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Mainstream Media Silent as Federal Judge Dismantles Mueller Report and Russian Collusion Narrative

Robert Mueller_2There have been a lot of big stories that broke recently. As such, it’s very likely that you missed the one we’re about to discuss. This is something mainstream media would hide from you anyway, but even a lot of conservative outlets overlooked it. It was simply overshadowed by more urgent stories.

Regardless, this is still an important story for you to understand. One of the cases indicted via the Mueller report has gone to court, and the outcome is devastating for Mueller and anyone who wants to use his report to attack President Trump or conservatives.

Concord Management

Before the ruling in this case will make sense, we first need to understand Concord Management and Consulting and the role they played in Russian interference.

For starters, Concord is an entirely Russian company. Mueller’s team alleged that they took out social media ads during the 2016 election cycle in order to sway voters. There’s very good evidence that this happened, and Concord is only one of several Russian companies that did so.

Now, because Concord is a foreign company and Russia doesn’t extradite its own to the U.S., most people thought this case would sit in limbo forever. Instead, Concord sent lawyers to represent them in U.S. court.

Since the allegations were against a company rather than individuals, attorney representation is enough. No one who works directly for Concord had to come to the U.S. for things to proceed. The case was brought before a judge, and this led us down the road to a shocking ruling.

The Judge’s Ruling

Judge Dabney Friedrich is the U.S. District Judge who heard the case. His ruling was bad for Mueller and his team on multiple levels. The judge accused Mueller’s team of being prejudiced, and it was only in that prejudice that they were able to draw connections between Concord and the Russian government. Their preconceived opinions about the company’s guilt affected the investigation and its conclusion.

These are all harsh things to say to an investigating team. A federal judge is basically confirming what every conservative has suspected all along. Mueller’s entire team and effort were biased. In fact, they were so biased that they didn’t even notice that they failed to dig up any real evidence.

This is how Friedrich was able to rule that the Mueller team failed to establish that Concord was working on behalf of the Russian government. Basically, everyone assumed that because the company is Russian, they did everything for the Kremlin. In a court of law, that’s not good enough.

Judge Friedrich’s ruling now officially states that Concord was a private actor taking action on its own behalf. Without direct evidence otherwise, we can no longer assume that the ads were run on behalf of the Russian government. This simple but powerful ruling changes the entire nature of the Mueller report.

In short, Mueller’s entire probe failed to establish that the Russian government was involved in any election meddling. That’s huge. The probe certainly accused the Kremlin of interference, but since they didn’t have any direct evidence to support the accusation, it’s been thrown out.

This doesn’t just destroy the notion that President Trump colluded with Russia. It destroys the notion that Russian companies colluded with their own government.

Stop and think about that for a moment. This goes beyond calling the probe a witch hunt. It was an abysmal failure on every level. It undermined U.S. intelligence operations. It completely destroyed Hillary Clinton’s opposition research. In every way the Mueller report has been totally unraveled.

Friedrich basically just exonerated the Russian government. Keep in mind that he didn’t do this as a political actor. He reviewed the information, and the Mueller probe clearly provided no strong evidence that the Kremlin issued any orders to the companies involved in election meddling.

This doesn’t just affect President Trump. Any pending cases are going to be impacted by this ruling since we have to assume that Mueller’s team doesn’t have any more aces up their sleeves.

Moving Forward

This isn’t the end of the road for Mueller’s investigation. There are more cases and accusations waiting for final conclusions. Other judges could ultimately issue rulings that conflict with Friedrich’s decision. In fact, we would almost expect an overtly liberal judge to do so just out of spite.

It’s also important to note that this ruling isn’t proof. The judge didn’t guarantee us that the Russian government was uninvolved in election meddling. He merely identified Mueller’s failure to present any useful evidence.

It’s still reasonable to believe Russia wants to influence our elections and will try again next year. But, this ruling does mean that, until something new is brought into the fold, Mueller’s investigation is dead in the water—and that the Russian government might not have tried to meddle in our elections.

None of this will stop the left from finding new, creative ways to twist all of this against President Trump. The Mueller probe and reporting on it were never rooted in fact. They were a concentrated effort to undermine the President — nothing more.

The good news is that we now have this powerful piece of information to use when we push back. Leftist zealots will tell you that President Trump is a Russian asset. Now, you can fire back that according to U.S. courts, even the Russian companies weren’t Russian assets. It’s hard to imagine how Mueller’s two years and millions of dollars could have been spent any worse.

So, until any new developments come to light, leftist media will have to be careful. If they push too hard on the Mueller report from here, they might risk exposing this devastating truth.

The same holds true for threats of impeachment. It would be refreshing to take a break from the witch hunt for a little while.

Most importantly, this is the final nail in the coffin. The Mueller report is no longer a threat to President Trump’s legitimacy, and he can move forward with his agenda with a little more freedom and confidence.

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