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How the Hermanator Paved the Way for Donald Trump

China has murdered Herman Cain. The 67-year-old cancer survivor succumbed to the Chinese bioweapon this week. Our condolences go out to his family at this time. “The Hermanator” led a remarkable life and we owe him a debt of gratitude for his 2012 run for the Republican nomination for president. Cain’s reaction to the slings and arrows that were hurled his way showed Donald Trump how he could run in 2016 – and win.

Naturally, the garbage people employed by the mainstream media and the Never Trumpers are celebrating Cain’s passing. Joy Reid of MSNBC tweeted that she feels real super bad for Cain’s family because Trump killed Cain by holding a rally, at which Herman Cain did not wear a mask. Evan McMuffin or whatever his name is tweeted that Cain is “the first senior casualty of the science denial Trump cult.”

Stay classy, Democrats and Never Trumpers!

Cain’s flat tax plan in 2012 wasn’t exactly original, but it was a refreshing break from the GOP always blathering about tax cuts without talking about reforming the IRS itself. Cain called it the 9-9-9 plan – a 9% personal income tax rate for everyone, a 9% business transactions tax and a 9% federal sales tax. I don’t know whether that would have worked out mathematically, but since Herman Cain helped the US Navy design its fire control ballistics for ships and fighter planes after earning a master’s degree in computer science, I took his word for it.

But it was Herman Cain’s pro-America stance against illegal immigration that launched him from the middle of the crowded Republican field that year into immediate front-runner status. At a campaign rally in Texas, Cain told the crowd that he didn’t want a wall on the southern border; he said he’d rather have a big electric fence with a fatal amount of electricity coursing through it.

Game over. Herman Cain suddenly shot from 2 to 3% in all of the national polls to a double-digit lead over Newt Gingrich and the rest of the crowd. The media started to get worried. They were supposed to be maneuvering the race so that Pierre Delecto, also known as Mitt Romney, would be the nominee to lose to Obama. But Herman Cain had suddenly seized the stage with an idea so popular that it could very well have upset the entire apple cart.

Do you think a certain New York real estate tycoon was watching all of this? Oh, you bet he was!

Pierre Delecto was the most unlikeable candidate in the race – by far. So, the first attempt to derail Cain’s campaign (and Gingrich’s) was to no longer allow enough time for anyone to formulate real answers in the debates. Cain and Gingrich responded by pulling out of a televised CNN debate. This was unprecedented in modern American politics.

Instead of heading into an unfair fight that was rigged against them, Cain and Gingrich sat down together in a different venue. Then, the two of them proceeded to engage in a real discussion of the issues in 2012. The event drew almost as many live internet viewers as the televised debate that they skipped out on. It was also probably the last adult conversation to happen in America, given the way that public discourse has eroded in the Twitter age since then.

Donald Trump was watching that as well. The idea of running a presidential campaign and not following the rigged rules that the media had set seems pretty familiar by now, doesn’t it? But it had never been tried before Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich did it.

Trump was also watching when the fake news media took Herman Cain’s campaign down. Celebrity ambulance-chasing attorney Gloria Allred slithered in front of the cameras with some broad claiming Herman Cain had sexually harassed her in an elevator decades before. The vicious media smears immediately piled on after that. It was too much for Herman Cain and his family, so the frontrunner dropped out of the race, paving the way for Pierre Delecto to lose to Obama.

Donald Trump walked into the 2016 campaign with his eyes open. He knew what would work, what the people wanted and how to combat the smears of the fake news media – because he had watched and learned from his friend Herman Cain. It’s too bad that we have such a garbage media that it’s now smearing Cain upon his death. A lot of black Americans could have looked up to Herman Cain as a great role model, if only the media would tell the truth about his life.

Enjoy this clip of Herman Cain questioning President Clinton over his national healthcare plan. It perfectly highlight ther Hermanator’s brilliancy and his business acumen…and he also makes Clinton’s eyes show total defeat, when he realizes, “Oh, whoops, this guy actually knows what he’s talking about and he just sunk my whole freaking plan!”

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