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I Think I Love My Husband

Let me start this article by saying I love my husband. He is the most caring man in the world and very handsome too. But he drives my batty sometimes (read: all the time)! I mean the man never throws anything away.

He’s a pack rat.

He has t-shirts from college for Pete’s sake! We recently moved and during the packing process went through some old clothing items in his armoire. I found two t-shirts crumpled up, underneath all the others, that had tiny holes near the bottom from God knows what. When I motioned to put the two shirts in the trash he insisted the t-shirts were still wearable! I thought the man had gone mad!


Have You Received Your Code Yet?

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Our house is full of items we haven’t used in years. There is the stereo receiver from five years back that sits in the attic. It’s never been used and only taken out of the box once, on the day he bought it. Then there are the stereo speakers that have found a nice resting spot in our closet. It’s been in the same place, untouched for over a year now.

All of these actions drive me nuts! My philosophy is that if something hasn’t been used in the last 12 months then it needs to find a new home. As you might have guessed my husband and I butt heads occasionally on this subject.

Thankfully I found a solution that brought my husband and me to a common ground. I found an online marketplace that allows me to turn these items into cash without all the hassle of ebay. let’s you sell, trade or recycle items. This way I don’t have to throw anything away, the items still get used. This is a win-win for our family. My husband likes the fact that his precious items get a second life with a new family and we’re both happy to get the cash! bills itself as an Eco-friendly website that will either give you cash for your electronics or recycle your items for you.

Turning Your Unused Stuff Into Cold Hard Cash

I like this site better than eBay. It’s a much simpler process for selling items. Ebay is a great site, don’t get me wrong but the user has to invest time and effort to sell their items. A seller must research what a fair price for their items are, post detailed pictures, and write persuasive descriptions that entice buyers. If any one of those things is missing an item is much less likely to sell.

Plus they give me cash for my gadgets and then THEY sell the item. I bypass all of the hard parts and get right to the good part, the cold hard cash!

Another thing I don’t like about Ebay is figuring out how to ship the items I sell and how much to charge buyers for it. I never know if I am charging too little or too much until I take the items to the post office.

When I sell an item to Gazelle I eliminate this problem as well. Gazelle is the one who figures out shipping methods, transit times and correct shipping charges.

You might be thinking well you’ve still got to ship your item to Gazelle’s headquarters so you still have to research shipping. No! Gazelle will send you a pre-paid shipping label. They pay for all shipping charges and will even send you a box to mail your items to them in! They completely eliminate all the hassle!

When you sell an item to Gazelle you answer a few questions about the condition of the product and any accessories that go along with your items. Gazelle will tell you the approximate value of your item so you can decide if you want to sell it to them before sending it in. If you do send the item to Gazelle, you can expect to hear from them within a day two of your item arriving at their headquarters. They’ll evaluate your item to make sure it’s in the condition you said it was in and get a final price on what they are willing to give you for the item.

Gazelle will pay you by check, Paypal or you can donate the money to your favorite charity. They also have special relationships with and Costco, so you can choose to get gift cards to these stores instead. Plus, you’ll get an additional 5% bonus if you choose to get paid in gift cards! The whole process takes only about a week and you get email alerts every step on the way.

If Gazelle determines they can’t re-sell your item they will dispose of the gadget in an eco-friendly manner. Luckily there are options like these for those who don’t want to fill landfills with items that are still useful.

The caveat to all this is that they only buy and sell electronics. They deal only with cell phones, computers, cameras, satellite radio, video games, etc. But if you have the iPhone 3 and have just ordered the iPhone 4, don’t throw away your old cell phone. Sell it to Gazelle. Why not make some money off of an item you were going to get rid of! Prices for an iPhone 3G, 8GB, in good condition sells for anywhere from $119 to $186.

Since Gazelle is the only one taking a financial risk by selling the item for you, you should expect to get less cash than you would if you sold it yourself. Essentially they are an online pawn shop and they have to make money too. So most likely you’ll get a little bit less than market value for your item. Though, you’re turning your old stuff into money instead of wasted space.

The average customer gets anywhere from $20 to $150 for their items. My advice is to not wait too long to sell your unused electronics. Every day that goes by reduces the amount you’ll get for your gadgets. The older an item is the less you’ll get for it.

So how much extra cash do you have sitting around your house?

Next time you upgrade your cell phone, camera, or other electronic device don’t stash the old model in a drawer somewhere, sell it and infuse your bank account with some extra green.

Until Next Week…

Nancy Patterson


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