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Dear Entrepreneur:

Money makes the world go round…..or is that love?  Well…..let’s just say money makes business go round.  One question I often receive is, “Do you have any money sources I could use”?

Most of the entrepreneurs know I’m not a big fan of borrowing money to start a business. But sometimes money can help you expand a profitable business, get equipment, or branch out into other ventures.  On top of that, when you have access to capital you can acquire a business, develop real estate, buy manufacturing a plant or import products from other countries…to cite a few examples.

Today  I’ll focus on legitimate money and lending sources.


A Dollar and a Dream

“A dollar and a dream”…  This was the famous ad slogan for the NY lottery several years back.

The lottery is a brilliant business.  Your chances of winning are virtually zero.  But hey… It’s only a buck!

Well what if you could get hundreds, thousands, or even a million people to give you one lousy dollar just like the lottery?  That’s exactly what’s happening here:

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I’ve included links to angel investors, venture capital, grants, low (and no) interest loans and more.  Let’s get this party started…..and get the money you need!

There is a cardinal rule of successful borrowing and getting the money you need.  It is this…  Focus on the bank, investor or money sources which specialize in the type of loan you seek.

In other words, if a bank, investment firm or money source specialize in loans for real estate, then seek this source for real estate deals.  If a bank or money source specializes in business acquisition or expansion, then seek these them for this purpose.

Too often entrepreneurs approach a bank with a great proposal or executive summary only to be turned down.  For example, if you approach a small local bank for a loan to expand your import business the chances are slim to none of obtaining it.

What’s more, if you approach a Wall Street investment bank for a $40,000 auto loan, you’ll probably be turned down.  But… if you apply for an auto loan at a local credit union specializing in auto loans the chances are very high you’ll get it!

It’s important to focus on the bank or money sources which specialize in the type of loan you seek.  Grants follow this same logic…

The reason most grant proposals are turned down is because they don’t focus on grantor’s sole objective. If you want grant money to build your operation then build your proposal around the grantor’s sole objective (not yours).

One of my favorite money source gurus is Tyler Hicks. If you research his site, books and products you’ll see what I mean. I’ve been a subscriber to his newsletters for more than 15 years.

New Small Business Money Sources

Small business banks and money sources are usually very receptive to lending money for business opportunities, expansion and qualified real estate ventures.

Simply contact any of the banks listed in the resource section and request an application.

New Import Export Money Sources

Import and export banks and lenders typically focus on import and export businesses and related transactions.

These money sources include venture capital funds, banks, investment firms, and wealthy investors.

You can contact any of these money sources for an application and funding guidelines.

*    UPS Capital

*    Comerica

*    Virgin Money US

*    Capital Source

*    Fidelity Global Group

*    J&D Financial

*    Balboa Capital

*    First Pacific Funding

*    1st Commercial Credit

*    Bayview Funding

*    Transfac Capitol

*    TEFO

*    International Finance and Development Corp.

*    Kennedy Funding

*    Overseas Private Investment Corporation

*    xPort Manager

Solvent Investment Banks

An investment bank is a financial institution which assists corporations and governments in raising capital by underwriting and acting as the agent in the issuance of securities.

In other words, an investment bank typically focuses on larger corporations and governments to raise capital.

Investment banks do not usually work with small companies or entrepreneurs.

An investment bank also helps companies involved in mergers and acquisitions.

Unlike commercial and retail banks investment banks do not receive deposits from customers.


Cash is King Right?

Do you need cash now, quickly, easily and ethically? Sure you do, that’s what we’ve all been looking for. However, it seems like we run into the same problems…There is either not enough time in the day, lack of know-how or simply do not have any products to sell.

Am I right?

That’s why I’m sending you this urgent bulletin…

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Bankers Trust

BMO Financial Group

Brown, Brothers Harriman & Co


Credit Suisse

Goldman Sachs

ING International

JP Morgan

Merrill Lynch

Morgan Stanley

OCBC (Thailand)


Hot Money Sources on the Web!





FreddieMac (They’re still in business and making loans!)

Griffon Bank

As I said…Ty Hicks publishes International Wealth Success which focuses on money sources, grants, angel investors and contacts in the lending industry. You’ll find hundreds of viable money sources and contacts at IWS.

Fast Cash Loans and Money Additional Money Sources

Fast cash or micro business loan are usually in the $1000 to $20,000 range.

A new web-based micro-lender called Kiva enables investors to make some micro loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

More Viable Loan Sources:


Vancouver City Savings Credit Union

Virtual Bank

America Business Funding Directory (4000+ business loan sources)

The Credit Union National Association (a peer-to-peer lending platform)

Snap Payday

Philanthropists Can Donate Cash for the “Right” Causes

Wealthy individuals enthusiastically hand over millions of dollars through foundations, to people and causes.

The “right cause” is a key to receiving money for your cause or venture.

The likelihood of receiving money from wealthy individuals to pay bills, buy a new car, or acquire a new boat is pretty slim.

But thousands of people, groups and organizations receive money from wealthy individuals by asking for it, or by promising to commit the funds to the “right cause”.

The late Percy Ross in Edina, Minnesota was the founder of the “Thanks a Million” newspaper column. It reached millions of people every week. Individuals could write to Percy with their requests, and many of the requests were honored with an award.

Here are some wealthy individuals and organizations granting cash awards to the “right causes” on a regular basis:

Dorothy Ames Trust
PO Box 1054
Augusta ME 04330
Aid to hearing-impaired children

Thomas C. Burke Foundation
804 Cherry Street
Suite B
Macon GA
Medical assistance to cancer patients in Georgia

Josiah H. Danforth Memorial Fund
8 Fremont Street
Gloversville NY 12078
Medical assistance to residents of Fulton County NY

Alfred I. DuPont Foundation
1650 Prudential Drive
Suite 400
Jacksonville FL 32207
Financial assistance to residents of Southeastern US

Addison H. Gibson Foundation
One PPG Place
Suite 2230
Pittsburgh PA 15222
Hospital and medical assistance for residents of Western Pennsylvania

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a publication which tracks financial giving from wealthy individuals and foundations to non-profit organizations. You might find it helpful.

The Foundation Center in New York City provides an abundance of information and insight with regards to securing gifts and money from philanthropists or foundations, as well as tutorials for writing successful letters.

Generous Philanthropists

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
$7 billion
Science, environment, health

Bill and Melinda Gates
$5 billion
Health, education, science, libraries

Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway
$2 billion
Science, health, nuclear power

Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation
$1 billion
Education, the arts, science

James and Virginia Stowers Foundation
$1.2 billion
Biomedical research, health, education

The Walton Family Foundation

Michael and Susan Dell Foundation
$900 million
Children’s health, education

George Kaiser Family Foundation
$600 million

Ruth Lilly Foundation
$550 million
Poetry, education, libraries, culture

Michael Bloomberg Foundation
$520 million
Education, health care, arts and culture

Veronica Atkins Foundation
$500 million
Eradication of obesity and diabetes

Jeff Skoll Foundation
$450 million

Kirk Kerkorian Foundation
$450 million
Humanitarian causes

Pierre and Pam Omidyar Foundation
$400 million

Patrick and Lore Harp McGovern Foundation
$350 million
Brain research

Bernard Marcus Foundation
$300 million
Aquarium, health care, Jewish causes

Paul Allen Family Foundation
$290 million
Arts, science, technology, brain research offers access to more than 900 foundations and generous philanthropists!

I’ve included a boatload of money sources, angel investors, loan resources and more in this week’s issue.

Always remember to focus on the bank, investor or money sources which specialize in the type of funding you seek. This will increase your odds of getting the money you need a hundred fold!


A Shocking yet Surprising Video

I have something a little unusual to share with you today.

It involves a story of a former “dancer” who was able to turn her life around in a very short period of time.  She did this using a rather unconventional method.  One she personally admits was a little embarrassing to share.

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I hope that helps.

Your humble host,

Marc Charles

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as “The King of Business Opportunities” ….and for good reason. He should be known as “The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities”…because he’s launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities. Marc has agreed supply League of Power members with crucial updates regarding legitimate business and money making opportunities.)

***** Action Strategy *****

Why do you need money?  Is it to acquire or expand a business? Or would you like to develop some real estate or buy foreclosed homes and condos?

Whatever the reason it’s important to focus on the bank or money sources which specialize in the type of loan you seek. In other words, if a bank, investment bank or money source specializes in loans for real estate, then go to this source for real estate deals.

Contact the money source and ask them for an application, or to explain their process for getting the capital you need.

Granted, everyone gets turned down for money requests. No problem. If you focus on money sources ALREADY granting requests in your area, the odds increase in your favor… a big way!  Have fun and play nice.

*****Valuable Resources*****

More Money Sources! (If you can believe it!)

Crowne Point Funding
864 498 3427
[email protected]

CLD Funding
813 839 0340

Mass Private Lending
Erik Potter

Telfair Capital


Small Business Money Sources:

Regions Bank
(256) 259-1516

Bank of America Community Development Bank
(626) 453-8400

Lee County Bank & Trust Co.
(319) 372-2243

Wells Fargo
(515) 245-3262

Trust Bank
(618) 395-4311

(219) 758-3111

Bank of Tampa
(813) 872-1201

McIntosh State Bank
(770) 775-8300

Bank of Dudley
(912) 676-3196

First Bank of Berne
(219) 589-2151

Intrust Bank National
(316) 383-1299

Adams Bank & Trust Co.
(308) 284-4071

Champlain National Bank
(518) 873-6347

Luzerne National Bank
(570) 288-4511

The Bank of Charlotte County
(804) 542-5111

Wheatland Bank Inc.
(509) 725-0211

Central State Bank
(205) 668-0711

Bank of the Ozarks
(501) 978-2265

Perkins Financial Group
(352) 528-3101

(920) 563-6616

Stephenson National Bank & Trust Co.
(715) 732-1650

City National Bank
(304) 925-6611

(304) 235-1523

West Suburban Bank
(630) 629-4200

First National Bank
(812) 238-6333

CoreFirst Bank & Trust
(785) 267-8900

Gulf Coast Bank
(318) 893-7733

Hancock Bank of Louisiana
(225) 295-7444

(410) 237-5379

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