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Why I Still Think Crooked Hillary Will Be the Nominee

admin January 17, 2020 News Comments Off on Why I Still Think Crooked Hillary Will Be the Nominee

President Donald Trump is positioned nicely to win in November. The current pack of mediocrities running for the chance to be the Democrat Party’s sacrificial lamb is more boring than anyone could have predicted. The lead keeps flip-flopping every few days in the polls. One day Pocahontas Warren will be in the lead. The next day it’s Red Bernie. Then Creepy Old Joe will have another moment in the limelight. Sometimes the little boy mayor that the CIA created in a laboratory vat comes out in the lead. They all have the energy of Jeb! coupled with the policies of Hugo Chavez.

And I still can’t shake the feeling that Crooked Hillary is going to be the nominee.

As I reported back in October, Hillary Clinton held a private $50,000 a plate fundraiser at her mansion in Washington, DC. Reporters from every media outlet in DC were invited to that event. The name of the event, co-hosted by the DNC, was, “What if Hillary had another shot?”

In all my decades of covering politics, I have never seen the liberal media maintain absolute radio silence on a major event like this. Not a peep has been reported about that fundraiser. Something is up.

I realize the Iowa caucuses are less than a month away, but I still think Hillary will be Trump’s opponent next November. If that’s the case, why hasn’t she jumped in the race yet? She certainly could. More than a billion dollars has vanished from the coffers of the Clinton Foundation since she lost in 2016, so it’s pretty clear that she could even self-fund her campaign if she wanted to. (Although the Clintons have always been loath to spend their own money on something when they can instead spend someone else’s.)

Something unexpected has happened that caused Hillary’s plans to shift. Or, alternatively, something that was supposed to happen did not actually happen.

For example, maybe the original plan was for Hillary to jump in after *cough, cough* one of the other candidates suffered an unfortunate death. Perhaps she expected Bernie to croak after she shot him with that CIA heart attack dart a few months ago, but she didn’t realize that Bernie’s Kremlin handlers had an antidote for the poison.

This is speculation, by the way. Or maybe she wants to let the rumors about Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide” die down a bit more before she jumps in.

Another more realistic possibility is that Hillary and the DNC plan to simply steal the nomination during the Democrats’ convention next summer. I’m starting to lean toward that being the plan.

Why? Look at what an amazing pack of duds that Democrat voters have to choose from during the primaries.

Presumed “frontrunner” Joe Biden can’t fill a small elementary classroom at most of his rallies. I’m pretty sure we all expect Joe to show up for a rally in his bathrobe and slippers one of these days, ranting about how he and “Corn Pop” are going to rumble behind the bleachers after school. Biden is nearing the sad loss of all of his faculties. It’s embarrassing.

Elizabeth Warren is a bigger fraud than failed dropouts Corey Booker and Kamala Harris combined. She has so much negative baggage, especially from the decades-long racial hoax that she profited from as a “Woman of Color” that she’ll have minority voters flocking to Trump.

One of Red Bernie’s commie campaign organizers was just caught on camera by Project Veritas talking about how Bernie’s “free education” plan is really a “free” re-education for Trump supporters in gulags. While that’s definitely appealing to Democrat voters, it doesn’t bode well for Red Bernie in a nationwide election.

And the CIA’s little boy mayor… yuck.

None of this pack of “frontrunner” losers seems inspiring enough to unite the Democrats behind him, her or xir. We could very well see Biden winning Democrat votes in the Midwest, Red Bernie and Pocahontas splitting the votes of the coastal states, and the CIA’s little boy mayor pulling an upset in a big state full of really dumb Democrat voters, like California.

The result: A brokered convention in Milwaukee, where Democrat delegates have to go through several rounds of voting to choose a nominee.

After a couple of rounds of voting in which the Democrats fail to settle on one of the existing dullards, Hillary Clinton will be nominated as a safe “third choice” and suddenly sweep the nomination. Brokered conventions have happened before. I’m thinking that’s what Crooked Hillary is counting on in 2020.

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