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You Were There

Kevin Raymond November 9, 2009 Freedom by Friday No Comments on You Were There

Number of failed banks in 2009 so far: 115

At some point in the decades to come, you’ll be able to say, “I was there!”

It’s hard for people to grasp at the time history is being made, but not when you consider the things that are happening and have happened. The Internet revolution is nothing short of a ‘movable-type printing press’ game-changing event that ushered in a new era akin to The Renaissance. Fortunes have been made and are still being made. The revolution moves on.

There’s a curious cycle in history where a massive change in human evolution- for better or worse- occurs. O A.D., The Roman Empire forms. 500 A.D., Roman Empire falls and gives way to a new era: The Dark Ages. 1000 A.D. marked by the battle of Hastings in England in 1066, The Dark Ages gives way to the Medieval era. 1500 A.D. marked by the discovery of the New World and printing press, we have the Renaissance.

2000 A.D., marked by the Information Revolution, we have…?

You were there… whatever it is we’re witnessing. No question about it, the Information Age has improved our lives.

There’s also a smaller cycle that’s in 50-year increments. Obviously, the  marking event in the 20th century was WWII and the ‘handing over’ of world domination from Britain to the USA (world domination in this case is a matter of the control over marine trade routes).

Are we now seeing the USA hand over power to someone else? China?

Perhaps. The answer to this question is as important as the answer to the deflation/inflation question we’ve been pondering here at length.

The answer to both these questions will define your fate and the fate of those you love.

To that end, your loyal scribe digs deep to bring you some answers. Of course, anyone who says they 100% KNOW the answer to these questions is lying, but what I can offer is some tell-tale signs to watch as a pre-cursor to the answer…

First up, the inflation/deflation question. What is going on out there? The IMF just put 200 tons of gold up for sale to raise money for all the international bailouts. Traders were surprised it wasn’t the Chinese who purchased but it was in fact India. And they paid top prices for it- gold has hit a series of record highs this last week, though you’d never have known by the lack of media coverage (Hmmm… I wonder why it wasn’t covered? Who owns these media outlets??).

This was the largest purchase of gold bullion in HISTORY.

What does this mean exactly? What it effectively means is a transfer of wealth away from weak entities (the IMF sponsors and weaker countries) to stronger ones: India. China, India and now Russia and Brazil are hoarding gold.

Why? What do they know?

The US dollar is the world’s reserve currency and this is America’s key advantage economically. It’s now also become America’s Achilles Heel because politicians have repeatedly abused this advantage.

Gold is the antithesis to the US dollar because it is the ultimate store of wealth. If people are buying gold, they’re saying they’re losing faith in the dollar. If people take this so far as REPLACING the dollar as the world reserve currency, it’s pretty much over for the American Empire as we know it. Someone has to pay for all this military that controls trade routes. Indeed, there have allegedly been secret talks between foreign powers to price oil in a currency other than the dollar.

Now of course, America’s politicians won’t take this lying down because it won’t win any votes.

The answer to both these questions- inflation/deflation winning and China/USA winning – is rooted in what I just outlined above:

How far will US politicians go?

I truly believe the answer to what happens next in world history is broken down like this.

Will they just print as much money as they need? Will they begin a trade war with China? Will they start a shooting war with China before they let them take over?

History shows there is no limit to politicians’ stupidity, but, there is one crucial obstacle to them in this case: The Federal Reserve.

The Fed- an independent body- is in charge of the printing press and these people know the consequences of letting it get out of control. They also know what would happen if they let Congress be in charge of it; hyper-inflation as they just printed as much money as they needed to hand out in payments to buy votes.

So, the answer to this critical question of deflation/inflation lies here: Will the Fed maintain its independence from Congress?

If it does, we can expect deflation and a couple of lost decades a la Japan and the dollar may yet keep its reserve status as it would be the best of a bad bunch of countries in the world. This would be a kind of economic ‘ice-age’. US debt would actually increase in value as would all debt. It’s a nightmare scenario and one where pressure may be too great for the Fed to maintain independence even if they succeeded at first. Enter second scenario…

If it doesn’t maintain its independence, Congress prints as much money as it wants, US debt falls in value, hyper-inflation makes prices of everything sky-rocket and interest rates then go through the roof. The dollar would have to lose its reserve status and thus end American supremacy.

What are the chances the Fed will maintain its independence? Well a bill has already been passed to begin the process of getting control of the printing press: The proposed legislation to reform America’s financial service supervision includes granting the Secretary of the Treasury a veto over Section 13(3) emergency action by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

Whenever you see words like “emergency action” you can be worried. An “emergency” is when the voters get angry enough to vote you out.

But take heart, for this is empowering. If you’re informed you can make your fortune regardless of the outcome. I believe we’ve just discovered an ‘early-warning system’ for the answer to the inflation/deflation debate. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m afraid there are no good outcomes here, just different versions of bad. The only thing that could save such outcomes is if the American consumer came out in force.

So will that happen?

Let’s dissect the latest unemployment numbers and you be the judge…

The government propaganda continues. They chose to use the more generous “establishment survey” to quote numbers- the real numbers are from the “household survey” which stated that unemployment actually soared to 15.7 million.

Even the government figures that are messed with (we’ve covered this in previous issues) with things like excluding people who’ve been out of work for over a year are now at 10.2%.

The truth is unemployment is now highest since records began if honest figures are used.

I just don’t see this population rushing out to the mall to buy “stuff” in a hurry.

If you were a powerless person stuck in a job and loaded with debt, this would be worrying. But you don’t have to accept that fate. The whole point, The League of Power exists is to guide you to wealth, power and freedom. NOW is the time to build wealth with a business of your own, investing what cash you have to take advantage of ANY situation.

You can find a variety of different opportunities by going here:

Until next time,

Kevin Raymond

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