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Epstein Docs Unsealed: Looks Like We Can Finally Count Hillary Out in 2020

If you thought that the Russian collusion hoax was bad, wait until you hear what Robert Mueller and James Comey did with Jeffrey Epstein’s victims. I’ve been noting for the past several years that Hillary Clinton would do or say anything to be the 2020 Democrat Party presidential nominee. I’ve also believed this entire time that events were being orchestrated to ensure that she would be the nominee. But now that a judge has finally unsealed the Jeffrey Epstein court documents, Hillary’s plans have come to an end. The Clinton Crime Family’s time in American politics is over.

Independent journalist and filmmaker Mike Cernovich has been trying to get the Epstein documents unsealed for years. That noble cause met with success on Friday. More than 2,000 pages have been posted online here. Many of the names of powerful individuals – men and women – who are accused of sexually abusing underage children on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island are still redacted.

However, many are not. According to the documents, Ghislaine Maxwell – Epstein’s alleged pimp – ordered underage girls on Epstein’s island to have sex with the following list of powerful men:

  • Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (D)
  • Attorney and Fox News contributor Alan Dershowitz
  • Hedge fund manager and Democrat Party donor Glenn Dubin
  • Stephen Kaufmann, a Canadian diplomat
  • Prince Andrew
  • French model scout Jean-Luc Brunel
  • MIT scientist Marvin Minsky

And of course, the biggest and most newsworthy name of all on the list is Bill Clinton.

It’s also interesting to note that Al Gore and his wife Tipper visited Epstein’s island in 2000, when Gore was running for president against George W. Bush (although, unlike Bill Clinton, Al Gore is not accused of raping any children while he was hanging out with Epstein).


The victims describe Jeffrey Epstein’s island as a constant orgy. Underage girls from Europe and the United States were frequently flown in to be sexually abused by Epstein and the men named above, before being flown back to their home countries and dumped in the streets. For the first time, we now have a witness accusation that Bill Clinton did not just fly on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet (26 times). Bill Clinton is accused of participating in orgies with Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and multiple underage girls on Epstein’s private island.

There are many troubling aspects to this story, so it’s hard to even know where to begin.

For one thing, these documents have been sealed for years. The American people were not allowed to know about these accusations against Bill Clinton prior to the 2016 election, despite the fact that he was credibly accused as far back as 2011 of allegedly engaging in sex with children.

Alan Dershowitz helped to write the court agreement years ago that granted immunity to Epstein’s co-conspirators, in exchange for Epstein pleading guilty to a sweetheart deal of “soliciting prostitution.” In other words, after Alan Dershowitz was accused of sexual activity with children, he was allowed by corrupt prosecutors to write an immunity deal for himself, as well as the rest of the “alleged” creeps involved.

Epstein’s victims allege that he videotaped everything for blackmail purposes. He videotaped Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Bill Richardson and everyone else involved in the orgies with underage victims on the island. Where are those tapes? Why haven’t prosecutors bothered to track them down? I suppose we know the answers to those questions.

According to the unsealed documents, the victims went to the FBI in 2011 with their accusations about Bill Clinton. Robert Mueller was the Director of the FBI at the time. The FBI ignored the cries of the victims and swept the whole thing under the rug.

Hillary Clinton left her position as Obama’s Secretary of State in 2013. It was public knowledge that the reason why she left the job was because she was running for president in 2016. She started fundraising and holding focus groups in 2013, even though she wouldn’t make her “official” announcement for two more years.

In 2014, Epstein’s victims went back to the FBI when James Comey was the new director. They shared their accusations about Bill Clinton participating in orgies with underage girls, Epstein and Maxwell. James Comey did the same thing as his good friend Robert Mueller: He ignored the cries of Epstein and Bill Clinton’s victims, and swept the whole thing under the rug.

James Comey and Robert Mueller helped to cover up Jeffrey Epstein’s international child sex trafficking ring in order to protect the Clintons and other powerful elites. They took no action when credible accusations were made against powerful Democrats. They chased the Russian collusion hoax with unparalleled zealotry but couldn’t be bothered to investigate accusations of the elites transporting children across international boundaries for sex parties. Not even the FBI was willing to take on the powerful cabal that was participating in Epstein’s satanic activities. Does anyone still believe Jeffrey Epstein killed himself?

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