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Democrats Impeachment Efforts Just Hit a Huge Snag

Did you notice the narrative shift? Mainstream media doesn’t talk about Russiagate very much anymore. You can’t pinpoint the day it happened, but they changed all of their talking points from Russian collusion to President Trump is racist.

That’s the new means by which they’ll attack the President. They put all of their eggs in the Mueller basket, and, somehow, managed to switch to this new basket fairly seamlessly.

The country has largely moved on from all of that Russiagate nonsense, but a group of Democrats and all of the crazy left-wingers are still calling for impeachment. After almost three years, they still haven’t accepted that Donald Trump legitimately won the election. It’s pretty sad, and it’s also something we have to deal with.

The group of Democrats still fighting for impeachment is led by Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY). You might remember him as the guy who swore he had proof that President Trump colluded with Russia. We’re still waiting on that.

That aside, even Nadler acknowledges that impeachment has to move fast or it won’t stand a chance. By his estimate, if articles aren’t brought to a full House vote by the end of autumn, impeachment will never happen.

It’s important to remember this timeline as you keep reading. Once Nadler is out of the game, no one is left who can actually make impeachment a thing.

A New Judicial Ruling

That’s exactly why Nadler and his committee tried to rush a few court proceedings. Two, in particular, were brought to Chief Judge Beryl Howell.

The hope was to get one judge to quickly approve both requests so as to keep the impeachment train running. Instead, Judge Howell completely derailed that train. To understand, we have to discuss each case.

The first case involved a filing to unseal a grand jury testimony. The particular testimony in question was redacted in the official Mueller report. Nadler wants it unsealed to see if there’s anything in it that could be used against President Trump. We don’t know what is in the testimony, but the fact that Mueller’s biased team never brought it up and never leaked it suggests that it’s a big nothing-burger.

The second case is trying to force a subpoena on Don McGhan. He formerly worked as White House counsel, and his name is in the Mueller report more than once. He did fully cooperate with the investigation, and as part of his cooperation, he has been able to avoid Congressional subpoena. At this point, the only way Nadler can force McGhan to appear before his committee is with a judicial order.

Neither of these cases sound significant, but you have to remember that Nadler is desperate. All of the things that were supposed to destroy President Trump’s career have fallen flat. He needs new ammunition, and he isn’t finding it anywhere. If Nadler won both of these cases, he’d still have an uphill battle, but he didn’t win either of them.

Instead, Judge Howell ruled that each case has to be refiled and viewed independently by separate judges. It’s such a simple, common thing, but it’s devastating to the impeachment plan. Now, the earliest that either case can be fully settled is September 30. That doesn’t leave a lot of room to find, review and exploit new dirt on the President (if the dirt can even be found).

The Bleak Future for Impeachment

Let’s put this in context. A judge just derailed impeachment proceedings without even ruling on the cases in question. That’s how flimsy the whole thing is. Mueller completely destroyed impeachment, and the desperate Democrats who won’t give up are up against a wall. To put it in simpler terms, only a large-scale, fully corrupt endeavor could make impeachment happen by the end of fall.

That’s the final red flag you need to keep in your mind as we move towards 2020. Well, there will be plenty of red flags for other attacks, but impeachment can be boiled down to this simple fact.

Basically, President Trump is in the clear. He should probably have someone on the staff keep an eye on proceedings, but he doesn’t need to worry about impeachment anymore. The fight is dead in the water, and the Russia nonsense is finally, fully behind us.

Any leftists who continue to talk about it or push the idea aren’t worth your time. They’re no longer the main threat, and it’s time to change our focus.

None of this will change how the Democrats operate. They’re going to fight tooth and nail against our President in every way they can. But, every time they have to shift tactics, they lose more sanity and more support.

Even the New York Times admitted that in their leaked meeting notes. The Russia story is dead, so now they have to try and paint President Trump as a racist. That’s going to fail too, but it will be another long, ridiculous battle.

For now, we can revel in a small victory that bears large significance. With impeachment behind us, the sane citizens of this country can focus on taking more positive steps towards that great America we all want.

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