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Joe Biden Threatens War with Allied Nations Over Global Warming

Most of us were so taken aback by Joe Biden’s Green New Deal flip-flopping in the debate that we totally missed him attacking America’s allies over global warming. But our allies caught it – and now they’re mad. Brazil’s MAGA President Jair Bolsonaro called Joe Biden a coward for threatening his country. Great going, Diplomacy Joe!

Biden’s global warming okey-doke was stunningly hypocritical during the debates.

“I do not support the Green New Deal!” insisted Joe as he pounded the podium with his frail, skeletal old-man hand.

Not ten seconds later, Biden declared, “Besides, the Green New Deal will pay for itself!”

To paraphrase one of Joe Biden’s Democrat primary opponents from earlier this year: Did you forget what you just said, Joe? Sure looks that way.

I was so focused on that incredible flip-flop that I completely missed when Biden started threatening US allies over global warming. This is the closest that Joe Biden has come to actually verbalizing a policy this year, so it’s worth considering what he said.

Biden stated that Brazil is “ripping down” the Amazon rainforest. He said that he would come up with $20 billion (from somewhere) and offer that to Brazil to stop “ripping down” the rainforests. Brazil is a different country from America the last time we checked. But if Brazil does not follow Joe Biden’s orders, there would be “economic consequences.”

Just to be clear: Joe Biden is threatening economic sanctions against America’s allies if they don’t follow his insane global warming commands.


Brazil isn’t Iran or North Korea. The country is a US ally. They’re not fighting with anyone and they have free elections. Brazil is a nice country. In fact, Brazil is a lot nicer than America in a lot of ways because they don’t have a federal equivalent to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Here are just a few examples of things that happen in Brazil that no longer happen in America due to EPA regulations:

Hotels in Brazil offer hot showers. Dishwashers in Brazil use hot water to kill bacteria off your plates, and the washers use enough water to actually clean the dishes. Same with clothes washers – the water is hot enough to actually clean your clothes. And the toilets? Oh, sweet, merciful universe! The toilets in Brazil use enough water to flush on the first attempt. I don’t think they even have to sell toilet plungers in Brazil. It’s amazing.

But Joe Biden is going to sanction Brazil if that nation doesn’t do his bidding when it comes to global warming.

Instead of attacking America’s allies over non-existent problems, how about if Joe Biden addresses the looming environmental solar panel catastrophe that’s coming down the pipeline due to green energy? Oh, you didn’t know about that? Pull up a chair, then.

Solar panels DIE. Did you know this? I didn’t know this until I heard about it for the first time a few days ago. All solar panels have a functional lifespan of about 25 years, at which point they go completely “kaput” and die. Back when a certain accused rapist from Tennessee (Al Gore) was vice president, liberals adopted global warming as their new official party religion. That’s when the “green energy” craze kicked off and power companies started building solar panels like mad, because they believed they were saving the planet and because the federal government incentivized this insane practice.

Well, guess what? All of those solar panels that were built 25 years ago are about to start dying. Each and every year, more of them will die.

And none of the components in solar panels are recyclable. They just turn into pile of junk that have to be dumped in a landfill somewhere.

Within the next three to five years, America will begin generating 78 million metric tons of solar panel garbage every year. That’s more garbage from solar panels alone than many European countries generate. (In fairness, Europe was smart enough to build safe nuclear plants.) And we’re going to have to figure out somewhere to put all of those junked solar panels. Like everything else related to the Green New Deal and the Democrat Party’s global warming religion, solar panels were always a lie.

So, the good news is that we’ve finally managed to pin Joe Biden down on an actual policy position. The bad news is that he’s willing to go to war with America’s allies over global warming.

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  1. Lee C. Roman October 16, 2020 at 4:44 pm

    It sounds to me like Hidden Biden is just trying to get the green votes on election day here in America, and then, if he wins, he will start kissing tushies in Brazil to recreate the comfort zone with our foreign allies.

    He’s like a one-man ping pong game bouncing back and forth. Unfortunately, he’s a transparent Ping Pong Ball.

    Pong Away Biden

  2. russell October 17, 2020 at 3:47 pm

    joe is a demented loose cannon ad should wear a gag with the nask

  3. jboo7 October 18, 2020 at 5:00 am

    The Bidens AND Obama have more things to answer:
    How would Obama react, if he were asked what he and Biden did after Ferguson – and all his other Black Deaths?
    And what would he say if asked about the hundreds of thousands of Africans he killed in Libya?
    And how would he explain how Biden junior profited from Daddy’s and Obama’s Fascist Coup in Ukraine?
    Hunter Biden would never even have heard of Ukraine, not to mention Burisma, if not his father had been Obama’s chief rep. in the “Regime Change”, speak Maidan Massacre (plus the Odessa one, and the several ones around DonBass).
    Joe Biden’s and Ms. Nuland’s connection with and support for “Our Yats” (Yatseniuk, founder and head of the Ukrainian Fascist Party), and the murderous activities of “Our Yats” and his deputy Mr. Paruby were the basis for young Mr. Biden’s unexpected business riches, and it is hardly likely that the ‘Beneficiary’ will not give the ‘Benefactor’ some share in the shameful loot.
    We have to bear in mind that, immediately after the Maidan shooting that killed 100 innocent people, the Ukrainian Parliamentary Commission found that “no police weapons were involved in the killings” – so, the NYT and WashPost and Obama stories about “police did it” are a clear lie.
    In fact, the weapons were Saiga hunting rifles (with sniper visors) brought to Kiev by the fascist Mr. Salogi Parasyuk and his troop (of 20 or so who had been trained in NATO Poland) who fired onto Maidan Square from a building, not direct on the square but in Gomoldetsky Street.
    A “nice” trick had been prepared for the case that the people on Maidan would realize that the shots came not from any policemen but from buildings around hotel Ukraina and the Philharmonic: Three snipers had been brought in from Georgia (not USA), they say, by the Georgian ex-President Sakashvili, and they were in the front building – and surprised when bullets flew past them. The crowd would have found them first and killed them – and the false passports they had been given, and the words of “Our Yats” and Mr. Paruby (who was seen at the hotel Ukraina) would have “identified” them as “Russian agents”.
    The methods used by Obama & Co for “Regime Changes”, whether using Jihadists in Libya, arming and financing ISIS in Syria, or collaborating with Fascists in Ukraine, are neither for Ms. Clinton nor for Mr. Biden any recommendation for anything but long-term prison. Maybe, President Trump should order the arrest and interrogation of Bryan Christopher Bovenger, formerly in US 101 air born division, who instructed the snipers in Kiev – who sent him?

  4. Don October 22, 2020 at 3:51 pm

    All evidence proves global warming is as phony as the Dem party and the global warming fascists since we’ve been slowly cooling for the last 10 years as the planet has in all other historical warming events. Biden is a waste of human flash and a puppet.

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