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Did Obama Have the Air Force Helping ISIS in Iraq & Syria?

Syrian leader Bashar al Assad has sat down for his first interview with a western media outlet in years. He had some interesting things to say about his arch-nemesis Barack Hussein Obama, for those who listened closely and remember recent history.

You might remember that during the civil war that Hillary Clinton and Obama sparked in Syria, many nations were baffled at how ISIS was able to smuggle tons of refined oil out of the country to finance its operations. Assad says that ISIS had some help from the Obama administration.

In the interview with RT that was published this week, Assad stated in plain English:

“ISIS used to sell Syrian oil through Turkey, with the umbrella of the American Air Forces, and of course the support of the Turkish – the involvement of the Turks, not the support, the involvement – in selling this oil.”

Before anyone gets all huffy and claims that this is Russian propaganda, Israel accused Turkey of doing the exact same thing. And although Israel did not claim that the US Air Force was involved, it doesn’t sound that far-fetched when you remember the war crimes of the Obama administration throughout the Middle East and Africa.

In fairness, Assad did not provide any proof to back up these claims. It is interesting, however, that multiple nations’ intelligence services have said Turkey – one of our NATO “allies” – was aiding ISIS in various ways throughout the civil war there. Turkey’s Islamic dictator, who is supposed to be way different and not as awful an Islamic dictator as Assad for some reason, threw open his nation’s western border to allow the Islamic migrant “crisis” to flood into Europe.


As for Obama’s involvement, some of us have been shouting it from the rooftops for years. The New York Times reported in 2014 that then-Secretary of State John Kerry was providing cash to ISIS recruiters in Pakistan. American tax dollars, thanks to the Obama administration, were paying signing bonuses for every foreign fighter who volunteered to travel to Syria and join ISIS.

Another report proved how the Kerry-run State Department under Obama was paying monthly stipends to ISIS fighters, also courtesy of the American taxpayers (and without a vote from Congress ever taking place). It was only $30 a month, but still – the cost of living wasn’t all that high within the Caliphate while it was operational and beheading Yazidi women for the television cameras.

The Obama-Biden administration’s foreign policy always involved either sending American troops into places where we had no business being or sending direct cash payments to the bad guys in every conflict.

Remember the “Arab Spring” during Obama’s reign? With hindsight 20/20, those revolutionary movements which were supposedly “grassroots, organic” uprisings, look remarkably similar to the antics of Black Lives Matter and Antifa this summer, don’t they?

After the Muslim Brotherhood toppled our allies in Egypt, the Obama administration sent them a billion dollars in cash. It was a convenient coincidence that Barack Obama’s polygamous brother, Roy, was the accountant in charge of the Muslim Brotherhood’s money.

Libya, another big foreign policy “success” of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, now has human slave markets where black Africans are being bought and sold on a daily basis. The Muslim Brotherhood made a big cash haul in Libya as well, not to mention the weapons caches they secured after that little incident in Benghazi.

The common link between the leaders in Egypt, Libya and Syria (and Saddam Hussein in Iraq, for that matter) is that none of the Islamic rulers of those countries were Wahabi Sunnis. The Muslim Brotherhood, which every adult member of the extended Obama family belongs to, is a Sunni organization (as ISIS and Al Qaeda were/are). Turkish President Recep Erdogan is a Sunni Muslim, while Bashar al Assad of Syria is a Baathist (Assad allows Christian minorities to live peacefully and unmolested within his borders – unlike our Turkish “ally”).

Barack Obama and Joe Biden used American foreign policy, cash, weaponry and military assets to fight a religious war between Sunni terrorist organizations and non-Sunni leaders across the Arab world. Their biggest problem is that they failed to take out Assad before they left office. And now Assad is talking.

We don’t know whether there’s any truth to Assad’s claims that the US Air Force was used to help aid in black market sales of oil for ISIS. But knowing everything else that Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry did on behalf of Sunni terror groups – would it surprise anyone at this point?

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