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Liberal Media Pulls a Jussie Smollett, Tries to Get Tucker Carlson Fired

Your speech is violence, but the left’s actual political violence is “protected free speech.” That is the message that keeps getting reinforced by the leftist insurgents in this increasingly crazy election year. They also understand that they need to get Tucker Carlson off the air immediately – right now – before everyday Americans start paying attention to the upcoming election. If they don’t shut him up now, all hope is lost. So, the media has launched a Jussie Smollett-style hoax to try to get Carlson fired. In fairness… Jussie’s hoax was more believable.

This all started over the summer after Carlson and his wife sold their family home and moved to Maine. They were forced to do this after Antifa besieged his Washington, DC house and threatened to hurt his wife and kids. Carlson took some time off this summer to go “fishing.” In reality he was quietly packing up and moving his family into a new home. As soon as he had settled in, he discovered that some scummy stringers from the New York Times were stalking his family.

Here’s the segment where Carlson calls out the New York Times for trying to dox his family. This aired on July 20th, so fix that date in your mind as you watch this:

Carlson calls out the New York Times creeps by name in that segment. That was more than a month ago. But on the night that this happened, one of the creeps he identified called the police in Belfast, Maine to claim he was being attacked, after he supposedly felt a malevolent presence outside his house.

Pause on that for just a second: He felt like a mob must be attacking his house. We’ll come back to that in a moment.

Here we are more than a month later. After they failed to get Carlson canceled with a fake sexual harassment lawsuit last month (a story that was fully debunked when it turned out that Tucker Carlson’s wife was standing in the studio when the alleged “harassment” took place), the media has now decided to spin this fight with the New York Times into a “Tucker Carlson tried to murder NY Times reporters” story.


Here’s how the Bangor Daily News reports on this breaking news story (a month after it happened):

“A freelance journalist from Belfast has been caught in the crosshairs of the culture wars after Fox News host Tucker Carlson… encouraged his viewers to find and share the reporter’s address.”

That is a bald-faced lie. The Bangor Daily News is a pile of hot sidewalk garbage, and it owes its readers, Tucker Carlson’s viewers, and Tucker Carlson himself an apology. In no way, shape or form did Tucker Carlson “encourage his viewers to find and share the reporter’s address.” Watch the video above again if you need to. You’ll see that this is a lie.

Less than an hour after Tucker Carlson called out the New York Times in that segment, the photographer Tristan Spinski, who had been stalking Carlson’s family in Maine, called 9-1-1. We know that this is a coordinated Jussie 2.0 event because all of the liberal media outlets are suddenly focusing on this story, a month after it happened.

The Washington Post published the transcript of Tristan Spinski’s 9-1-1 call. The Guardian in London says the transcript is “chilling.” According to the story that the press has now cooked up, Spinski and his family “locked themselves upstairs” because their home was under siege. Presumably by an angry mob of white men in Hawaiian shirts and MAGA hats, brandishing pitchforks and Eric Wemple mugs.

As the bored cops from the Belfast PD were driving out to save Tristan Spinski’s life from an imaginary mob of Tucker Carlson fans, the 9-1-1 dispatcher asks if the journalist cowering in a locked room upstairs can still hear the attackers.

From the transcript:

Caller: “Yeah, there was a definite… we can feel our house when someone is trying to get into it downstairs. It was significant.”

9-1-1: “Okay, can you hear them inside your house, though, or are they still outside?”

Caller: “I have no idea.”

9-1-1: “So you currently don’t hear anything right now?”

Caller: “Not now but…”

Tristan Spinski… felt… something significant? Was it like Obi Wan sensing a disturbance in the Force?

I don’t mean to pick on the psychic abilities of shady New York Times stringers, but did Tristan Spinski “see” or “hear” anything with his regular five senses on the night when his home was attacked by enraged Tucker Carlson fans? Or do we just have to rely on his sixth sense and the word of the Bangor Daily News?

Another dead giveaway that this is a total fake news hoax is the fact that the transcript is literally where the story “ends.” The Bangor Daily News, the Guardian and the Washington Post are all strangely incurious about talking to the police who responded to Spinski’s besieged home.

How many attackers did they arrest? Did they vandalize Spinski’s home? Did the police actually see anyone at Spinski’s house when they arrived at the scene of the crime? Did they at least sense a malevolent presence in the area?

We’ll just have to trust Tristan Spinski’s psychic powers about the incident, apparently, because the media is not interested in following up beyond the point where Spinski claimed his house was attacked by an organized mob – less than an hour after Tucker Carlson mentioned his name.

When an Antifa mob cracks Tucker Carlson’s front door trying to break in, it’s a “peaceful protest.” But when Tucker Carlson speaks to the media and calls them out on their BS, the media claims that Tucker Carlson’s fans poured bleach on them and tried to lynch them during a polar vortex. See how this game works?

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  1. Lauree September 16, 2020 at 2:03 pm

    Yes. And this is typical fair from the (occult) Left. They are doing these things to everyday Americans everywhere. At work. At home. In the community. The shadow government and their loyal citizens (handlers, stalkers, organizers, paid liars, cheats, and thieves) are even assigned to unsuspecting patriots and law abiding citizens as “friends”. That is a big part of how they successfully infiltrate anywhere they want. This is how they make their living. It is way past time to wake up the masses because it is later than you think. Tucker Carlson is a patriot and a targeted individual. He can’t move anywhere “they” won’t be. He is learning there are left strongholds everywhere. That is why this is infiltration. The Left’s paid stooges are literally everywhere. They are growing because they love free money and all they have to do for it is to spy, gang-stalk, etc. on whoever they’re assigned to. No problem for conscienceless, greedy villains that are among us in force pretending to be the “good guys” with their social justice warrior BS. They’re all paid actors (the world is a stage). Really. Many have received acting lessons and coaching. You can’t make this stuff up. Where do you think all those missing trillions went during the Clinton, Bush, and Obama reigns? The Left leadership have been paying their mob army for decades with jobs, high Part-time wages (because these traitors also get paid under the table working secretly for the Left, being directed by the Community Organizers, to spy on customers, bosses, co-workers – it’s a vast spy network!) and using tax payer money to do it. We know the taxes don’t go where they’re supposed to. Anyway, Carl Tucker is not alone and he can’t run. It will do him no good. It is Time for Trump and team to put the hurt on the elite globalist cabal, to literally put the fear of God in them. That is the only way to break their stronghold over this country! That is what is coming. Almighty God using Trump to wake America up! Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!

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