Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Claims of Hypocrisy Can’t Phase You When You’re a Power-Mad Democrat

Jerry NadlerCongresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) says she gets a “calming feeling” when she thinks about the Holocaust. Remember when Congressman Steve King (R-IA) was kicked off of every committee assignment in the House a few months ago, when he was literally misquoted by the New York Times? That will never happen to Tlaib for her awful comments.

If anything, Nancy Pelosi will accuse you of committing a hate crime, Islamophobic violence incitement, and endangering Tlaib’s life if you quote her. But stripping a Democrat of committee assignments because of her Jew-hating remarks? Please.

That’s only a standard that the weak-kneed Republican leadership holds for its party members. Pelosi will see your “calming feeling” and raise you a Farrakhan!

Speaking of hypocritical double standards from the power-mad Democrats, how about that “Contempt of Congress” vote against Attorney General Bill Barr? This was an entirely politicized cheap shot – a revenge vote against Republicans for their legitimate Contempt of Congress vote against Barack Obama’s “wingman” Eric Holder. Whenever Democrat’s fangs begin dripping with sanctimonious venom, you can tell they’re engaged in psychological projection.

Eric Holder, in addition to being America’s first affirmative action Attorney General, was going to forever have an asterisk next to his name in the history books. He was the first and only Attorney General in US history to be voted in Contempt of Congress for being an incompetent and partisan liar.

Democrats held a contempt vote against Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr so there will no longer be an asterisk next to Holder’s name as the only AG with that shameful mark against him. It’s now perfectly normal for Congress to hold an Attorney General in contempt.

But the Holder and Barr contempt votes are like apples and oranges. Bill Barr was held in contempt for not revealing identifying grand jury information from the Mueller Dossier to Congress. Bill Barr wasn’t stamping his feet and defying Congress by refusing to reveal this information. It’s the law.

Personal identifying details about grand juries are secret. We can’t know that information so that grand jury members can’t be publicly doxed, threatened, vilified or murdered by the media, angry Hillary voters or Rashida Tlaib’s relatives. Without a court order, Bill Barr cannot legally release that information. Barr was held in contempt by Democrats for following the law. Eric Holder, by comparison, got scores of people murdered and tried to cover it up.

Operation Fast and Furious was a crackpot plan hatched by Barack Obama and Holder. This was a plan that sounded like something out of a spy novel – if the novel was written by a chimpanzee that was high on magic mushrooms. Obama and Holder decided to sell guns to a Mexican drug cartel – you know, the guys who literally taught ISIS how to instill fear in people with beheading videos?

They would write down the serial numbers on the guns and sell them to the cartels. Then, when those guns were used to mow down your friends and neighbors, Americans would get really mad and demand that Obama overturn the Second Amendment.

The plan backfired when one of those guns was used by the drug cartel to murder a Border Patrol agent, and ATF agents suddenly started to blow the whistle on Holder and Obama’s madcap plan. Fast and Furious went into super-backfire mode when one of the guns that they sold to the cartel ended up being used by the Muslim terrorists who carried out the Bataclan nightclub massacre in Paris in 2015. Oops.



Let’s pause to compare the death tolls that led to two different Attorneys General being held in Contempt of Congress.

Deaths linked to AG William Barr withholding legally protected grand jury information: Zero

Deaths linked to AG Eric Holder’s Operation Fast & Furious: 131

But Eric Holder wasn’t even held in Contempt of Congress for getting scores of innocent people murdered through his insane plan, which was authorized by Barack Obama. Holder was held in contempt for withholding Executive branch documents from Congress.

The House Oversight Committee had been politely requesting those documents for 15 months straight, as the Fast & Furious body count continued to rise. The ATF was also furiously (and illegally) retaliating against whistleblowers who had dared to tell Congress that Holder and Obama were selling guns to a murderous drug cartel.

Under a little-known system called “checks and balances,” Congress had every right and the authority to request the documents related to Fast and Furious. Eric Holder tried every trick in the book to keep from releasing those documents to Congress. When Holder’s final court appeal was rejected and he was about to be forced to relinquish those documents to the House, Obama swooped in and claimed “executive privilege” over the documents. Congress and the American people will never know the extent of the damage and harm that Obama and Holder caused through Fast & Furious because of this.

Unlike the Fast & Furious case, there is literally a law on the books that AG Bill Barr is following. Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e) prohibits grand jury information from being released to Congress. That’s a law that was passed… by Congress.

The courts have always upheld that law in the past. Grand jury secrecy is extremely important. If you served on a grand jury and indicted a mob boss, a drug cartel assassin or Hillary Clinton, would you want your name to be released to Congress or the media? Of course not. That would be a virtual death sentence – especially if you indicted the Clintons.

Democrats didn’t negotiate with the Trump administration for 15 months or take anyone to court. They asked Barr for the secret grand jury information and he politely and patiently explained the law to them. About four days later, Bill Barr was held in Contempt of Congress for upholding the law. Eric Holder was held in Contempt of Congress for a cover-up – namely, for hiding public record documents linked to 131 known murders.

Even Chairman Jerrold Nadler knows that his contempt vote against Barr is weak sauce. No court would ever grant Nadler access to the grand jury information he wants. It’s obvious that Democrats want to punish the everyday Americans who did their civic duty on the grand jury, looked at Mueller’s evidence and did not indict anyone from the Trump campaign for Russian collusion. The Democrats are also desperate to stop AG William Barr, because they know what’s coming next.

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