decrepit that a lot could happen between now and November 3.

So, what does happen if Creepy Old Joe should happen to expire of extreme old age and dementia before the election? A lot of people assume that because there is a vice presidential candidate on the Democrat ticket that that person would then step up and automatically become the presidential candidate. While that is how it works for a real president and vice president under the Constitution, the rules are different for campaigns.

CNN anchors have pretty much started praying that Joe Biden will die of old age tomorrow, under the belief that Kamala Harris would automatically become the nominee. But it doesn’t work that way.

The death of a presidential nominee results in a brokered convention – no matter what. It works this way for both the Republican and Democrat Parties. And a brokered convention in the modern age means that the DNC’s 16-member board of directors will vote until a majority decides on a replacement for Creepy Old Joe.


The DNC’s 16-member board could vote to promote Kamala Harris to the main nominee slot. But they can literally vote for anyone they want to, in order to replace the main nominee. They could vote for Bernie Sanders or that Hickenlooper weirdo from the primaries if they wanted to. But that’s where Hillary Clinton’s epileptic head flops back into the picture.

Nine of the 16 voting members of the DNC board of directors were employed by the Hillary 2016 campaign. She controls a majority of the DNC votes, so the nomination is literally hers to keep or give away if something should happen to Creepy Old Joe before the election.

There are also going to be legal challenges against Kamala Harris eventually, no matter what else happens. Both of her parents were born outside of the U.S. and Harris was raised for the majority of her life outside the country as well (Canada). Her father was a Jamaican national and her mother was an Indian national. She’s an anchor baby. No court in US history has ever defined a natural born citizen as a person with two foreign parents.

We don’t know when that legal challenge will come up, or even if it will be necessary (it won’t happen if Trump wins reelection), but it’s a monkey wrench in the works that the DNC has to keep in mind moving forward.

Plus, there’s also the fact that Hillary Clinton has clearly been orchestrating events from the shadows throughout the Democrat Party’s primary. Something unprecedented in American politics happened last year, and sharp political observers have been pondering it ever since.

Under normal circumstances, whenever a presidential candidate is humiliated and crushed the way that Hillary was in 2016, their campaign staffers fan out and work for many, many different campaigns in the next presidential election. In a normal 2020 election season, some of Hillary’s former staffers would have gone to work for Creepy Old Joe, some would have joined the Buttigieg campaign, some to Corey Booker’s campaign and so on. They’d take any job available with any campaign, because their job choices are kind of limited in that profession.

But that didn’t happen this time. Nearly all of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign staffers went to work for one candidate in 2019. And that candidate… was Kamala Harris.

That’s too weird to be a coincidence.

What’s it all mean? We can only guess, because it’s not like Hillary Clinton has published a book titled “My Evil Plan to Destroy America from the Shadows” yet. (To be featured by Oprah’s Book Club in 2021!)

But Hillary is definitely still orchestrating events from behind the scenes. She controls the DNC board of directors and Kamala Harris’s campaign staff. She’s positioned her people in the right places to take over if there should be a sudden vacancy at the top of the Democrat ticket.

Not that I think that could ever happen. I mean, it’s not like Hillary would ever murder someone in her pursuit of political power. Right?

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