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America Deserves Immediate Answers from Worthless FBI on Biden Emails

Let’s go ahead and dispense with the leftwing media and the Democrat Party’s insistence that the Hunter Biden emails are “Russian disinformation.” Director of National Intelligence Dan Ratcliffe put that notion to rest over the weekend anyway. The Hunter Biden emails are real and shocking. Of greater importance right now is the revelation that the FBI is even swampier and more corrupt today under Director Christopher Wray than it was under James Comey’s leadership. What the heck is going on over there?

Four years ago, emails were a central theme of the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton had deleted 33,000 official State Department emails. Most people believe this was done to hide evidence of a pay-to-play scheme involving the Clinton Foundation and former Secretary of State Clinton’s actions. The DNC emails and Podesta emails were leaked (not hacked – leaked) to WikiLeaks and published online. There were a lot of emails and deleted emails in the news.

But then more emails suddenly surfaced, just a few days before the election. Anthony Weiner was arrested while trying to solicit sex from minors. His computer was seized, and since Weiner was married to Hillary Clinton’s assistant Huma Abedin, authorities discovered tens of thousands of missing Clinton emails.

To James Comey’s credit… (Good grief, it’s painful to type those words) he did not try to cover the existence of the emails up. Comey immediately rushed back to Congress to amend his prior testimony. He alerted Congress and the American people to the existence of the laptop and the emails, and he did it right before the election.

Comey knew that someone would leak the details of the Weiner laptop before the election. Maybe his disclosure of the Clinton emails was self-serving, and he didn’t want to get charged with perjury down the road, but he ultimately did the right thing by sharing the existence of those emails.

Current FBI Director Christopher Wray would still be sitting on the Hunter Biden emails today, if the computer shop owner in Delaware had not provided copies of everything to Rudy Giuliani.

This is unconscionable.


The FBI seized the Biden laptops from the repair shop nearly a year ago. The agent alleged to be the FBI’s top child porn investigator signed the paperwork to take possession of the computers.

Christopher Wray could have alerted the American people to the existence of the Biden laptops, without exposing anything that’s on them. The laptops were seized during the middle of the Democrats’ attempt to impeach the President of the United States. Wray could have told America at the time, “Hey, we’ve come into possession of some evidence that is highly relevant to the president’s calls for an investigation into Ukraine. Stay tuned.”

But he didn’t do that. Even as the president was being impeached on false charges that he had asked for a quid pro quo from Ukraine, the FBI was sitting on proof that Joe Biden had engaged in a quid pro quo with Ukraine.

Come to think of it, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren probably would have appreciated knowing about the existence of that laptop a year ago as well, don’t you think? Which suggests that the Deep State had already decided that Joe Biden would be their nominee several months before any Democrat voters had participated in the primaries.

You can already anticipate the excuse that Wray will give the next time he appears before Congress: “We didn’t want to compromise an ongoing investigation.”

Hogwash. The FBI has no compunctions about sharing the existence of investigations. If the FBI is indeed investigating the potential crimes on Hunter Biden’s laptops, he could have told the public that. Remember NASCAR hoaxer Bubba Wallace’s garage door pull “noose?”

The FBI put out a press release that basically said, “Holy f—! FBI Sends 24 Agents on a Klan Hunt in Talladega!”

There was no concern that announcing the investigation of the fake NASCAR noose would somehow compromise anything. The most likely reason why Wray didn’t announce an investigation of the Biden family’s alleged crimes is because there is no investigation.

Even if it started out as an investigation, it was likely quashed the moment that Wray became aware of it. How scary is this: The FBI is even more corrupt today than it was the day that James Comey was justly fired by Donald Trump.

If Christopher Wray doesn’t provide the public with complete, total and full disclosure of the laptops and the status of any investigation into the Bidens before this Thursday’s presidential debate, Wray should be fired. Trump should then put Richard Grenell or any other MAGA patriot in as acting FBI Director to either clean up the agency or dismantle it from within.

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