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Will the Kamala Harris Photos Be Published Online Before the Election?

It’s always fascinating to watch professional Republicans try to figure out a way to lose a perfectly winnable election. They’ve obviously learned nothing from Donald Trump in 2016. Now that Kamala Harris has been chosen to be the real nominee for the Democrats in 2020, GOP Inc. is curling up on the floor in a fetal position while trying to decide the best way to “oppose” Harris without being called racist and sexist. So while they are dithering and losing, the rest of us should wade in and attack Kamala Harris where it will hurt her the most. And yes… we’re going to go there.

The things that are publicly known about Kamala Harris’s start in California politics are bad enough. But the things that are not known about Harris’s relationship with political scion Willie Brown have never been investigated by the mainstream media (and never will be). Likewise, GOP, Inc. will be afraid to use this information against her because they are cowards.

Before we get to the truth about Kamala Harris, we have to explain a little bit about the Crazy Days and Nights (CDAN) blog. It’s a blog that Hollywood really, really hates. The blog is run by one or more connected “insiders” in California. It’s rumored that the blog owner is a “fixer” – an attorney who makes the most scandalous scandals of Hollywood stars go away. And as we all know, the Democrat Party is literally and figuratively in bed with Hollywood.

CDAN publishes what it calls “blinds.” These are insider information posts about scandalous incidents from Hollywood and California politicians – but with the names of the individuals left out of the posts. It publishes the stories that don’t make the nightly news and it leaves the names of the guilty parties out of the blinds. If users go into the comment section on a blind and are able to guess who the story is really about, then the CDAN blog confirms it by posting the names.


And here’s the thing about Crazy Days and Nights: It doesn’t just publish unfounded rumors. Most of its “blinds” turn out to be 100% true.

For example, CDAN broke the story about Jeffrey Epstein holding a fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation in 2018, just a few months before he was arrested again for child trafficking. CDAN reported that there was a “pre-auction” before the real charity auction in which Epstein donated a trip to his island with two young female escorts. Bill Clinton won that auction, paying a million dollars out of his own pocket to the Clinton Foundation – for a trip to Epstein’s island with two young escorts. He gave himself a tax write-off in the process.

That “blind” was originally published on the CDAN blog, and it later turned out to be 100% true. The Daily Mail in London published the story, while the American press ignored it completely. All of this is to say that the Crazy Days and Nights blog is not some kooky conspiracy site. They tell the truth about the shockingly hedonistic behavior of the elites. The problem is that most people have no idea how incredibly evil the elites are, so CDAN’s “blind item” posts sound like conspiracy theories.

As far as Kamala Harris’s public record, here’s what we know:

Fresh out of college in 1993, she latched onto the married Speaker of the California Assembly, Willie Brown. Mr. Brown was married at the time (and still is), but he carried on a relationship with Kamala Harris as his mistress for more than two years. Brown rewarded Harris for her “services” by appointing her to the California Medical Assistance Commission and the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. Those two board positions paid Kamala Harris more than $400,000 in compensation over the first five years of her career in California politics.

It’s also been publicly reported that Willie Brown “introduced” Kamala Harris to wealthy, powerful elites in California – the people who really run things behind the scenes. Those connections allowed Harris to become the District Attorney for San Francisco, the Attorney General of California, a US Senator and finally Joe Biden’s running mate.

Here’s how Crazy Days and Nights reported on those “introductions” in a blind item post last year, when Harris was running for the Democrat nomination:

“It is well known that this female politician who is being talked about as a possible future president started her career by having a relationship with a married senior politician in her state.

“For this, she was appointed to a number of part-time boards with hefty salaries. What isn’t so well known is the senior politician she had an affair with used to take her to swinger parties which were basically glorified orgies where she would engage in s*x with large numbers of men and women.

“What not even she knows is there are compromising pictures of her at these orgies which is why senior leaders from her party are quietly trying to discourage her presidential ambitions and the leader of the other party, the current president, is very excited about running against her, her being her party’s nominee.”

That is not how a normal, mentally healthy woman advances in her career. That’s how a sociopath advances their career. Even among politicians, that’s about as sleazy as it gets. CDAN asserts that Kamala Harris was basically pimped to California and Hollywood elites in order to “pay her dues” and become one of the elites.

And those elites know that there are compromising photos of Kamala Harris floating around out there, which is why she was discouraged from running from the very get-go. Remember: Kamala Harris didn’t even make it to the Iowa primaries before she dropped out of the race. And her former alleged pimp, Willie Brown, publicly called on Joe Biden to not select Kamala Harris as his running mate. Willie Brown knows Kamala Harris’s personality better than anyone, but the national Democrat Party chose not to listen to him.

This is also why the Democrat Party is making such a big deal out of Kamala Harris’s race and gender. They can’t talk about her “accomplishments” during her political career – because that would mean talking about Willie Brown. They really don’t want to talk about that.

And of course, GOP, Inc. doesn’t want to talk about any of this either, despite this story being Kamala Harris’s Achilles heel. They’d rather toss away another winnable election than get their hands dirty. Fortunately for America, President Trump has figured out that it’s more important to win and be called a racist than to lose and be called a racist anyway.

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  1. WillBrennon September 12, 2020 at 2:29 pm

    Publish the photos. Don’t you think she would if the shoe was on the other foot ? This is war. The battle of the Century. The prize is America. Remember we’re trying to save the Republic and they’re trying to destroy it.

  2. Joanne September 13, 2020 at 2:18 pm

    You are correct. The hypocrisy is now being flaunted. No sign of her anywhere. She is being hidden because her behavior and record are hideous We the people, however, are not stupid and morality and the Republic will prevail. Remember: the truth ALWAYS comes out- ALWAYS!

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